IC_Wrecks bodyslams San Diego Comic Con!

Take on IC_Wrecks in glorious battle and you could win a unique t-shirt or Superman Starter Pack!

Protectors, are you strong enough, are you brave enough, and are you insane enough to take on the indomitable IC_Wrecks? Do you think you can go mano-a-mano with the man who divided Gotham?

Well then... we have just the challenge for you.

IC_Wrecks and IC_BuddyTheHand will be attending the San Diego Comic Con, and you could win a unique Infinite Crisis t-shirt or Superman Starter Pack for finding them! This year we've put together a t-shirt that we can only describe as "an homage to bodyslamming" -- the Atrocitus "Come At Me" shirt.

SDCC T-Shirts

If you'll be attending the SDCC, here's what you'll need to do:

Step 1: Find IC_Wrecks & IC_BuddyTheHand

Keep an eye for these two somewhere close to the DC Comics booth in the expo hall. Wrecks will most likely be loud, and Buddy will most likely be holding a camera, pointed generally in Wrecks's direction.

Step 2a: Wear some DC Comics themed cosplay...

If you're already dressed like a DC Comics character OR an Infinite Crisis character, you'll immediately score some swag from the Atomic Green Lantern master. Wrecks has a high level of respect for those who are willing to put together these ornate costumes and wear them out in the hot, hot heat.

Step 2b: ...or challenge Wrecks!

If you're not cosplaying, you'll have to earn your keep in order to score one of these shirts. Lucky for you, Wrecks is a semi-benevolent Multiverse overlord, and will only subject you to the weakest forms of challenge.

Expect to find yourself answering trivia questions, participating in ad-hoc staring contests or engaging in other tests of will and fortitude! If you win, Wrecks will honor your strength by gracing you with a piece of swag. Lose and, well, maybe he'll just take pity on you and give you something anyway.

That's pretty much it! If you have any questions, be sure to stop by the forums, or send us a question on Twitter!