New Format for Kings of the Crisis

New Format for Kings of the Crisis

Greetings Protectors. As E3 2014 descends upon us this week, we’re taking a short break from Kings of the Crisis. And, when we come back on June 18th, we’re happy to announce an updated tournament format!

Here’s the new format details:

  • A weekly $200 winner-takes-all flash tournament, held every Wednesday at 6pm EDT
  • Four teams compete for each week’s prize
  • Each week is dedicated to one map, rotating between Gotham Heights, Coast City, and Gotham Divided
  • Open to all US and Canadian players

Remember, the battle begins anew on June 18th. We’re excited to see teams form up and fight-it-out to become Kings of the Crisis!

Interesting in learning more and signing up? Head over to the Infinite Crisis forums.