Champion Announcement: Star Sapphire

The violet light of love is ready to ravage the Lost Sectors of Infinite Crisis.

Passive: Glimpse of the Predator

Star Sapphire is accompanied by the incorporeal Predator. Using her Crystal Bomb and Violet Harvest skills causes the Predator to dash around the Battlefield. While dashing, the Predator deals Power damage to every enemy it touches.

If the Predator is attached to Star Sapphire, she gains Move Speed. The Predator reattaches when she uses Violet Harvest or if it becomes too distant.

Q: Crystal Bomb

Star Sapphire creates a crystal at a target location. When a crystal is placed, the Predator dashes to it. If the Predator reaches a crystal, it explodes dealing area-of-effect Power Damage. If given a new order before reaching a newly placed crystal the Predator follows that order, forcing a placed crystal to quickly explode.

W: Violet Harvest

Inflicts area-of-effect Power Damage around the Predator, who dashes back to Star Sapphire and reattaches. Star Sapphire gains a Power Damage bonus for each enemy champion struck by the Predator.

If Manifest is active, the Predator does not dash back and reattach.

E: Bonds of Love

Star Sapphire launches a skill-shot at either an enemy or the Predator. After hitting the first target, the shot bounces to the nearest second target, binding the two. Enemies hit by Bonds of Love take immediate Power Damage and on-going Power Damage for as long as the bond remains.

Targets can break their bond by moving far away from each other. Activating the skill a second time pulls the bonded targets toward each other.

R: Manifest

The Predator manifests and enters battle under Star Sapphire's control for an extended length of time.

When first manifesting, the Predator briefly roots all nearby enemies. It then begins auto-attacking those enemies. Reactivate Manifest to give the Predator move or attack commands. During Manifest the Predator will still follow dash commands given by skills, dealing extra Power Damage, but it cannot attach to Star Sapphire.



Star Sapphire lacks escape skills and needs Manifest to be fully effective. Try taking her down bottom to solo farm and gain a few levels. In a solo lane she can play very aggressively with Crystal Bomb and using Violet Harvest to clear drones. When she hits level six and unlocks Manifest she becomes an invaluable asset in team fights. Using her ultimate to root multiple people, Star Sapphire can secure kills and besiege capture points.


Star Sapphire excels in top lane. She has great lane presence with the range on her Crystal Bomb ability and high burst when combined with her Violet Harvest skill. If any enemy does get to close to Star Sapphire, use your Bonds of Love to keep them at a distance, or use your ultimate to root them in place and blast them with Crystal Bomb.

Star Sapphire’s range enables her to harass enemies attempting to capture Power Relays. With the Predator Manifested she’s also great at checking bushes and investigating the Doomsday Device.


Star Sapphire shines in solo mid-lane, able to easily clear drone waves without missing too many last-hits. While farming Credit and experience, harass your opponent by throwing out Crystal Bomb and leaving it behind your enemy’s drones. Try to maintain a safe distance from your enemy while doing this and you’re less likely to burn through your Will.

Put cameras in both stealth pads to help you survive the early levels. If you’re jumped by the enemy while in your lane, Violet Harvest will reattach the Predator, giving you bonus move speed and helping you escape.

If hit with a surprise attack from the jungle, you can use Crystal Bomb the nearest attacking champion. Immediately follow with Bonds of Love, binding the enemy to the Predator giving you an opportunity to pull them away.


Universe of Origin: Prime

Alignment: Hero

“For hearts long lost and full of fright. For those alone in blackest night. Accept our ring and join our fight. Love conquers all--with violet light!” –Star Sapphire Oath

As President of Ferris Aircraft, Carol Ferris was a busy woman in a competitive industry. She hired Hal Jordan for his skill as an ace pilot, and though she vowed to never date employees a romance soon blossomed between them. When she learned Hal was actually Green Lantern, their relationship became even more complicated.

That complexity reached its apex when Zamarons, a tribe of immortal aliens, chose Carol as their new Star Sapphire. While love shines as one of the strongest lights, it is not without drawbacks. Each light in the emotional spectrum had manifested an entity, and for love it was the parasitic Predator. This entity, which resided within love’s light, warped Carol's feelings for Hal into a murderous jealousy. As Green Lantern and Star Sapphire, their fights were many.

A time came when Carol fought and overcame the Predator’s influence, acquiring such control that she now acts as “keeper” for the powerful and sentient manifestation of love.

Champion Costume: Classic Star Sapphire

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