April Update: Release Notes

Hail Protectors, and welcome to the Release Notes for the April Update!

For those of you seeking changes to Champions and the game's Artifacts, check out the pages below:

System Alerts: High Importance Changes

Surrender Option: Initial Implementation Enabled

That's right, Protectors! If you are now engaged in a trial that you do not believe your team can win, you can opt to surrender the match after 15 minutes of play on Coast City or Gotham Divided, or 10 minutes on Gotham Heights. Simply type /surrender (or /ff) into the chat to begin a surrender vote for your team. If enough people on your team vote to surrender, the match will immediately end and you'll be free to play a new match! Additionally, surrender is currently on a 5 minute cooldown. If your vote fails, you’ll have to wait 5 minutes before you can surrender again.

Tutorial Systems Online: Basic Tutorial Now Available

Never played Infinite Crisis before? New to the MOBA space? Check out our brand new tutorial, now available! This tutorial lets you step into the shoes of Gaslight Batman and learn the basics of the game, without pressure from any enemy players!

This is the first phase of our tutorial, and more will be added to it in future updates!

Matchmaking Algorithms Altered: Restrictions Changed

Protectors, as of this update we will no longer lift account level restrictions at 8 minutes in queue. Instead, account level restrictions will now scale with your time spent in the queue. This should result in matches being found faster within expanding account level ranges.

Additionally, the system will now restrict the lowest and highest ranked players from being matched together, regardless of time in queue. No more lopsided matches with level 1s vs. 30s!

Finally, the system will restrict the highest ranked players who are in groups of 3+ to a higher degree. If your group is ever restricted by our system, you will receive a warning message when your group enters the queue. At that point, you’re free to wait in queue for other highly ranked players/groups to enter, or you can reduce your group size to avoid the restriction.

User Interface Changes: Health Bars & Champion Browser

By community request, we've revisited the way the health bars look in-game. Upon logging into this update, you may notice that the health bars have increased in size! This change should hopefully lead to all players being able to quickly discern how high (or low) a particular champion is on life.

Additionally, the team has also made your health bar bright yellow, so you may discern your champion from the other champions on the screen. No more getting confused about who is who in team fights!

Plus, you can now browse the many different champions in our game in our new Champion Browser! Visit your profile page and click on a champion to open it up in browser mode.

Reward Calculations Modified: Merit Gain Increased

As we continue to review everyone's feedback and check the data we collect internally, we've come to the conclusion that merit gains are still lower than we'd like them to be. As of this update, we've made the following changes to the Merit Gain formula:

  • First Win of the Day Bonus is now 200, up from 150.
  • The "Base Formula" that we use for merit gain has been modified. The new base formula is [ Match Duration * Merit-Per-Minute ] * Protector Level Bonus.
  • Winning a match is now worth 3 merit-per-minute of the match, up from 2.25. Losing a match is now worth 2.35 merit-per-minute, up from 1.75.
  • The new minimum length of a match reward is 10 minutes. Any matches shorter than 10 minutes will be treated as if they went for 10 minutes. The new maximum length of a match is 70 minutes. Any matches that exceed 70 minutes will be calculated as 70 minutes for the purposes of rewards.
  • The prior Protector Level bonuses are unchanged. Being between levels 1 and 5 still offers a x2 multiplier on your merit gain. Protectors between levels 6 and 10 receive a x1.5 multiplier.
  • Overall, the new merit formula is as follows: [ Match Duration * Merit-Per-Minute ] * Protector Level Bonus + [ MATCH COMPLETED STREAK BONUS (5-25) ] + [ FIRST WIN OF THE DAY (200) ].

This "base merit" change has the effect of making any match 15 minutes or longer worth more than it was before, with much longer matches worth significantly more up to the maximum. Very short matches do award less merit, but the Streak Bonus remains the same and is awarded per-match, which rewards the number of matches played without leaving.

Achievement System Modified: New Achievements Available

The team has added more achievements to our system for you to obtain, and we've also added brand new functionality – the ability for the Achievement to unlock account icons! The new achievements added in this update can now award you merit, account icons, and Crisis Coins. That's right – you can get Crisis Coins by just unlocking various achievements! And, as always, we'll continue fleshing out the achievements system as we move forward.

Drone Construction Systems Modified: New Visual Models Detected

Did you find Leviathan to be less-than-large? Did the Doomsday Guardian give you the yawns? Well we'll have no more of that!

The Leviathan and Guardian are now sporting brand new looks that we won't spoil. Visit Gotham Divided and Coast City today to see their brand new in-game models, and let us know your thoughts here on the forums!

Additionally, you may notice that a woman now floats and hovers in the back of the Foundry, right in the base. That's The Construct herself, overseeing your trials in her holographic form! You can even click on her to open up the Foundry interface!

Sorting System Modified: New Amplifier Search Enabled

As you may know, there are quite a few mods and augments available in the amplifier system. Previously, sorting through them was pretty tough – you needed to know exactly what you were looking for, otherwise it had a tendency to get lost in the sea of options.

