Better Know... Supergirl

In this introductory feature for Infinite Crisis, we’ll go over the basics of Supergirl: customizing, playing as her, and playing against her.

Of course, these are just guidelines at best, so put in some Supergirl practice and show us how it’s done!


The Last Daughter of Krypton, Supergirl is a melee Bruiser who loves flying into a fight. Her skills provide plenty of mobility, allowing her to set enemies up for a finishing strike from her allies.


Each Basic Attack gives Supergirl one stack of Solar Furnace, increasing her Attack Speed. At the maximum amount of stacks, Supergirl’s Basic Attacks (and Worldbreaker) have additional true damage.


For the next 4 seconds, Supergirl’s next Basic Attack will deal extra Attack Damage, and damage all enemies in a cone behind her target. Worldbreaker also resets her basic attack cooldown.


Supergirl dashes in a target direction, dealing Attack Damage and knocking down the first enemy champion she hits.


For a short time, Supergirl gains Attack Armor and Move Speed. While Determination is active, the first 4 basic attacks each reduce the cooldown of Worldbreaker and Bounding Strike.


Supergirl grabs her target and dashes with them in tow. Supergirl is immune to disables during the dash, which damages and knocks-up her target when its ends.


Supergirl is one of Infinite Crisis’ most in-your-face Bruisers. She loves to stay in fight, and deals much of her damage with Basic Attacks.

There’s one “Golden Guideline” when playing as Supergirl: Always Be Basic Attacking. Why? Solar Furnace. It gives bonus Attack Speed, plus that true damage (when she’s got maxed-out Solar Furnace stacks) which you can only maintain if you’re always basic attacking.

Basically, never stop punching.

As for using Supergirl’s skills: Bounding Strike and Determination give you multiple ways of entering a fight, but using skills at the right time is your key to efficiency. For instance, you can normally open a surprise attack with Bounding Strike, knocking the enemy down, which gives allies a chance to pounce. But if you can flank an enemy, putting them between you and your team, it’s often better to unleash Comet and shove the enemy into your team.

Whether you open with Bounding Strike or Comet, use Determination after you start a fight. You’ll gain Move Speed, helping you chase the enemy, and Attack Damage, helping you mitigate some Attack Damage the enemy might throw your way.

And if you can, use Worldbreaker in-between Basic Attacks for the attack reset.

Determination and Bounding Strike are also great for catching-up with fleeing enemies, or to escape from a dangerous situation. But use them in this manner with care, as it forfeits your crowd control of Bounding Strike and the cooldown reduction aspects from Determination.


Supergirl’s Invulnerability provides bonus Attack Damage while active, giving even more incentive to leap into battle and say hello with punches.

Complementary Stolen Powers include Super Speed and Surveillance Cameras, depending on your situation, of course. Super Speed is great for a speedy flank or escape, while cameras are always great for providing vision into the fog of war in the urban jungle.


Supergirl benefits from artifacts with high-damage and a limited amount of health and armor. This is one of our favorite build orders:

  • Nil Cloak
  • Joe Chill’s Revolver or Soultaker’s Katana
  • Spear of Destiny
  • Lobo’s Chain

The passive slow from Lobo’s Chain will help you keep-up with enemies who try to escape. It’ll also help you build Solar Furnace stacks, and keep them up.

Artifact Variations

For heavier damage, you can build Deathstroke’s Claymore, adding a percent of your enemy’s max health to your basic attack damage.

To speed-up your Solar Furnace stacks, try Velocity 9 Implants, which also improves your critical strike chance. If you prefer a more durable build, try building Suit of Sorrows or Ra’s Al Ghul’s Robes.



There are two primary risks when going up against Supergirl:

  • Her potential for sustained, heavy damage.
  • Her ability to isolate or separate you, or a teammate.

Keep your distance when farming in-lane because Supergirl can knock you down with Bounding Strike. After introducing your face to the floor, Supergirl can start wailing on you with Worldbreaker and increasingly faster and stronger basic attacks.

If you start a solo fight with Supergirl keep in mind that Solar Furnace gives her bonus Attack Speed and eventually true damage. She will grow stronger the longer that you fight her. And if the fight tilts in her favor, she can use Determination and Bounding Strike to chase and finish you off.

Team Fight Advice

In a team fight, be cautious of two things:

  • The displacement potential of her ultimate, Comet
  • Where she’s positioned

If Supergirl gets behind anyone on your team, she has the ability to shove them into her allies and impair their movement. So, be mindful of Supergirl’s location at all times in a team fight.

Also watch for when she has Determination active. She’ll be glowing gold. It’ll let her absorb a little more Attack Damage than usual due to the extra Attack Armor. An ideal time to attack Supergirl is after she uses Determination, as it has a longer-than-average cooldown.