June Update, Patch 1: Release Notes

Hail Protectors, and welcome to the release notes for first patch after the June Update!

While our patches normally don't contain this number of balance changes, we've made the decision to tweak a number of Champions and Artifacts based upon the comments and information we've been receiving from you, our community. Thank you for your diligent reports and opinions on our forums, Twitter, Facebook, and chat! We truly do appreciate everything you have to tell us -- both positive and negative -- about the game! (And yes, before you ask "Where's balance changes for Gaslight Catwoman?", she'll have her moment in a future patch.)

That said, this patch does address a few bugs in both the general aspects of the game, and on specific maps. And, as always, feel free to discuss your opinions of the patch notes in our official forums!

Construct, please load the text file for the June Update, Patch 1.

System Alerts: High Importance Changes

Theoretical Limitations Increased: New Bans Added to Draft Mode

Thanks to your feedback, the team has come to a consensus and has added two new bans to all forms of Draft Mode. Now when you're in your ban phase, each team will be able to ban 2 Champions instead of the prior 1 Champion.

Choose your bans wisely, Protectors, and good luck in your Draft trials!

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Champions to run in circles around a stationary ally until a new movement command was issued.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a performance drop when a specific type of car was thrown during a match.
  • Fixed an issue that caused less credits to be awarded from last hits to nearby teammates than was intended.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Champions to give up moving towards a commanded location, even though they could feasibly reach it.
  • Fixed the "Return to Group" button so it no longer pulls a Spectre and disappears when your group queues.
  • Adjusted the auto-detect graphics option so it no longer always defaults you to 1024x768 resolution and windowed mode when pressed.
  • Fixed certain special effect animations that would become stuck on if the player did not witness their end.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the UI to hitch when a large number of friends would log in/out or change statuses.
  • Fixed a few translation errors in DE, FR, and RU.
  • We've modified the look of the combat cursor.
  • Fixed an issue in how the in-game scoreboard would calculate credits.
  • We have addressed a bug where Power Penetration Augments were providing greater Power Penetration than intended.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players with very high rankings to get into matches with players with low rankings.
  • Fixed an issue where a health pad would not heal the champion picking it up 100% of the time.


All Maps

  • Reduced the damage Drones deal to Champions by 25% on all maps.

Coast City

  • Fixed an issue that caused performance to drop when the Doomsday Device was used on Coast City.

Gotham Divided

Credit Velocity

We have made several changes to credit velocity, affecting the lanes, jungle, and team objectives. What we have noticed over the past several months on Gotham Divided is that we have a few issues with game resolution. These issues are especially exacerbated among newer players to the game.

One of those issues is that the amount of credits players are able to attain if they are doing well is astronomical to the phase of the game that they are in. Spoken in simpler words, snowballing (winning harder while one is already winning) is a very real thing. Another consequence of this is that players are able to able to purchase higher tier items earlier into the match. This all leads to a world where it’s harder to come back if you are losing.

These changes are aimed at solving two issues. We want to make early to mid-game items more viable (part of the reason we removed refundables, more on that in the Artifacts section) and we wanted to make players max out of their builds later into the match. We realize that having less credits and items is actually less fun, but we also realize that having 20k credits in your bank account 40 minutes into the game with a full build is also not fun. Our target goal for match resolution and champion level cap is 35-40 minutes, our target goal for a full build is about 10 minutes after that.

Turret Balance

Turrets are a fierce entity in our game. They are downright brutal and unforgiving to newer players. We have made a few small changes to address two issues specifically: the last hit window for farming under turrets and the upfront damage to players that are tower diving. Previously, it was extremely hard to last hit drones that were being hit by a turret. We have made some other changes to the last hit window to address this, but these changes made it even easier.

For example, in the old world, outer turrets would 2-shot ranged creeps. With these changes it now takes 3 hits to kill a range creep, and the second hit leaves a total of 36 HP in which to last hit the creep.

The other significant change was to the way we deal damage to players through turrets. Originally, we dealt 100% of the base damage of the turret on the first shot, and increased the damage of every consecutive shot by 25%, up to a maximum of 350%. With our new changes we are reducing the damage of the first and second shot of the turrets to 50% and 75% respectively, and the third shot will do 120%. It will increase by 10% for every consecutive shot after that.

What this means is that players are penalized less for soaking up turret shots, specifically the first 2, but every shot after that will do significantly more damage.

