Champion Unmasked: Sinestro

Command the terrible might of Parallax and forge order from chaos. Fight with true power—that of fear—as the founder and leader of the Sinestro Corps, Thaal Sinestro.

Passive: Yellow Impurity

Each of Sinestro’s skills mark their target with Yellow Impurity for 4 seconds, granting his skills bonuses when used on the target.

Q: Saw Blade

Sinestro hurls a construct saw-blade, dealing power damage to the first enemy it hits. Targets with Yellow Impurity are dealt bonus Power Damage equal to a percent of their missing health. Bonus damage against creatures and drones is capped.

W: Dread Scythe

Sinestro swings a construct scythe, dealing power damage to enemies in front of him. Targets with Yellow Impurity are silenced.

E: Cull The Weak

Sinestro dashes to the target location, dealing power damage to all nearby enemies. Whenever Sinestro kills an enemy champion, Cull the Weak’s cooldown is reset. Targets with Yellow Impurity are dealt additional Power Damage.

R: Fear Incarnate

Sinestro launches the living embodiment of Fear, Parallax, at the enemy. If an enemy champion is struck, they are stunned and take power damage over time. Enemies that are close to the target are feared and have Yellow Impurity applied to them. If no enemy is struck, an area of fear is dropped at the target location. Enemies within the area are dealt power damage and are feared while having Yellow Impurity applied.



Sinestro in Coast City

Sinestro can join the rush for the top Control Point, but consider hanging back or using a flanking route, as his skill set is best when attacking enemies low on health.

Gotham Heights’ team fights begin early and happen often, so stick close to your allies and let them initiate a fight. When they do, look for a clear shot to harass vulnerable enemy champions with Saw Blade—often an Assassin, Blaster, or Marksman. If you can finish these types of champions off, Cull the Weak will often be off cooldown.


Sinestro can take top or bottom lane on Coast City. While in-lane, he can fight solo or with an ally.

Cull the Weak’s mobility and Dread Scythe’s area-of-effect damage are good for harassing enemy champions and pushing them out of their lane. When you’re not looking to harass with Dread Scythe, it can be used to clear drone waves.

Coast City has a large urban jungle, but Sinestro can use Cull the Weak to dash through any small walls and make quick escapes. Alternatively, these walls can be used for ganks on unsuspecting enemies.


Sinestro is great in the middle lane. Focus on last-hitting drones until level 6 as you try harassing your opponent away from their XP and credit. At level 6, start looking for opportunities to gank other lanes. If none seem available, unleash damage on your opponent.

As a match continues, group-up with your team as often as possible. Sinestro is fragile, and so you can be easily focused-on by enemy champions. In a team fight, try to stand behind your team until your stronger allies initiate. Use your Fear Incarnate to isolate a high priority target, and then swiftly eliminate them while their allies are feared and forced into fleeing.

Sinestro in Coast City


Sinestro Origin

Universe of Origin:Prime


Sinestro, born on the planet Korugar, became Green Lantern of space sector 1417. He was chosen for his honor, fearlessness, and drive to create order. These traits led him to be considered one of the greatest Green Lanterns.

Throughout his time in the Corps, Sinestro’s best friend and trusted confidante was an alien named Abin Sur. One day, Abin disclosed the prophecy of Blackest Night, which foretold a darkness that would destroy all life. Sinestro dismissed Abin’s claim, saying that because Abin learned it from imprisoned terrorists, called the Five Inversions, the prophecy was clearly a lie.

Abin disagreed, and took one of the Five Inversions into his custody, Atrocitus. Abin hoped Atrocitus might help continue his investigation, and the two traveled to Earth. As luck would have it, Atrocitus escaped and assaulted Abin. Their struggle proved to be lethal for Abin, and a chance at freedom for Atrocitus.

With Abin’s life ebbing away, his ring sought a suitable successor. It found Hal Jordan. After summoning Hal to Abin in his final moment, the ring brought Jordan to Oa, where he was made Sinestro’s pupil.

Early on, Sinestro deemed Hal too reckless, and brought him to Korugar. His intention was to show Hal the order a Green Lantern should seek to create. But Hal did not see order. He saw a world bordering on fascism. To the people of Korugar, the Green Lantern symbol no longer stood for peace and order, but fear and oppression.

Hal reported Sinestro for abusing his authority, and Sinestro stood trial at the center of the universe, planet Oa, with the Guardians as judges. Sinestro did not deny his actions. In fact, he called the Guardians fools, saying order would come only through fear.

Sinestro was banished to the antimatter universe, where he met the Weaponers. They helped forge a new kind of ring, one whose yellow light was fueled not by Willpower, but Fear. With this new weapon, Sinestro swore to bring order to the universe and gain vengeance against the traitorous Guardians and Hal Jordan.

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