Introducing Practice Mode

Coast City: Practice Mode can be accessed like a standard match, and functions exactly the same, spawning enemy drones and turrets, except there are no enemy champions. This feature, arriving with the March update, is here to help all Protectors hone their skills in Infinite Crisis, the free-to-play DC Comics MOBA.

The Power of Practice Mode

Practice Mode supports Matchmaking, as it requires a team of 5 players. You can queue solo, or form a party of 2-4 friends and play together but without the threat of enemy champions. In order to leave Practice Mode, you will have to win the match by destroying the enemy Power Core. The match will not end until the power core is destroyed. (Simply leaving the match will not close it immediately.)

Note: Champion skills that only hit enemy champions, like Superman’s ultimate, Speeding Bullet, cannot be used in Practice Mode.

Some things to try in Practice Mode include:

Lane Practice

When first trying a new champion, it’s useful to get a feel for them by spending a Practice Match leveling in-lane. You’ll learn things like which skills you prefer ranking-up first, which artifacts provide the best sustain for their price, and get an overall feel for last-hitting.


Landing the final blow on an enemy drone, AKA last-hitting, instantly rewards the highest amount of credit. When a drone is finished-off by enemy drones or turrets, the credit they grant will drop on the ground. This gives enemy champions in a live match the chance to stomp your credit from play. Being able to last-hit every enemy drone can take some time. Each champion has a unique learning curve due to their skill set, basic attack type, and attack speed. Some practice goes a long way toward making last-hitting with a new champion feel easy and natural.

Better Know Your Champion Roles

Everyone has that first champion they love to play. But it’s important to get outside your comfort zone, and that’s easy to do with Practice Mode. Understanding how other roles and champions play will help you assist your team and counter the enemy. You might even find a new favorite. Try making a list of roles and picking a champion from each category:

  • Enforcer
  • Blaster
  • Bruiser
  • Assassin
  • Marksman
  • Controller

The Urban Jungle

A better understanding of the urban jungle is always useful. Being able to anticipate the enemy jungler’s next move can help you avoid being ambushed, or help you counter-attack. For experienced players, we recommend trying out experimental jungle champions and artifact builds in Practice Mode.

Doomsday Device & Raider

The Raider and Doomsday Device both become available at set periods during Coast City. If you’re a new player, or a seasoned player teaching friends how to play Infinite Crisis, Practice Mode is a great way to get hands-on experience using the Doomsday Device or defeating the Raider.