Champion Announcement: Atomic Poison Ivy

Delight in the chase as Atomic Poison Ivy, an Enforcer who wants her enemies to run. It's far more fun to slow a prey's escape with thorny walls, far better to delight in snaring their legs with nature's root. Best of all is when an enemy stays and … "develops" a healthy fear of Mother Nature.

Passive: Toxic Growth

If Atomic Poison Ivy avoids damage for 10 seconds she gains a shield that blocks damage. Basic Attacks against her, while the shield is active, will apply the Toxic Growth effect to the attacking enemy. All of Atomic Poison Ivy's damage-dealing skills are enhanced by Toxic Growth and also apply the effect.

Q: Poisoned Earth

Atomic Poison Ivy deals Power Damage to all nearby enemies and applies Toxic Growth. If the target has Toxic Growth it's consumed and Poisoned Earth deals an additional 100% Power Damage.

W: Bramble Rapture

Atomic Poison Ivy roots her enemy, dealing Power Damage and appyling Toxic Growth. If used on a champion with Toxic Growth, Bramble Rapture is consumed to refresh her shield and increase he Move Speed by 30%.

E: Wall of Thorns

After a short delay, Atomic Poison Ivy summons a Wall of Thorns. Enemies who touch the wall suffer reduced Move Speed (that decays) and take Power Damage for a short period of time. If the target has Toxic Growth it's consumed and they're silenced for 1 seconds

R: Secrets of the Forest

Atomic Poison Ivy shrouds an area around her in fog, granting stealth to nearby allies. She and her allies also gain additional Power Armor for the duration of the skill. Secrets of the Forest applies Toxic Growth once-per-second to all enemies inside the fog.



In Gotham Heights, Atomic Poison Ivy's slower move speed makes it difficult to roam freely. Consider using her alongside allies to defend held Control Points before attempting to capture new points. Her strong crowd control and support skills can hinder enemies, slowing their escape or chase and helping to sway team fights in your favor.


In Coast City, Atomic Poison Ivy excels as a support or jungle. When attacking from the urban jungle use Wall of Thorns to slow fleeing enemies and then root them using Bramble Rapture, allowing teammates to catch up and focus them down. Her Ultimate, Secrets of the Forest, is very useful when helping an ally capture a Power Relay. It also makes it difficult for enemies to interrupt a Power Relay capture without stepping into the stealth from Secrets of the Forest and risking an uneven team fight.


Universe of Origin: Atomic

Alignment: Villain

The nuclear war's radioactive fallout withered plant-life across the world, overwhelming Poison Ivy with the screams of Earth's dying plants and sending her into a catatonic state.

Awakening in a forest of mutated flora, adapted to a bleak radioactive landscape, Pamela found herself transformed into something more plant than woman. She sensed what few plants that had survived, hearing their collective thoughts and will. With her newfound link to the Green, Pamela had an epiphany. These astounding and beautiful mutant survivors needed a guardian, they needed her. She would ensure a better world, where her precious children would never again be threatened by humans. Instead, the humans would fear nature.

To protect the Green, Atomic Poison Ivy uses her radioactively gifted powers to protect herself, obscure her allies, and entrap her foes.

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