We have also made a slight change to the way our turrets calculate their armor penetration. Previously, they had a flat 35 armor pen. This meant, essentially, they did true damage to players at level 1, since most champions do not have more than 35 Attack Armor at that stage in the game. We have changed it to percent penetration, so now turrets will take into consideration the armor of the player (let’s say 35 at level 1) and then modify that by their attack penetration (35%) which gives them 12.25 Penetration. You will notice this is less than half of what they were getting before. Against a more heavily armored foe, someone who had say, 150 armor, this would provide 52.5 Penetration. Tanks take more damage, squishy champions take less.

  • Improved on an issue that caused an FPS drop when destroying the top turret on the blue side.
  • Improved on an issue that caused performance to drop when the bottom turret on red side was destroyed.
  • Refundable artifacts have been removed from the Foundry on Gotham Divided. See the Artifacts section below for a more detailed explanation.
  • Trigger orbs on Gotham Divided have been made easier to select.
  • The turrets on Gotham Divided now reach their level cap earlier in the match.
  • We've reduced the attack damage of the turrets.
  • We've changed the attack penetration of the turrets from flat penetration to percentile, for a net loss in most cases.
  • We've reduced the amount of damage turrets do to players when firing. The first shot now does 50% damage, the second does 75%. The third shot has been unchanged at 120% damage, followed by an increase of 10% per consecutive shot to a max of 350%.
  • We've lowered the credit velocity throughout the match. Players will now attain credits slower over the course of the match. Passively gained credits per second on Gotham Divided have been reduced from 1.5 per second to 1, and the Urban Jungle saw a general reduction of about 10% to both experience and credits offered.
  • The debuff applied by Raider and Leviathan no longer reduces attack damage.


Champion Bug Fixes

  • Atrocitus -- The area of effect damage burst of Red Lantern's Rage will no longer trigger turret aggression if it hits an enemy Champion within range of the turret. (Allowing Atrocitus to attack turrets without immediately pulling aggro.)
  • Atrocitus -- Fixed an issue that caused his Overwhelming Rage skill to stay permanently enraged.
  • Green Arrow -- Fixed a few issues with his animations that could cause Green Arrow to become stuck while using Bullseye.
  • Green Arrow -- Fixed an issue with missing information in Adaptable Ammo tooltip.
  • Arcane Green Lantern -- Corrected an issue with his Construct Champion skill that could cause him to teleport to a prior Construct's old position.
  • Poison Ivy -- Fixed an issue that caused Poison Ivy's skills to break if she was stunned during her Deadly Flora casting animation.
  • Poison Ivy -- Fixing an issue with her Rook Strike that causes the knock up effect to be inconsistent.
  • Robin -- Fixed an issue that caused Vault Kick to not reliably hit enemies at point blank range.
  • Mecha Superman -- Fixed an issue that could cause Consume to break if it was used on a sunstone/meteor just as Mecha Superman used his Drill Attack on it.
  • Atomic Wonder Woman -- Tektite Vial is being removed from her recommended artifact list.


Champion Balance

As stated in our release note introduction, we've included balance changes for a few Champions that our community have been calling out: Flash, Shazam, Atomic Poison Ivy, and Nightmare Batman. We've also taken the time to provide a few new benefits to Champions that have been lacking: Robin and Superman.

Nightmare Batman

Nightmare Batman's gank potential took a hit in the last update ("I’m sorry!" <3 ~PlayByGray). We're adding the slow back on to help you lock targets down a little better! Also, in moving to a world where he Basic Attacks a lot more, he started to lean too far into the Bruiser category. Assassins should have more than just two damaging skills that scale on their main damage type. We’ve decided to change Bat Swarm to deal Attack Damage instead of Power Damage.

Finally, when it comes to adding some quality of life changes, the Eternal Hunger heal is being buffed to be more than Nil Weapon's after the second consecutive attack. We've also doubled the energy return on Savagery in addition to making it last longer at lower ranks.

Eternal Hunger

  • Base increased from 2 to 4.

Silver Batarang

  • The slow has been returned. The Batarang will slow by 20% for 1s each time it hits.

Bat Swarm

  • Damage type changed from Power to Attack.
  • Base Damage of the skill is 60/120/180/240 with a 90% attack damage ratio (over the duration of the swarm.)


  • Energy return increased from 4 to 8.
  • Duration extension changed from 3/4/5/6s to 5s.


When played properly, Flash can be an extremely dominant late game champion. While this is how we want him to perform, he can too easily reach a point where it feels like his playstyle cannot be countered.

