Intro to Gotham Divided

So you’d like to play Infinite Crisis but you’re new to the MOBA genre. No sweat. This intro to our newest map is here to help.

Foundation of Victory

New to the genre? Think of it like this: when you play Infinite Crisis, on any map, each match is like a compressed action-RPG. You’re going from level 1 to max level in 20-to-40 minutes, with every match. How you react to the enemy team with chosen artifacts (items), reactive strategies, and team cooperation will determine success or failure.

Before continuing we recommend watching these brief videos on lanes, drones, turrets, and earning Credit.

As a newer player on Gotham Divided, you’ll be defending one of three lanes: bottom, middle, or top. Early and mid-match your first priority is to keep enemy drones and players off your turret. Do your best to stay alive. If needed, back-off your enemies and stick close to your allied turret. Make sure you let your team know when things get rough, or when your enemy is vulnerable to a surprise attack. Allies in the urban jungle will love you for this.

Your second priority is to build up your champion, which requires staying in-lane to earn as much experience and credit as you can. While all champions gain a slow trickle of credit, your champion primarily gains experience from enemy drones and champions.


Wanna go back to base? Find a safe spot and press the “B” key to teleport home.

You’re several minutes into Gotham Divided. You’ve gained five or eight levels. You’re good on Credit. It’s time to consider the health of your lane’s allied turrets. Are they doing okay? Are your drones pushed up and attacking your enemy’s turret? If so, maybe help defeat enemy champions in other lanes. Call-out your intention to sneak-attack and make your move.

Maybe your lane turrets aren’t healthy, and the enemy is pushing your lane with a small army of drones. It’s time to ask your team for a little support. If an ally comes to your aid try for a counter-attack. Just be ready to back off if the enemy is more durable than expected, or gets their own back-up.

Your team’s end-goal is to take down the enemy defensive structures (turrets and dampeners) and then push into the enemy base and destroy their Power Core. Do that and you’ll be victorious, but win or lose you’ll earn Protector Experience and Merit to help you in the next fight.

Basic Cameras

The purple eye at your base isn’t just trying to stare at you. It’s looking for someone to pick it up. Click this little guy to get a Basic Camera, which grants a small radius of vision and lasts a few minutes. Be careful where you place it, however, as these Camera have no stealth and can be easily destroyed by a basic attack.

We recommend placing them in the stealth pads on the edge of your lane’s urban jungle, where enemies might use the cover of urban shroud to launch a surprise attack.

Know Your Turrets

Turrets on Gotham Divided explode when destroyed, creating new paths in and out of the urban jungle for attacks and retreats.

Before exploding, turrets pose a deadly threat to anyone on the enemy team. But you can take them down. Here’s how: let your drones be the first to enter a turret’s range, identified by the ring of cracked earth that circles a turret. When the turret’s laser-beam targets one of your drones, move in and attack. The turret won’t retaliate; it’s distracted by your drones.

When will the turret attack you again? If all your drones are destroyed, it re-targets you. If you attack an enemy champion while in its range—even if your drones are there to distract—the enemy turret will attack you. We recommend pulling away from a turret when you’re down to your last drone, or when enemy champions push their attack.

Turrets Protect Dampeners

Lanes are paths into your enemy’s base. Take out the enemy’s first two turrets and you’ve exposed the scrumptious dampener.

If an enemy dampener goes offline—meaning you pummeled it into submission—your drones in that lane are upgraded into powerful Super Drones. These guys help you win the fight. Armed with sturdier gear, they push into the enemy base with greater force and open windows of opportunity to destroy the enemy’s Power Core.

A respawn countdown rings each dampener, filling-in with the enemy team’s color after being taken offline. Dampeners respawn up to three times.

Urban Jungle & Tactical Skills

The Urban Jungle on Gotham Divided is home to unique neutral drones. Their defeat rewards you with Credit, Champion Experience, and a small heal and will boost —except for Destroyer Drones, whose defeat also rewards Tactical Skills.

There are three Destroyer types: Health, Speed, and EMP. Defeating a Destroyer unlocks its corresponding Skill Beacon back at your base. Although Health and Speed Destroyers also drop a single health or speed buff in the jungle.

Tactical Skills have come in Tier 1 and Tier 2 flavors. You activate Tier 2 by defeating a second Health Destroyer before someone uses your Tier 1 Health Beacon.

Here’s a scenario: Your team defeats a Health Destroyer and activates the Health Beacon. It blinks its little green light, but nobody chooses to grab the Health Skill. So you defeat another Health Destroyer—perhaps even your enemy’s—and your Health Beacon upgrades. Now a green orb of light swirls around it. Someone should really grab that Tier 2 Health Skill.

Health Skill

Health Skills can be deployed from a great distance. Tier 1 Health Skills have two single-use charges that restore Health and Will to allies who walk over them. After the first charge is consumed, a second appears a couple minutes after.

Tier 2 Health-Pods temporarily emit an area-of-effect healing aura that regenerates Will and Energy over time.

Speed Skill

Speed Skills can also be deployed from a great distance. Tier 1 Speed Skills have two single-use charges that grant a temporary Move Speed boost to allies who walk over them. After the first charge is consumed, a second appears a couple minutes after.

Tier 2 Speed Skills deploy a Move Speed boost field, affecting any allies who move through it.

EMP Skill

The EMP Skill has a short deployment range. With the January Update, Tier 1 EMP Skills emit a four-second disable to all nearby hostile drones and turrets.

Tier 2 EMP Skills have the same range and effect, but the disable is twice as long, lasting for a total of eight seconds.


You can hold one skill at a time: a Base Camera, Surveillance Tower, or Tactical Skill.

Drop a Tactical Skill by left-clicking the skill icons or press the “T” key. A drop-pod will fall and inflict damage on all enemies hit before unfolding to activate a Health, Speed, or EMP Skill.

Taking the Raider

Several minutes into Gotham Divided, two Phase Pods crash into the Urban Jungle. Activating one of these pods reveals the Raider drone. Defeating the Raider grants nearby allied champions experience and credit, and also drops the Surveillance Tower.

Surveillance Tower

Place the Surveillance Tower for a permanent camera with X-ray Vision over a wide area. The tower doesn't appear on your enemy’s mini-map, but if they find it a few of their basic attacks will destroy it.

We recommend placing the Surveillance Tower in a Stealth Pad.

The Leviathan

Activating the Raider’s Phase Pod begins a countdown to summon a more powerful creature: the Leviathan.

Leviathan always appears in the Phase Pod opposite from Raider. Defeating Leviathan rewards your team with large sums of Credit and experience. It also drops two Tactical Skills: Stasis and Team Shield.

Stasis & Shield

Shield provides a very powerful damage shield to all nearby allies for several seconds. It can help secure a team fight or rush enemy structures, like turrets or dampeners.

Stasis prevents all nearby enemies from moving, attacking, or skill use, but it also prevents damage. One way to use Stasis is to lock-down enemy Enforcers and Bruisers, leaving the more vulnerable enemy champions unguarded.