Announcing King of the Crisis!

Turbine is proud to announce King of the Crisis, a series where each week the winning team of the previous week will defend their title as Crisis King with an ever-growing bounty on their head!

To test our teams’ heroic mettle and ensure they’re worthy of being a King of the Crisis, the matches will occur on two unique Lost Sectors: Gotham Heights and Gotham Divided.

Each week, four challenger teams will duel-it-out on Monday and Wednesday in a single elimination tournament. At the end of the week, on Friday, the team who bested their fellow challengers will have the honor of battling last week’s tournament victors and a chance to become the new Crisis Kings!

Plus there’s that $200 prize money.

The King of the Crisis bounty will increase by 50$ for each week they’ve successfully defended their title, starting at $50 the week after their first victory. Whoever can topple the Crisis Kings will earn that week’s $200 plus the accrued bounty from the defenders!

For our first week, the winners of the Open Beta Big Bad Bash, Complexity, will be our Crisis Kings. Additionally, the bounty will start at $0—but the $200 and title of Crisis King are up for grabs!