April Update, Patch 1: Release Notes

Hail Protectors, and welcome to the Release Notes for the April Update! This patch addresses many current issues in the game, from problems that we caught to problems that you, our community, caught from our last update.

General Changes

  • We've reverted a change to our graphics engine that may have caused animations to appear "jittery" or "slow" for some users. Please let us know if reverting this change cleared up any "slow" animations that you may have experienced since the last update.
  • Coast City is now available for custom matches once again! (And The_Dycer can now celebrate.)
  • The Infinite Crisis client should no longer crash to desktop when being executed from a path containing Cyrillic (or other non ASCII) characters when running a localized version of Windows (such as Russian.)
  • Matchmaking: Fixed a bug that caused matchmaking level restrictions to apply to the Coast City Practice Mode queue.
  • Matchmaking: Fixed a bug that caused some players to have abnormally long wait times in queue.

Gotham Divided

  • Fixed an issue that caused Leviathan to never lose aggro on a player switching in and out of stealth.


Bleed Portal

  • Bleed Portals with the Holt Holdings mod will no longer stay open after the object it is attached to is destroyed.

Neron's Contract

  • We’ve increased the cooldown for Neron’s Contract’s Blood Bargain to 120 seconds (was 60s). Additionally, the strength of the shield has been reduced to 250 + 75/level (was 500 + 100/level).

Speed Force Battery

  • We've reduced the lockout time on the Speed Force Battery's Blink Jump to 6 seconds after taking damage (was 10 seconds). Its range has increased to 600 (was 500).

Character Changes


  • Aquaman has now been re-enabled for play!

Might of Atlantis: Surge

  • Fixed an issue that caused Aquaman's auto-attack to break after using Surge.

Atomic Wonder Woman


  • Fixed a bug that caused Atomic Wonder Woman to briefly stop attacking her target after Reclaimer ended.

Blue Beetle

Scarab Scanner

  • Corrected an issue that caused the icon for Scarab Scanner to be stuck on your HUD if it was detonated immediately after being used.

Infiltrator Mode

  • We've reduced the melee basic attack range on his Assassin form, as it was greater than the basic attack range of other melee characters in the game.

Gaslight Batman

Gaslight Batman players were often using their escapes as a good AoE damage source. Flying kicks to the face are awesome, but we want to reduce the damage potential on Marksman builds. That said, that base damage has been reduced. The Power Damage ratio remains unchanged, so feel free to continue Bat Flights into your foes when building Power Damage Gas Bat.

Bat Flight

  • Base damage reduced from 55 to 35.

Gaslight Catwoman

Gaslight Catwoman has great poke potential with Steampowered Claws. We started to notice that the bleed benefit she received from this skill was enhancing her poke potential in unexpected ways. We’ve removed the bleed bonus from Steampowered Claws. Silly kitty.

Steampowered Claws

  • Steampowered Claws will no longer apply the bleed effect from Sharpened Claws.

Green Arrow

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Green Arrow to get stuck after using Bullseye and then Superfoam Arrows.


Speed Storm

  • Fixed an issue where Flash's Speed Storm effects could be stuck on him if he is wearing his Hypersonic costume.

Mecha Wonder Woman

  • Her default artifacts and amplifiers have been updated to better suit her Marksman role.

Nightmare Superman

While we like the amount of utility that Nightmare Superman brings to the table, the downtime associated with the use of the skills was slightly too severe. These changes were designed to increases the responsiveness and frequency with which Nightmare Superman use his skills and further emphasize his “Controller” play by enhancing his ability to disable opponents.

Phantom Collector

  • Improved responsiveness of cast, allowing for the missile to be created sooner and the champion to be released to locomotion faster.
  • Increase Power Damage ratio from .5 to .65.
  • Cooldown reduced from 6s to 5s.


  • Slow has been changed from 15/20/ 25/30% to 25%.
  • Slow Will scaling changed from 1% for every 150 Bonus Will to 1% for every 100 Bonus Will.
  • Cooldown changed from 15 to 13/12/11/10.
  • Will cost reduced from 75/95/115/135 to 60/75/90/105.


  • Improved responsiveness of cast, allowing for the missile to be created sooner and the champion to be released to locomotion faster.
  • Reduce cooldown from 14s to 11s.
  • Increase range from 500 to 550 (increase bounce range from 600 to 650).
  • Missile Speed increased from 1000 to 1200.
  • Will cost reduced from 85 to 60.


Increase duration from 1.5s to 1.5/1.75/2.0/2.25s Slow has been changed from 50/60/70/80% to 50% Slow now scales on Bonus Will (+1% for every 100 Bonus Will) Slow now triggers when the effect expires (regardless of target death).


His default artifacts and amplifiers have been updated to better suit his new role of Bruiser.

This Guy!

The mark applied by This Guy! now has the ability to be consumed and re-applied simultaneously.


Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Shazam to become untargetable.


Be A Rabbit

Fixed a bug that caused Champions to be briefly unable to basic attack after coming out of rabbit form.