The Battle Report: Go4InfiniteCrisis NA June Monthly Finals

Over the month of June our top North American teams fought in weekly tournaments, earning a spot in the Go4InfiniteCrisis June Final. On Saturday, June 12th, after 9 intense hours of battling across the Bleed, BrawL emerged victorious. While dropping their first game in every series played this weekend, the PAX East champions kept rebounding, showing that while Curse dominated the weekly cups, BrawL is still capable of taking down the best.

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For those who missed the livestream, here are some quick recaps.

BrawL vs C (semifinal match)

Game 1 - C pulled out a surprise Aquaman pick. With Achiri showcasing the power of Atlantis, and some devastating Star Sapphire and Mecha Wonder Woman wombo-combos, C took a very convincing game 1 victory.

Game 2 - This was an incredibly back-and-forth match. Both teams had 2 dampeners down near the end but after a 2-for-3 trade BrawL was able to close it out using teleport on their fallen champs immediately upon resurrection to take down the Power Core.

Game 3 - Eaze’s Gaslight Catwoman got a trio of kills early and three more in the early mid-game. With him being over 1000 credits ahead of anybody else in the game, BrawL snowballed to a very convincing game 3 win.

BrawL vs Curse (final match)

Game 1 - BrawL seems to be cursed with opponents pulling surprise tactics on them in opening games, as Curse sent Kon mid with Green Arrow and decided to run both Joker Prime and Green Lantern Prime in a dual-Blaster bottom lane. Despite BrawL having an excellent team-fight composition and pulling off some nice wombo-combo moves.

Kon’s domination of the mid-lane gave Curse a super fed late-game Marksman with just too much damage output for BrawL to deal with.

Game 2 - BrawL shuts down Kon’s Star Sapphire mid-lane, combining the ultimates of GeeEss’s Nightmare Superman, Dak’s Atomic Green Lantern, and Genre’s Sinestro to get several early kills. Down 5 kills and 7000 credits by the 20 minute mark, Curse fell quickly to BrawL.

Game 3 - It all came down to this deciding game, and Curse starts raking in kills with Kon’s Sinestro. BrawL keeps credits even with Eaze’s Nightmare Batman dominating the top lane and overall better objective control. At the 21 minute mark, it seemed like Curse might be pulling ahead after they annihilated BrawL without losing a champion.

But BrawL holds on and even regains the credit lead, despite having half as many kills as deaths most of the game. In a final confrontation, BrawL zones Kon out of the fight and swiftly assassinates him. Things quickly fall apart for Curse and BrawL closes out the game, winning the June Monthly Cup Finals.

Don’t forget to check out the full VODs of the matches we covered on the Infinite Crisis YouTube channel!