June Update, Patch 2: Release Notes

Hail Protectors, and welcome to the release notes for the second patch after the June Update!

Protectors, this patch focuses on providing you with some solutions to diving under towers, recurring bugs such as the ALT+TAB bug that causes the mouse cursor to become offset, and a balance pass on Gaslight Catwoman's strong performance. There are also plenty of other changes within, but we don't want to keep you back from the main notes!

Construct, please load the text file for Patch 2.

General Changes

  • We've added time stamps to chat windows. Out-of-match chat contains timestamps in your local time, while in-match chat uses the current match time.
  • In our work to reduce the crashes that 32-bit systems may experience while playing, we have dropped the resolution of the ground textures on maps while we explore other options. During this time, the floors of the maps may look blurry, and not as good as it used to in high detail modes. However, the ground will return to its normal, detailed glory in the September Update.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the tutorial to not load properly if the user clicks the launch button too many times.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the mouse cursor to become offset upon using ALT+TAB.
  • Improved performance when Atrocitus's passive activates.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Zatanna's default amplifier set to include two mods for the same artifact.
  • An attack-move command will no longer cause your Champion to shoot idle jungle creatures.
  • Applying a damage over time effect on a low life target will no longer grant you the last hit 100% of the time.
  • When holding right-click over an impassable area, the Champion will now no longer attempt to path about the area.
  • The graphical effects for the "Hook Shot" mod on Lobo's Chains will now properly appear at low and very low graphical settings.
  • Playing against the AI will no longer count towards certain achievements, such as "The Cycle."
  • In-game cinematics will no longer play for users on low or very low graphical settings. However, if you are playing the tutorial, the tutorial specific cutscenes will play, regardless of your settings. In the future, we will provide an option to allow you to enable or disable cinematics in the preference panel.
  • Fixed an issue where Accelerated Harvest Mods could exceed the stack cap in some cases.
  • The tutorial panel has been improved to make it clear that there is currently only one tutorial enabled.


All Maps

One of the concerns that was brought up several months ago was that the turrets were incredibly strong. However later in the game, Enforcers were able to sit under them, especially if they were stacking large amounts of attack armor. In the early game, players (especially newer players, and people brand new to Mobas) would constantly die to turrets, by accident. This left us with a bit of a conundrum - how do we prevent newer players from dying so quickly to turrets, while preventing late game players from sitting under them?

The solution ending up consisting of several changes:

  1. Change the Attack Penetration from Flat to Percentile.
  2. Change the Damage dealt on the first and second shots to be less than the base damage.
  3. Make the damage more consistent. (Faster Attack Speed, less damage per attack)
  4. Make it easier to last hit under the turret, taking the above changes into consideration.

In this last update we decided to start rolling in some of the changes we have planned for turrets in Gotham Divided in order to hopefully have them be less dramatic. Unfortunately without the rest of the changes as a whole, the changes that did go in ended up making the Turrets as they are today. We had thought the changes we put in would be acceptable, but based on the feedback we have received that is not the case. So that leads us to where we are now. It is obvious that changes need to be made to make turrets do what they are intended for all players.

So what are the actual changes we are going to make to address the current situation?

  1. Slight increase to the damage of turrets, across the board.
  2. Small increase to the damage per level of the turrets, across the board.
  3. Slight increase to attack speed
  4. Removing the reset of damage stacking in between target swapping, if those targets are champions.

That last change deserves some explanation. Essentially, every time a turret fires on a Champion or pet (like the predator) the damage will increase every hit. Previous to the most recent patch, this was [Base Damage+25% for every consecutive shot]. With the most recent update, we reduced the damage from the first two shots by 50% and 25% respectively, then started adding on bonus damage for every shot fired afterwards. In both cases, if the turret switched to another target, such as a minion or another player, the damage bonus was reset, and went back to the first value. This made ‘juggling aggro’ under the turret very effective, and players could sit under the turret for a few shots since they were receiving reduced damage, and then slide out and let an ally take over. What will actually change is that turrets will carry over their damage stacks when they switch targets from a champion to another champion. So if player A is getting hit for 400 damage from a turret and dies, and his buddy is still under the turret trying to back door, he will get hit for 400+ on his first hit. This heavily punishes extended turret diving. We will be making further changes to this in future updates to make it less sticky, and situational.