With Flash Attack, we are limiting Flash’s ability to pass through walls by requiring that he have Hyper Vibration active. Flash must now make an active choice to engage or disengage through walls, thus allowing his enemies a chance to retaliate on a failed gank.

F=MA is losing its ability to apply on-hit effects. This skill will remain his primary source of single target burst, but will not be able to exceed expectations by utilizing on-hit artifacts like the Blue Scarab.

Flash Attack

  • By default, this skill is now a rush (cannot pass through walls). While Hyper Vibration is active, this skill changes from a rush to a dash (can pass through walls).
  • Power Damage ratio reduced from .7 to .6.


  • No longer applies on hits.
  • Damage reduced from 25/30/35/40 to 20/25/30/35.
  • Power Damage ratio reduced from 20% per hit to 17.5% per hit.

Hyper Vibration

  • While active, Flash Attack changes from a rush to a dash (allowing it to pass through walls).

Atomic Poison Ivy

The goal of these changes is to ensure that maintain Atomic Poison Ivy’s accessible playstyle, while toning down her ability to disable entire enemy teams.

We have reduced her base health and health per level to pay for the Health Shield she gains from her passive (effectively returning health to her every 10s).

While Bramble Rapture is potent skill for Atomic Poison Ivy, her real power comes from her ability to lockdown lanes and hinder entire teams with her Thorn Wall. As such, we are reducing its cast range (and thus her area of influence), increasing the fuse time, and replacing the Silence with the Damage Over Time effect. Overall, this should introduce more counter-play to the skill as enemy champions can more easily avoid/escape the wall while still suffering the potent Slow.


  • Base Attack damage increased from 57 to 61.
  • Base Health reduced from 516 to 450.
  • Health per level reduced from 88 to 80.

Toxic Growth

  • Mark duration reduced from 6s to 5s.

Bramble Rapture

  • Range reduced from 4.5 to 3.75.

Wall of Thorns

  • Damage Over Time is now only applied to targets that have the Toxic Growth mark.
  • Skill no longer applies a Silence to targets that have the Toxic Growth mark.
  • Range reduced from 850 to 700.
  • Fuse time increased from .5 to .675s.
  • Damage Over Time increased from 30/60/90/120 to 60/100/140/180 over 3s.


Oh, Robin! These changes are directed towards quality of life. Let’s start with Dynamic Duo. We’ve removed the Power Lifesteal from it, we want him to either focus on himself or other AD Champs (like the Marksman you’re probably supporting when playing Controller role.) As a Bruiser, you should gain better benefits from skills when using it solely on yourself, in turn we’ve buffed the solo use bonus. The reason for lowering the Knockback on Emergent Leader is because we feel like players are sometimes knocking enemies too far away from allies that have the Aura buff. We’ve played with changing the Knockback to other forms of Crowd Control, but ultimately we feel like this is the best option and feel for his current kit.

Finally, Base Health is being increased so Protectors who want to be a Controller have a little bit of an easier time in the early game.


  • Health Base increased from 473 to 515.
  • Health Gained Per Level decreased from 88 to 86.

Dynamic Duo

  • Power Lifesteal has been removed. Attack Lifesteal is increased by 50% when granted only to yourself.
  • When granted only to Robin the buff becomes more potent.

Emergent Leader

  • Knockback reduced from 500 to 300.


Shazam is currently playing more like an Assassin than a Bruiser. We recognize this and are giving him a hit to his ratios to bring some of that damage down. We’re currently looking into changing Shazam's playstyle to be more like a Bruiser, while making Mystic Power/Defense be more involved in his trade rotations.

Speed of Mercury

  • Power Damage Ratio reduced from 50% to 35%.

Mystic Defense

  • Shield increased from 40/70/100/130 to 40/85/130/175.


  • Ratio decreased from 40% at minimum range to 35%.
  • Ratio decreased from 80% at maximum range to 70%.
  • Range decreased from 900 to 800.


The goal of these changes are to improve Superman’s usability (via snappier attacks/releases) and further enhance his role as a strong late-game Bruiser by reducing Will Costs, adding Scaling Cooldowns, and increasing scaling on his ultimate.

Man of Steel

  • Cooldown changed from 25 to 25/23/21/19.

Kryptonian Might

  • Will cost reduced from 20/30/40/50 to 20/25/30/35.
  • Animation timings have been adjusted to deliver damage and release to movement faster.

Frost Breath

  • Cooldown changed from 12 to 12/11/10/9.
  • Animation timings have been adjusted to deliver damage and release to movement faster.

