Join Us for a Bot Match Play Test! Open 6/6 – 6/16

Join Us for a Bot Match Play Test! Open 6/6 – 6/16

Jump in to help us play test the first version of our new bot match system. The bot mode is open to all players starting on Friday 6/6/14 and running through Monday 6/16/14.

We’re happy to give everyone an early peek at this new feature so that you can help us improve it in future releases. As a reminder, this is a very early version of the system and by no means completed, but we’d like to hear what you have to say about it.

What is it?

Bot matches are regular game matches where players fight against AI opponents on the Gotham Divided map. These matches are meant to be used for training and are useful to players who are new to Infinite Crisis, as well as players who would like to try out new roles or champions without the competitive pressure of a full match versus other players. Since this is a feature primarily for new players, the difficulty level is low. Bots currently have some basic abilities, but do not yet execute advanced strategies such as active jungling or using deployables. Additionally, as this feature is still in development some elements are not yet complete.

How does it work?

You can queue up for a bot match just like any other match. In this early version we have the system running as 5vAI, where 5 human players take on 5 bots. Future versions will have different settings. Once you are in a match, it’s like any other, so remember to use teamwork and good communication to get the win.

Why are we doing this?

Bot matches are an important feature that we’re hoping to add to the game soon. Part of the process of finishing the feature is getting feedback from players as early as possible.

What can I do?

Play some bot matches! File bug reports, or give us your feedback in this thread. What do you like? What can we do better? What features would you like to see us add to the next version? We want to hear your take on this. As always, we look forward to seeing your responses while we work to make this mode a great new addition to the game.

Thanks for playing Infinite Crisis. See you in a bot match soon!