Open Beta Starts Today!

There’s so much to do and so much to see this weekend in Infinite Crisis! We have a new update, 3 new Champions, brand new trailer, 24 hours of streaming on Twitch, and plenty of ways to win prizes! Here’s what going on:

Watch the brand new Infinite Crisis trailer!

Protector, what do you fight for? Is it Hope? Chaos? Peace? Or is it something more? Learn why the Champions of DC fight in the Infinite War through our brand new trailer, viewable above!

March Update: Patch Notes

A lot has changed in our March Update, Protectors! Learn more about Practice Mode, Drone Aggro changes, and Champion balance changes by reading our brand new patch notes or by watching our Patch Notes Hour with creative director Cardell “Annuvin” Kerr!

Catch up on Green Arrow, Mecha Superman, and Aquaman with their Champion Profiles!

Three brand new Champions means that there’s a slew of new, dangerous allies and enemies in the Infinite War. Take some time and learn more about them through their champion profiles, available on our YouTube channel!

Refer your friends to our Facebook page for a chance to win 30,000 Crisis Coins!

Do you know how much 30,000 Crisis Coins is worth? Why, it’s enough to buy literally every costume and Champion in the Infinite Crisis store at the time of this post! Get a shot at winning this pot of gold by referring friends to our Facebook page!

Learn more about this contest, and start referring your friends for a chance to win by clicking this link!

Superman Origin PC

Win an @ORIGINPC in our #IFightFor Twitter Contest!

We know why our Champions fight, but why do you fight? Tell us and you could win a brand new ORIGINPC in our Twitter Contest!

Learn more and enter the contest, or watch our scrolling gallery of the reasons why our fans fight on Twitter!

Superman Origin PC