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Infinite Crisis (IC) blends RPG and Strategy to create a competitive online game set in the multiverse of DC Comics. Two squads of DC heroes and villains compete in combative trials across multiple destructive battlefields featuring game-changing Catastrophic Events. With a diverse roster of iconic and reimagined Champions, regular game updates, and a unique DC Multiverse story, IC gives bountiful choice to players of all skills and styles.


Recruit a multiverse of Champions

Pulling Batman and Green Lantern from every corner of the DC Comics multiverse, Infinite Crisis features a diverse roster of iconic Champions for you to play.

Four Maps, Four Modes

Infinite Crisis features four maps, each designed around a different style of play. Whether you prefer quick matches with instant action, longer fights that require tactical reaction, or even a little bit of both, there’s an Infinite Crisis map for you.


Stolen Powers

Unlock each champion's unique Stolen Power for even more ways to dominate your enemies.

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