Champion Announcement: Robin

We're proud to announce the addition of Robin to Infinite Crisis! Nobody messes with this guy unless they want a kick straight to the face. Read further to find out more about our newest Support and his iconic origin story.

Passive: This Guy!

After 6 seconds, Robin’s next Basic Attack will mark his target for 6 seconds. An ally who next damages the target will consume the mark, dealing Attack Damage to the enemy and restoring Will or Energy to themselves.

Q: Vault Kick

Robin dashes forward and deals Attack Damage to the first enemy he strikes, applying "This Guy!" and knocking them backwards while flipping away an equal distance.

W: Bo Master

Robin gains 30% Attack Damage reflection for 5 seconds. His basic attacks reduce move speed for 2 seconds and can stack up to 2 times.

E: Dynamic Duo

Grant your target 25% additional Will/Energy restoration from "This Guy!", Move Speed, and Attack/Power Lifesteal for 8 seconds. If cast on an ally, Robin also gains the benefits of Dynamic Duo.

R: Emergent Leader

Robin spins his bo overhead, dealing attack damage to enemies in the area and knocking them back. For the next 8 seconds, plus 2 seconds for each enemy champion struck, Robin grants attack damage and power damage to nearby allies.



Robin in Gotham Heights

Robin fulfills his role of Support/Brawler on Gotham Heights with Vault Kick's displacement and Dynamic Duo's helpful sustain. He can help influence the flow of battle with his displacement and disruption skills while giving his team added sustain with Dynamic Duo and bonus damage with Emergent Leader. Moreover, a well-placed Vault Kick or Emergent Leader can become the clutch play a team needs to finish capturing a decisive Control Point.


In Coast City, Robin fights well as Support in top or bottom lane. His Vault Kick's displacement can help setup a gank from the jungle and his sustainability will help teammates and himself stay in-lane longer. He can traverse the map quickly than most thanks to Dynamic Duo, allowing him to aid teammates and capture Power Relays more efficiently.

Robin using Vault Kick in Coast City

Pro Tip:

Robin’s Vault Kick, when combined with Bo Master, is also great for roaming the jungle and passing over thin walls to escape ganks or gang-up on an enemy champion.


Robin Origin
Unlike Batman, or previous Robins, Tim Drake's path to becoming a hero did not begin with personal tragedy. Instead, he was born with the drive to make the world a better place.

Universe of Origin: Prime

Alignment: Hero

When Batman's previous apprentice was slain, Tim Drake resolved to become the next Robin. An expert computer hacker and nearly Batman's equal as a detective, Tim dug up every detail he could find on the Dark Knight and his known associates. Eventually, he linked one of Nightwing’s more acrobatic attacks to a trick performed by a circus performer named Dick Grayson. From there deducing Batman's identity became a simple matter of backtracking and connecting the dots. Tim approached Bruce Wayne with his evidence and request. Initially he refused, but after an impassioned argument from Nightwing, finally agreed.

Tim’s years of gymnastics and martial training have made him a driven, acrobatic fighter. However, unlike his grim mentor, Tim has a sardonic sense of humor, which he uses to great effect in a fight.

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