Champion Unmasked: Atrocitus

Atrocitus is joining Infinite Crisis, ready to rage. This large Enforcer taunts his enemies and spews red hot plasma across the face of entire teams. And, as leader of the Red Lanterns, his origin story has a grim beginning…

Passive – Red Lantern’s Rage

Atrocitus gains Rage from his basic attacks or when damaged, gaining slightly more Rage if damaged by an enemy Champion. His Rage Meter caps out at 100. Basic skills are Enraged when his Rage Meter is at (or above) 50 Rage, draining 50 Rage in the process. If time passes without gaining Rage, Atrocitus begins losing a small amount of Rage per second. When damaged, Atrocitus unleashes a small explosion of Power Damage in an area around him. At most, this triggers once every two seconds.

Q: Crimson Slash

Atrocitus resets his basic attack cooldown, empowering his next basic attack to deal additional Power Damage and slow the target’s Move Speed. Enraged: Power Damage hits an area around the target, and every enemy damaged is slowed.

W: Come at me

For a few seconds, Atrocitus forces nearby drones and creatures to attack him and reduces incoming damage by a flat amount. Damage reduction increases based on how much health Atrocitus is missing. Enraged: While active, Come At Me increases the frequency and Power Damage of Red Lantern’s Rage area of effect explosion.

E: Overwhelming Rage

Fills a target champion with Rage, forcing them into a mirrored charge with Atrocitus. When the two collide, the enemy is dealt Power Damage and is briefly Rooted. Enraged: Atrocitus taunts his target, forcing them to make basic attacks on each other for a short duration. Both have increased Attack Speed but reduced basic attack damage

R: Plasma Wave

Atrocitus spews a cone of plasma on his enemies to increase all incoming damage and deal Power Damage over time. For each champion hit, Atrocitus gains a flat amount of rage.



Universe of Origin:Prime


Millions of years ago, the Guardians of the Universe used robotic Manhunters to keep the peace. But when the insane Guardian Krona introduced a flaw into the Manhunter’s programming, it caused them to slaughter the people of an entire space sector before they could be shutdown.

Of the trillions slain, Atrocitus was one of five survivors. These survivors would later form the “Five Inversions,” a terrorist cabal who went on to wage war against the Guardians. They were, in time, defeated and imprisoned.

Imprisonment, however, only stoked Atrocitus' rage. When he finally gained his freedom, Atrocitus butchered his fellow Inversions, using their blood and his fury to fashion the first Red Power Ring. Armed with the brute force of rage made manifest, his war on the Guardians began anew.

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