Infinite Crisis’s Razer MAY-hem

It's a month full of Razer giveaways! Infinite Crisis has partnered with Razer to bring you a series of giveaways where you can win a brand new Razer laptop just for playing the game. Plus, for each weekend during the Infinite Crisis Razer MAY-hem, we'll be doubling your experience earned for both Protector and Character Levels.

Win a custom Razer Blade laptop

Each week during the Infinite Crisis Razer MAY-hem you can enter to win your own Razer Blade laptop just for playing the game. For each match completed, your account will be entered into that week's drawing. The more matches you complete, the more you’re entered to win. When each week's giveaway is over, your entries will be reset and you can begin accumulating entries into the next week’s drawing.

Just remember: Entries don't carry over from week-to-week!

As if a sweet Razer laptop wasn’t enough, each Razer Blade will be custom-skinned with some incredible Infinite Crisis art like Green Arrow or Wonder Woman. This week's laptop features custom Harley Quinn art!

To learn more about the Razer Blade laptop and see its technical specifications, visit Razer's online store!

Harley Razer Blade Laptop
Due to the custom nature of this item small variations in this product may exist. Actual product may differ from pictures. Information correct at time of publishing.

Giveaway Dates (All Times Listed in Eastern, -4 GMT)

Giveaway Start Date End Date
Week 1 April 30th, 11:59 PM May 7th, 11:59 PM
Week 2 May 8th, 12:01 AM May 14th, 11:59 PM
Week 3 May 15th, 12:01 AM May 21st, 11:59 PM
Week 4 May 22nd, 12:01 AM May 28th, 11:59 PM

Weekends of Double Protector & Champion XP

Feel the need for XP? Want to unlock every Stolen Power? Each weekend in the Infinite Crisis Razer MAY-hem is perfect for playing some extra matches! We'll be doubling your experience earned toward both your Champion and Protector Levels, letting you rise through the ranks even faster and reap the rewards of new augments, mods, and stolen powers.

Double XP Weekend Dates

Start Date End Date
Friday, May 2nd Sunday, May 4th
Friday, May 9th Sunday, May 11th
Friday, May 16th Sunday, May 18th
Friday, May 23rd Monday, May 26th