Champion Announcement: Nightmare Superman

Harness the energy of the Phantom Zone to summon howling wraiths, cold prisons, and twisting vortexes as Nightmare Superman, The Phantom King. This powerful controller is the latest Champion to join Infinite Crisis, the free-to-play DC MOBA.

Passive: Possession

Upon being defeated, Nightmare Superman possesses the enemy Champion that defeated him, Revealing them and reducing their Power Armor and Attack Armor for a short time. If the target is defeated while Possession is active, Nightmare Superman is revived with a percentage of the target's Max Health. Each rank of Possession grants Nightmare Superman Bonus Will. Nightmare Superman is not defeated until Possession expires.

Q: Phantom Collector

Nightmare Superman summons a phantom at a target location that flies to him, dealing Power Damage and stealing Power Armor from enemy Champions. Upon returning to Nightmare Superman, all nearby allied Champions gain Power Armor for each enemy Champion hit for a short time.

W: Vortex

Nightmare Superman opens a vortex that reduces the Move Speed of all enemies within the area. After a few seconds the vortex closes, dealing Power Damage, pulling all enemies in the area a set distance in the direction of the center, and briefly Stunning them. Nightmare Superman can activate the skill a second time, forcing the vortex to close early and dealing Power Damage, depending on how long the vortex has been open.

E: Siphon/Infuse

Use on an enemy champion to deal Power Damage and then grant a Shield to two allies near the target. Use on an ally champion to grant a Shield and then deal Power Damage to two enemies near the target.

R: Condemn

Nightmare Superman traps an enemy champion in a Phantom Zone prison. For a few seconds, the target cannot move or use skills. If the target dies while the effect is active, the prison explodes, reducing the Move Speed of nearby enemies for a short time.



Nightmare Superman in Gotham Heights

In Gotham Heights, Nightmare Superman excels at supporting allies in capturing and defending Control Points.

Use Vortex near Control Points, closing the Vortex early if enemies move onto the point to contest it. Siphon/Infuse can be used to shield allied Champions while damaging their attackers. During Control Point fights use Phantom Collector to deal damage from a distance.

As the match develops, try to stick with your team and avoid confronting other champions alone. Nightmare Superman’s ultimate, Condemn, locks down a single opponent, allowing allies to score an easy kill.


Coast City allows Nightmare Superman to take advantage of Phantom Collector’s range while harassing with Siphon/Infuse alongside a lane partner.

In solo lanes, use a combination of Vortex to clear waves and Infuse to protect yourself. Using the range advantage of Phantom Collector will keep enemies at a distance while you build your advantage.


Nightmare Superman does well both solo and duo lane on Gotham Divided. Use Infuse on yourself or allies to gain an advantage over enemy champions when trading damage early on.

After reaching level 6 and unlocking Condemn, Nightmare Superman is primed to facilitate ambushes from the jungle or to punish an enemies who are over-extended in-lane. Lastly, but equally important, use Vortex to reposition enemies, employing advanced tactics and superior strategy in this three lane map.

Nightmare Superman in Gotham Heights


Nightmare Superman Origin

Universe of Origin:Nightmare


Without warning, Phantom Zone portals shimmered into existence across Metropolis. Within moments, hundreds of howling phantoms poured forth seeking new victims to claim for the Zone. Each citizen of Metropolis caught within a phantom’s grasp faded from reality to join the swelling ranks of the Phantom Zone’s army. Desperate to halt the invasion and needing protection from the phantoms’ touch, Superman retrieved a protective suit built by his father, Jor-El, and flew through an open portal.

Deep within the Phantom Zone, Superman battled Aethyr, a being unknowable and incomprehensible. It had slumbered in the phantom zone’s depths for millennia, but the arrival of hundreds of Kryptonian prisoners had slowly awakened it. Enraged, Aethyr enslaved the prisoner’s minds and commanded them to seek those guilty of disturbing its slumber: The House of El.

Superman and Aethyr engaged in ferocious battle. Wounded, Aethyr withdrew, escaping to the depths of the Phantom Zone to heal and to return to its eon-long slumber. As it retreated, the portals it had created winked out of existence. Earth saved, Superman barely escaped through one of the portals.

Superman returned to a Metropolis devoid of life. Every living soul transformed into a phantom. Their tortured minds cried out to him, and Superman’s sanity – already in tatters from gazing upon Aethyr – snapped. His mind unhinged, he now wanders his beloved Metropolis, the “king” of a city of phantoms.

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