Holiday Costumes Are Here!

Ho, ho, ho, Protectors! Santa Gaslight Joker wants to know if you've been bad, or just plain villainous this year...

'Twas the night before gifting, and all throughout Gotham, a few villains were planning something quite awesome.

While the stockings were hung by fireplaces with care, the Gaslight Butcher was donning his Santa wear.

A Candy Cane was grabbed by Miss Harley Quinn, and the duo's faces took on a wide grin.

This Santa and Elf took to the streets, stealing away with holiday meats!

But lo, from the sky, a dark shadow loomed, dampening the villains' raucous mood.

Their crime spree was stopped by a supernatural blight: Krampus Nightmare Batman, the watcher of night!

The holidays are here, Protectors! Now you can take to the streets as Krampus Nightmare Batman, Santa Gaslight Joker, and Candy Cane Harley Quinn! After the December Update, you can find all of these holiday costumes waiting for you in the Infinite Crisis store. But, act fast! When the Holidays end in January, these costumes will disappear along with them!