Heat Vision

  • Cooldown changed from 15 to 13.
  • Animation timings have been adjusted to deliver damage and release to movement faster.
  • Mark (and second activation window) has been increased from 2 to 2.5.

Speeding Bullet

  • Damage increased from 150/250/350/450 to 175/275/375/475.
  • Area of Effect Damage increased from 60/85/110/135 to 80/140/200/240.
  • Primary target damage ratio increased from .6 to .7.
  • Area of Effect damage ratio increased from .4 to .5.


Artifact & Amplifier Balance

This round of Artifact and Amplifier changes are targeted towards our conscientious community of capable Controllers. We've heard your discussion on the amount of Will that artifacts were providing, and IC_DangerDan has written up a few changes to help satiate your need for Will.

Removing Refundable Artifacts From Gotham Divided

When refundables were originally created in our closed beta, they addressed two desires: Returning to base with less credits than you needed for an artifact but still wanting to return to the fight stronger AND being unsure about what artifact to commit to but not wanting to sit on credits indefinitely. Since then we enabled protectors to build artifacts at turrets, which also aleivated the first issue by letting you build without leaving your lane. While the second tension remains, we also have more artifacts in our foundry than we did earlier in development. Additionally, we found with the ability to purchase at turrets meant that there was very little advantage to investing in lower cost early- and mid-game artifacts because it refundables made it relatively painless to gain strength while building toward high price artifacts even very early in the game.

In an effort to increase the appeal of early- and mid-game artifacts as well as ensure that rushing to end game artifacts has some risk or tension, we are removing the Refundable artifacts Promethium Mace, Hawkman's Harness, and Radion Shard from the Gotham Divided Artifact Foundry inventory. In future updates, we'll be investigating alternate approaches to Refundables or new artifacts entirely.

Ra's al Ghul's Robe

Lazarus Effect

Lazarus Effect is changing to make it more consistent in the protection it gives to both the most durable champions and to glass cannons. Instead of giving a shield based on percent health, it gives a health shield that scales with champion level. Instead of giving a percentage bonus to armor, it sets your armor to a specific value. In addition, the duration of the suppress before you return is shorter. The keyword will now read as:

If you would fall to 0 Health, you instead gain a shield worth 250 + 85/level, your Attack Armor is set to 45 and your Power Armor is set to 35, and you become Suppressed. If the shield is unbroken after 4s, the remaining shield is converted to Health and you regain 50% Will (4 minute Cooldown).

And the modified version:

If you would fall to 0 Health, you instead gain a shield worth 300 + 100/level, your Attack Armor is set to 60 and your Power Armor is set to 50, and you become Suppressed. If the shield is unbroken after 4s, the remaining shield is converted to Health and you regain 50% Will (4 minute Cooldown).

Will Artifact Changes

Abin Sur's Lantern

Based on feedback from you, our players, and especially our very dedicated Controller players, we've decided to replace the recent "Will Collector" keyword with a new "Will Harvest" keyword. Where previously, you would build Max Will and Will Regen with each coin you or a nearby ally would collect, the new keyword works like other Harvest keywords:

Will Harvest: Gain 10 Will every 90s and with each Champion kill or assist (max 400 Will). At maximum stacks gain 10% Cooldown Reduction.

As the Will Collector also had Will Regen, this has been added back to Abin Sur's on its base stats along with a slight bump to top end Will. Here are the new stats:

  • Tier 1: 100 Will, Shining Will Aura, 500 Cost.
  • Tier 2: 100 Will, 5 Will Regen per 10s, Shining Will Aura, Will Harvest, 750 Cost (1250 total).
  • Tier 3: 200 Will, 8 Will Regen per 10s, 10% Cooldown Reduction, Shining Will Aura, Will Harvest, 750 Cost (2000 total).
  • Tier 4: 500 Will, 12 Will Regen per 10s, 10% Cooldown Reduction, Shining Will Aura, Will Harvest, 750 Cost (2750 total).

Additionally, a few other artifacts are getting slight increases to their top end Will:

  • Qward Gambit now gives 300 Will at Tier 4 (was 250)
  • Rip Hunter's Time Pack now gives 400 Will at Tier 4 (was 350)

Finally, all Mods that give Will now give 200 Will (was 150):

  • Enhanced Will Deadshot's Visor
  • Enhanced Will Entropy Aegis
  • Enhanced Will Eye of Ekron
  • Enhanced Will Gorilla Grodd's Helmet
  • Enhanced Will The Logoz
  • Enhanced Will Rip Hunter's Time Pack
  • Enhanced Will Steel's Breastplate