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Q&A Session with Cardell "Annuvin" Kerr -- July 9th, 2014

After the most recent Letter From The Creative Director, we know that you have plenty of questions! Here's a full low down on what we're doing over the next 2 months, complete with footage from the work that the Champion team is doing to refine the Champions of Infinite Crisis.

Complexity vs. KGO Finals - Infinite Stream!

Complexity VS. KGO in the ultimate match up that is the Finals in this North American Pro Tourney. Casters: Mikel "WRECKS" Williams and Cardell "Annuvin" Kerr. Prizing by nVidia for the tournament champions.


IC_WRECKS and IC_Redbeard throw down with some friends in a friendly 5v5 match! thanks to Axslav for manning the tech while those two BROS went crazy!

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