Champion Announcement: Superman

Take to the skies with might that can break worlds, below-zero breath, and a stare that can melt almost any metal. Superman is ready to join Infinite Crisis.

Passive: Man of Steel

When Superman deals damage with a skill he gains a shield for 8 seconds. While Man of Steel is active he gains bonus shield health each time he deals damage with a skill.

Q: Kryptonian Might

Superman’s next Basic Attack deals additional Attack Damage and consumes 1 charge.  Charges are generated on a short cooldown, up to a maximum of 2 charges.

W: Frost Breath

Superman unleashes a cone of frost breath. Enemies in the cone are dealt power damage and lose move speed for a short duration.

E: Heat Vision

Superman fires a focused blast of heat vision at his enemy, dealing Power Damage, knocking them back and reveling the target for a short duration. While revealed, Superman can reactivate Heat Vision to dash toward the target and deal Attack Damage.

R: Speeding Bullet

Superman flies at an enemy champion, dealing attack damage to the first enemy champion he hits, as well as attack damage to nearby enemies.  While in flight, Superman is immune to disables, but other enemy champions can intercept him before he reaches his target.



In Gotham Heights consider building Superman with extra armor so you can hold Control Points with greater ease. When defending a held point, Frost Breath can be used on damage-centric enemies like Cyborg and Mecha Wonder Woman, as the slow will force them to take extra shots from your point. Heat Vision can be used on sturdier opponents to push them away and buy a little bit more time while allies make their way to assist. Speaking of back-up, Speeding Bullet can be used for added mobility and is great for quickly moving from one point to another, giving your side a way to swing fights over Control Points in your favor.


Superman plays well in both of Coast City's two lanes, but the shorter bottom lane makes it easier to close-in and Frost Breath enemies more frequently. This crowd control can be further captialized on with finished artifacts like Atlantean Royal Seal, but as with all matches it's best to consider your team's roles and playstyles. Regardless of whether you're building an armored or damaging Superman, focus on farming credit and experience during the laning phase and only harass your enemy when Man of Steel's shield is up, so you can block their damage.

Using Speeding Bullet to help allies in capturing Power Relays

Quick Tip:

Speeding Bullet can be used to fly to allies in need of help during Power Relay captures.


Superman Origin
Superman defends Earth as the icon of truth, justice, and eternal hope.

Universe of Origin: Prime

Alignment: Hero

Escaping the doomed world of Krypton in a ship built and launched by his birth parents, the infant Kal-El was discovered by a childless couple in rural Kansas. They named him Clark Kent, instilling lessons of empathy and compassion. When Clark's amazing powers emerged, the Kent’s revealed the secrets of his origin, spaceship, and his true name, Kal-El. Through the support of his adoptive parents and recorded guidance of his birth parents, Kal-El uses his gift to protect and inspire the people of Earth to greatness.

A fearsome initiator, Superman soars into battle with a peacekeeper's ferocity.

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