Gotham Heights

  • Coin drop values have been increased.
  • After we changed stacking of Collector keywords in our last major update, you gave us feedback that this made building stacks on Gotham Heights particularly difficult. As Gotham Heights has fewer drones per-wave, less reliable waves, and less emphasis on defeating drones and farming coins, we see your point! To address that, we have made a change to all Collector keywords: All coins give double stacks on Gotham Heights. This affects Soultaker's Katana, Phantom Stranger's Necklace, Ruby of Life, and The Logoz.


Champion Bug Fixes

  • Aquaman -- Fixed an issue where Surge would not go on cooldown if it was interrupted.
  • Aquaman -- Fixed an issue where Wrath would not go on cooldown if it was interrupted.
  • Batman-- Casting a Dark Knight cloud into a stealth pad will no longer cause the entire cloud to be hidden.
  • Batman -- Martial Arts now places Batman closer to his target so he can get in a basic attack.
  • Gaslight Batman -- Sonic Batarang will no longer accidentally pass through drones.
  • Gaslight Catwoman -- Blood Hunt's attack bonus will now apply to Shred.
  • Sinestro -- Fear Incarnate will no longer afflict fear to targets who have immunity to crowd control. It will also appropriately apply damage and stun targets who have immunity to crowd control.


Champion Balance

You've requested it, and the long-awaited balance pass on Gaslight Catwoman is here. Plus, we've also revisited Nightmare Superman, and have provided some solid quality of life adjustments to both Atomic Green Lantern and Arcane Green Lantern.

Gaslight Catwoman

As a stealth-based Champion, she is ideally suited for the early/mid game phases (i.e., laning) and should plateau in the late game as enemies begin to counter her. We feel she is close to fulfilling this role, but needs a few number adjustments.


Reduce her ability to erase a full health target with a single skill rotation at level 6 -- While we expect her to be strongest during these phases, we feel she is disproportionately so, given her ability to damage over time, gap close. and escape.

Reduce some of her scaling so patient/defensive players can more effectively counter her in the late game -- With strong base damage, damage ratios, and attribute growth, Gaslight Catowman can be difficult to effectively counter. This leads to the sensation of helplessness once she gains the upperhand.

Shift Gaslight Catwoman's focus from Basic Attack damage to Skill Damage -- As an Assassin, Gaslight Catwoman should derive the majority of her potency from her skill damage, and only need to basic attack intermittently. Her high Attack Speed makes her ideal for building Attack Speed & Critical Chance/Damage to stick to targets and reapply Sharpened Claws. By reducing the amount of Attack Speed per level she gains, this build will be less viable and return the focus to her suite of damaging skills.


  • Attack Damage per level reduced from 3 to 2.4.
  • Attack Armor per level reduced from 3.5 to 3.2.
  • Health per level reduced from 88 to 81.
  • Base Attack Speed reduced from .69 to .625.

Sharpened Claws

  • Reduce ratio from 50% to 25%.
  • Increased Bleed damage from 30/55/80/105 to 30/60/90/120.


  • Damage increased from 40/75/120/155 to 60/100/140/180.
  • Reduced ratio from 70% to 50%.

Predator's Grace

  • Range reduced from 500 to 400.
  • Damage ratio reduced from 75% to 65%.

Nightmare Superman

Nightmare Superman is currently seeing a lot of play with the AM and PRO teams and is frequently being banned. His team utility is extremely strong and a disproportionate amount of his strength is tied to Vortex, which is nearly impossible to escape, leading to an almost guaranteed gank or save.


Give opponents more opportunity to escape Vortex -- While Vortex is meant as an impactful engage/disengage tool for team fights, its ease of use leaves little opportunity for counter-play.

Distribute his damage more evenly across his skills -- Too much of Nightmare Superman’s potency is associated with Vortex, causing his other skills to be undervalued. Distributing his damage across all of his other Basic Skills allows them to serve a more distinct purpose, while Vortex can maintain its focus as a disruptive skill.

Increase cooldown of utility skills -- Nightmare Superman was designed to bring a lot of utility to a team fight. While his is succeeding in that design, the frequency at which he can perform these acts was a little too strong.

Phantom Collector

  • Damage increased from 50/80/110/140 to 60/100/140/180.


  • Reduced the Area of Effect size from 250 to 200.
  • Reduced the displacement distance from 250 to 200.
  • Increased the delay before secondary activation from .5s to .75s.
  • Cooldown increased from 13/12/11/10 to 15/14/13/12.
  • Reduced range from 700 to 650.
  • Min Damage reduced from 25/50/75/100 to 30/50/70/90.
  • Reduced max damage ratio from 75% to 50%.
  • Max damage reduced from 75/150/225/300 to 60/100/140/180.
  • Slow reduced from 25% to 20%.