The IC Team has now included a brand new text search function in the Amplifier menu! Now, when looking for Amplifiers, you can text search for almost whatever you want. Need something that adds attack damage? Just type in Attack Damage! Looking for the perfect mod for the Claw of Horus? Just type in Claw of Horus! Need an augment that has Attack Damage and Cooldown Reduction? Just type Attack Damage, Cooldown Reduction, and it will narrow the augments to exactly what you're looking for. Or, if you remember the codename of your favorite augment, you can even type in the name and pull it up that way. No more time wasted hunting down the perfect addition to your Amplifier Set!

Experience Gain Altered: New Experience Point Rules In Place

When you kill someone at the same level as you, you get a percentage of experience equal to the amount for the opponent to go from the beginning of their level to the end of their level. This percentage for on level is 50%. (I.E. -- If both champions are on level and it takes 1000 exp to get to the next level, you will get 500 exp.)

If there is a difference in level, that experience you gain is increased if you're lower level than the person you killed. The experience is decreased if you are higher level than the person you kill. If you're lower level (up to two levels below), you will get up to 75% of the experience of the other person needs to level. (I.E. – If the other person needed 1000 exp for their level, you’ll get 750 exp instead of the 500.) If you're higher level (up to two levels higher) you can go as low as 25% of the experience required for the other person to level. (I.E. – If the other person needed 1000 exp, you’ll get 250 exp.)

Additionally, all levels require more experience to reach the next level. This number has increased from 90 exp to 100 exp.

General Changes

  • The login screen now shows which region server you're connected to.
  • Grouping UI has been updated to include easier inviting of fellow Protectors from your friends list and other improvements.
  • When a match is found and the game is minimized, it will immediately re-maximize to inform you, "YO DAWG, YOU HAVE A MATCH."
  • The in-game chat window now remembers its size and position between matches. No more having to re-align it to your tastes at the beginning of every match!
  • Players will no longer get kicked out off the end of match scorecard after custom matches.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to use Bleed Portals when other champions were nearby.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused turrets to not aggro enemy champions who attacked friendly champions.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing champions to do a double-take if they interrupted their own basic attack to attack a new target.
  • Fixed an issue with turret range decals that caused them to not appear at low graphic settings.
  • If a bleed portal expires at the exact same time a Champion triggers it that Champion should no longer get stuck in a bad animation state.
  • Fixed an issue that caused characters to switch back and forth between pathing options when targeting distant enemies.
  • Fixed missing key bindings for smartcasting artifact skills. You can now use Shift+1-6 to smartcast your artifact skills, and Alt+1-6 to selfcast them.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause characters to get stuck inside the dropped trigger orbs if the trigger spawned on top of them.
  • Fixed a bug where keys mapped to certain keys will not work if “restored to default.”
  • Hit reactions (like movement and flashes) will no longer play if they come from small creatures/drones. These reactions will still play if hit by a champion, or by large creatures like Leviathan and Guardian.
  • We fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash instead of shutdown.
  • The Speed Force Battery icon did not indicate that the ability is inactive due to taking damage. Additionally, you will no longer get stuck with a permanently disabled skill if you sell the Speed Force Battery while it's disabled.
  • All mentions of buy in the Foundry have been renamed Build and Sell has been renamed to Salvage. (It makes more sense, really, as you're building the item in the Foundry, or asking the Foundry to salvage artifact scrap.)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Tactical Skill icon to disappear when logging out and logging back in again during a match.
  • Twitch Streaming: Fixed the bug where Playback and Microphone volume settings are now respected when starting a Twitch stream.

All Maps

  • Jungle creatures will now return to their default facing when they return home.

Coast City

  • New Feature: 3 Capture Lock Cooldown – If a single team captures all 3 relays, rather than becoming captureable again immediately after unlocking, they will now have a neutral lockout period where neither team can capture them for 2 minutes.

Gotham Divided

  • New Leviathan Skill: Leviathan Core – The Leviathan now drops a 3rd skill in Gotham Divided! This new skill will cause a massive meteor to fall from the sky, causing 100 true damage a second in a wide area upon impact. The damage will persist for 10 seconds in the impact location (for a total of 1000 true damage.)
  • The EMP icon hovering above the Destroyer in Gotham Divided now stays above it and is not left behind when it moves.
  • The EMP Pulse Destroyer's attack range has been increased. This is to fix an issue where a player could stand in the back edge of the pit and the destroyer would not attack him.
  • Skill triggers dropped by the Leviathan and Raider in Gotham Divided will now expire if they are not picked up within 4.5 minutes for the Raider (so, they disappear when he begins to phase in again) or 5 minutes for the Leviathan. In addition, a trigger dropped by a player on death will remain for one minute before expiring.

Stolen Powers


  • If you use Teleport via the mini-map, you will now be able to select a surveillance camera on the map.
  • Addressed a bug that caused teleport to have a limited range on Gotham Divided.

Psychic Assault

  • Fixed an issue that caused Psychic Assault to face towards the caster’s target and issue a attack command.

