The Battle Report: Go4 NA July Monthly FInals

The July monthly finals saw a similar lineup to June, with the exception of Light joining the ranks of the top 8. While the teams were similar, the results had some surprises.

Surreal Gaming took down last month’s runner-up, Curse, in the very first round, and were knocked out in the next round by Justus. While some favorites fell early, last month’s champions, BrawL, showcased even stronger play than last month, winning the tournament without dropping a single map.

Check out the full bracket here:

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For those who missed the livestream, here are some quick recaps.

Surreal vs Curse (quarterfinal match)

Surreal pulls out a trick in the draft picking two Marksmen and putting Azurefire with Gaslight Batman in the middle lane. Azurefire’s Gaslight Batman isn’t able to bully Imgoingpro’s Joker Prime early game. But as the mid-game engagements happen, Azurefire’s Gaslight Batman shenanigans, supported by the long-range ultimates of Superman and Arcane Green Lantern, take full control and lead Surreal Gaming to a comfortable win.

BrawL vs C (semifinal match)

Game 1 - Perhaps tired of all the surprise moves pulled on them last monthly finals, BrawL pulls a trick of their own by sending Eaze top lane with Green Lantern Prime. Unfortunately this time the surprise doesn’t work out well with Eaze going down several times early in the game. C leverages this advantage well, getting a 6k credit lead by the 12 minute mark and extending it even further as the game goes on, taking raider after raider and even two leviathans. Somehow BrawL survives... and then survives again. As the game drags on C’s advantage becomes less significant and at the 64 minute mark, BrawL takes a miracle team fight.

C is annihilated without a single BrawL member falling and when the next fight ends similarly BrawL is able to close out a win in a great comeback match.

Game 2 - Eaze decides the Green Lantern Prime top lane isn’t the best idea and switches to Atomic Wonder Woman. Atomic Wonder Woman treats Eaze much better than Green Lantern Prime did, by the 12 minute mark Eaze has a considerable credit advantage over every other player. C fights back and the game looks very even until at the 27 minute mark C decides to fight BrawL 4v5. BrawL takes out four C members, gets a raider and a turret only losing one in the process. C hangs on for another 20 minutes but BrawL does not make any mistakes and are able to close the game out.

BrawL vs Justus (final match)

Game 1 - The first game of the series is all about Eaze, whose Nightmare Batman dominated the top lane. By the 25 minute mark Eaze is 6k credits up over Drewlz’s Arcane Green Lantern, taking the top turrets by himself and forcing so much of Justus’s attention just to deal with him. The constant pressure forces Justus back in their base while BrawL grabs all the objectives and takes a relatively quick win.

Game 2 - With Dak taking Wonder Woman Prime to the jungle, Mxl decides to use Atomic Wonder Woman in the mid-lane to give BrawL some extra assassination power. However Justus ends up getting kill after kill with Saltykai, a former BrawL team member, taking Shazam into the jungle and getting 5 kills before the 10 minute mark. While Justus dominates the kill score, BrawL keeps the credits even with strong lane play and objective control. The game continues back and forth until Justus sees a lonely Crypsi and thinks he’ll make an easy pick. When Justus converges on Crypsi, BrawL converges on Justus catching them off-guard and out of position. The entire Justus lineup is annihilated, Crypsi is left standing, and BrawL emerges victorious.

Don’t forget to check out the full VODs of the matches we covered.