  • Cooldown increased from 11 to 14.
  • Siphon Damage increased from 50/80/110/140 to 60/90/120/150.
  • Siphon Shield increased from 25/40/55/70 to 30/45/60/75.
  • Infuse Shield increased from 50/80/110/140 to 60/90/120/150.
  • Infuse Damage increased from 25/40/55/70 to 30/45/60/75.


  • Reduced range from 500 to 450.
  • Cooldown changed from 120/105/90/75 to 120/110/100/90.

Atomic Green Lantern

This is a quality of life change to improve the efficacy of his ultimate. We've seen how easily certain Champions (looking at you Atomic Wonder Woman!) can effectively negate Meltdown by using their escape skills.


  • Base Will Regen increased from 1.27 to 1.3.
  • Will Regen gained per level increased from .08 to .125.


  • Will cost reduced from 75 to 65.


  • Increase missile speed from 400 to 1600 over 5s.
  • Will cost reduced from 80/100/120/140 to 100.

Arcane Green Lantern

Arcane Green Lantern’s Will costs were causing him to tap out faster than desired. Increases to his Will pool and Will Regen will put him in line with expectations of a Controller/Enforcer.


  • Base Will increased from 200 to 280 at level 1.
  • Will gained per level increased from 19 to 30.
  • Base Will Regen increased from 1.24 to 1.4.
  • Will Regen gained per level increased from .08 to .17.


Artifact & Amplifier Balance

Nil Weapons, Bleed Portals, and more are on the table for a balance adjustment this update. IC_DangerDan has more info on what's changing below!

Nil Artifacts

The effectiveness of the Nil artifacts (Nil Weapon, Nil Cloak, and Nil Ring) was felt to be lower than desired--not offering a significant enough benefit to offset the downside of being unable to upgrade it, creating less tension between starting with these more powerful artifacts rather than simply starting to build an artifact which can increase in strength. We have increased the attributes:

  • Nil Weapon: 10 Attack Damage (was 5), 75 Health, Attack Syphon now heals 6 Health for Melee basic attacks and 3 for Ranged basic attacks (was flat 5), Cost 500
  • Nil Cloak: 100 Health, 14 Health Regen per 10s, Toughness keyword now blocks 8 damage from Champion basic attacks (was 5), Cost 500
  • Nil Ring: 15 Power Damage (was 10), 75 Health, 7 Will Regen per 10s (was 5), Will removed (was 75), Cost 500

Bleed Portal

While a longer duration to an opened Bleed Portal has increased its usage and led to exciting plays, it appears that (from player feedback and data) having the ability to effectively keep a portal open constantly is straining the counter-ability of this artifact, especially on Gotham Heights. For that reason, both the unmodified and modified Bleed Portal will now have a 60s duration once opened and a 120s Cooldown. We will continue to watch how this artifact is used in play and may make future changes to support counter-play while preserving the unique mobility and coordination the Bleed Portal supports.

Claw of Horus

Claw of Horus is seeing its stats change to further emphasize its role as duelist artifact, aimed toward Attack Damage Champions who also look for staying power. To accomplish this, the artifact is exchanging some of its Attack Armor for Health and its top tier cost is going up slightly to support the overall increase of stats.

  • Tier 1: 10 Attack Damage, 10 Attack Armor (was 20), 50 Health, Cost 750
  • Tier 2: 25 Attack Damage (was 30), 15 Attack Armor (was 30), 150 Health, Cost 1000 (1750 total)
  • Tier 3: 40 Attack Damage, 20 Attack Armor (was 40), 200 Health, Cost 1250 (3000 total)

Booster Gold's Power Suit

Booster Gold's Power Suit is seeing a slight decrease to its stats: its Tier 3 Cooldown Reduction is lowered to 10% (was 15%).

Fragment of Mogo

Fragment of Mogo's armor type is changing from Attack Armor to Power Armor, the values remain the same (40/50/50).

Harvest Keyword Artifacts

The second tier of Two Face's Coin, Joker's Crowbar, and The Crime Bible is increasing to 750 for a total of 1250.

Joker's Crowbar: Joker's Crowbar now gives 5 Move Speed at Tier 1 and Tier 2 and 10 Attack Damage (was 12) at Tier 1 and Tier 2. Attack Harvest now gives 1.25 Attack Damage a stack (was 1) to a maximum of 50 Attack Damage. The capstone bonus is increased to 15 Move Speed (was 10).