Character Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a variety of typos in Champion skill tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Superman and Wonder Woman to get stuck when hitting recalling champions with their skills.
  • Star Sapphire's Predator was being treated as a drone and was taking 60% damage from turrets instead of full damage and was not causing increased damage per hit. This was unintended and has been fixed.
  • Gaining additional Bonus Will while Star Sapphire's Predator is active will no longer increase its Max Health. The next cast of Manifest will have the updated Health pool.
  • If Star Sapphire's Crystal Bomb is followed by a Violet Harvest, the Predator will not reach the bomb, resulting in lingering TFX.
  • Because the predator no longer dashes back to Star Sapphire, the tooltip needed to be changed. It now reads blinks instead of dashes back to Star Sapphire.
  • If hand VFX from Eye of Ekron or Psi-Scimitar are on you and Zatanna turns you into a bunny, the VFX become stuck forever. This issue has been fixed as of this update.
  • Green Arrow's Superfoam Arrow dash will no longer be interrupted if Bullseye expires mid dash.
  • Green Arrow's Bullseye ultimate won't reset to the generic icon after firing the skill in a stance.
  • Green Arrow's Bullseye, when triggered in the Superfoam Arrow dash, will now properly queue up to fire when the dash is complete.
  • Nightmare Superman's passive won't go on cooldown if he's killed by an invalid target (like a turret.)
  • Nightmare Superman's Condemn now succeeds when cast on a Nightmare Batman who is mid Feral Embrace.
  • Nightmare Superman's Condemn targets no longer play Hit Reaction animations while in the prison.
  • Nightmare Superman's Siphon/Infuse tooltip states the shield applies to allied champions, but it also applies to drones. Fixed!
  • Nightmare Superman's Vortex can no longer pull champions through Mecha Superman's wall. Vortex can also now be placed outside of the map, if you so choose. Finally, Vortex will now no longer cause jungle camps that are returning to their spawn point to stop returning.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Cyborg’s passive to deal Power Damage while Plasma Cannon is active.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Be a Rabbit and Reclaimer to both fail when cast simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mecha Wonder Woman’s Glaives to fire in the wrong formation if she was turning during the cast.
  • Wonder Woman should no longer get stuck if she Lasso grabs an enemy when they recall to base.
  • Superman should be less likely to successfully hit an enemy with Heat Vision when they recall to base.
  • Fixed an issue that caused nearby friendly drones to attack Gaslight Joker when he paid the health cost on his skills.
  • We've standardized turning speeds for all characters.
  • If Catwoman interrupts a basic attack during its windup she pays the full cooldown cost. This has been fixed. For real this time, not for meow meows.
  • Fixed a bug where if you throw Batman's Batarang at an enemy that already has the mark, the mark will become invisible.
  • Fixed a bug where certain champion deaths do not play if death occurs while they are a bunny.
  • Wonder Woman's Lasso Grab now fires the missile 2 frames sooner for a smoother feel.
  • Wonder Woman's Protection now releases the protection shield sooner when used on an ally.
  • Wonder Woman and Atomic Wonder Woman no longer slow down when carrying rubble.
  • Fixed a bug where Mecha Wonder Woman‘s Implacable Judgment is not scaling with Power Damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Batman, while holding a car, will start shuffling instead of walking.
  • Flash's Speed Storm's VFX can become stuck on if Flash dies during it. It's now fixed. Let's all mourn the loss of "Raver Flash."
  • If Superman gets turned into a bunny during Speeding Bullet, right as Superman leaves his feet, he will be frozen in mid-air. This has been fixed.
  • Atomic Poison Ivy's Wall of Thorns does no damage if it hits a target marked by Toxic Growth. Atomic Poison Ivy's Wall of Thorns will always apply a DoT, even if we're consuming Toxic Growth (and applying the silence).
  • Atomic Poison Ivy's Toxic Growth temp Health shield will no longer refresh itself while active and taking damage from damage over time effects (like Gaslight Joker's Rat Swarm).
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Gaslight Catwoman's reveal VFX for using Blood Hunt to stay on champions even when the reveal is over.
  • Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Catwoman will now break stealth when using Silver Batarang(Q) and Steampowered Claws(Q).
  • The tooltip for Aquaman’s Surge has been corrected to show Attack Damage, rather than Power Damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Aquaman could gain Rising Tide when a skill was interrupted without paying the vital or cooldown cost.
  • Mecha Superman's Agent of Hope tooltip makes no mention of a healing/health regeneration effect. Added the health to the tip.
  • Wonder Woman's Blocking Bracers' taunt does not stop champions from using skill. Needed to add the Suppress action to the taunt effect.
  • Doomsday's targeting template and Visual FX on Pummeling Assault now match up correctly across all distance ranges. It now also takes slightly longer for him to deliver damage when he uses Pummeling Assault at max range.
  • If Mecha Superman dies while in Terraformer, the camera shake will now appropriately turn off.
  • Atomic Green Lantern's Radiation Sickness tooltip has been updated to explain that targets with 4 stacks of Radiation Sickness cannot have additional Radiation Stacks applied to them for the duration of the Damage Over Time and Slow.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to Poison Ivy getting skill locked until death or her next hard CC.
  • Gaslight Batman's Bat Scream missile now has team colored targeting effects.