March Update: Champion Changes

Hail Protectors! Champion changes for the March Update are listed below. If you wish to discuss this in the forums with both developers and your fellow Protectors, please use this thread!

Arcane Green Lantern

Looking to increase his sustain to make up for his risk when he goes in to apply Emerald Light.

Emerald Light

  • Will Ratio increased from .05 to .075.
  • Base Heal increased from 20/35/50/65 to 30/45/60/75.

Atomic Poison Ivy

Toxic Growth

  • The shield timer was ignoring damage from skills, allowing it to refresh while taking skill damage. The refresh timer will now properly reset whenever she takes damage from Basic Attacks and Skills.

Wall of Thorns

  • Each instance of Wall of Thorns can now only apply its effects to a target once.

Atomic Green Lantern

  • Shards of Will can now be used on the move.

Atomic Wonder Woman


  • Added a .2s minicooldown before the second activation of the Revved up Vault. This is to prevent accidental double activations.

Savage Sweep

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Savage Sweep to miss even when it appeared to hit.


  • It now plays its attack animation faster, allowing her to begin using other actions, such as movement or basic attacks, faster.


With this update we wanted to enhance Batman’s ability to stick to targets and thus improve his ability to effectively jungle and initiate fights.


  • Consuming the mark now applies a 50% decaying Slow for 2s at all ranks of the skill.

Cape Sweep

  • Cooldown reduced from 10s to 9s.
  • Attack Speed debuff increased from 10/15/20/25% to 15/20/25/30%.


Catwoman can be incredibly frustrating to play against with her current crit play. We want to remove that aspect of her kit, while at the same time giving her better wave clear to better serve her blaster role. We also want her to scale better into the late game without crit.

Whip Strike

  • Sweet Spot Damage bonus changed from 25% to 10/20/30/40%.
  • Whip Strike can no longer critically hit.
  • When combined with Acrobat Whip Strike does 50% of its damage in a 2m radius around its target.

Cat’s Paw

  • Slow Magnitude changed from 50% to 20%/30%/40%/50%.


  • Bonus Damage changed from 25/30/35/40% to 10/20/30/40%.


Tracer Shot

  • Increased Will cost from 35/40/45/50 to 40/50/60/70.


Doomsday is close to where we want him to be, but after previous changes to Pummeling Assault made it much easier to hit with, we need to reduce its overall damage output. We also want to reduce the power of his early counter-jungle and ganks slightly.

  • Base move speed reduced to 385.

Pummeling Assault

  • Reduce base damage from 40/60/80/100 to 30/45/60/75.
  • Attack Damage Ratio changed from .5 to .4.


  • Knockdown duration now scales .75/1/1.25/1.5s.
  • Base Damage reduced from 50/80/110/140 to 40/70/100/130.
  • Impact Damage reduced from 75/110/145/180 to 55/90/125/160.

Gaslight Catwoman

With this change we wanted to focus on bringing down Gaslight Catwoman’s ability to safely lane bully with her Steampowered Claws. Additionally, it always seemed odd that Shred did not apply the Sharpened Claws bleed, so now it does!

Steampowered Claws

  • Range reduced from 800 to 650.


  • Now applies the passive on hit.

Gaslight Joker

The goal with Gaslight Joker is to return a little more power to his kit, improve his jungle, and reward better use of his shield. We also fixed the cost progression on Rat Swarm to ensure that he is always doing more damage to a target than he is to himself.

Fetid Cleaver

  • Added Bonus Health Ratio of .04 to Damage.
  • Power Damage Ratio reduced from .5 to .4.

Ham Toss

  • Drones and Creatures are stunned instead of feared.

Snack Time

  • Restores the health cost if the shield is broken.

Rat Swarm

  • Cost Reduced from 60/80/100/120 to 36/60/85/108.

Harley Quinn

We had intended Back Off to be used to peel for champions Harley was supporting. With the Knockdown and Impact damage it transformed into a very strong gank tool, which was not our intent. We’ve removed the wall impact aspect of the skill.

  • Changed damage type icon in the pre-match lobby from Hybrid to AD.

Back Off!

  • There is no longer bonus damage or knockdown when the target is hit into a wall.


We believe that Joker is in a relatively good place with his current kit allowing an interesting mix of gameplay options. Our primary concern is that Mr. Punchy is far easier to hit with that we’d like. We expect these changes will open up some new longer range poke options for Joker, but at the same time allow more counter-play against him.


  • Power Lifesteal changed from 4/8/12/16% to 5/7.5/10/12.5%.

Mr. Punchy

  • Base Damage reduced from 80/130/180/230 to 70/120/170/220.
  • Range Increased from 900 to 1000.
  • Missile Speed reduced from 1400 to 1250.
  • Will Cost increased from 35/45/55/65 to 45/55/65/75.


  • Cooldown increased from 24/21/18/15 to 24/22/20/18.

Mecha Wonder Woman

Mecha Wonder Woman is a powerful character, and a blast to play, but we’ve identified a few things that could be improved in her kit. First, we want to push her a little bit further in the Marksman direction. It was always our intention that she be a marksman with the option to build Power damage for a more Blaster style of play, but prior to this update, she was leaning too heavily in the Blaster direction. The changes to her passive are designed to address this.

Second, except at maximum range, Glaive Storm was extremely easy to successfully use. The changes to that skill should raise the skill cap, while introducing more room to counterplay by dodging between the missiles.

Finally, her ultimate skill, Tempest, was simply too potent. It was easy to use and delivered devastating damage to entire groups of enemy champions. These changes are aimed at toning down the damage, increasing the need for proper positioning to take full advantage of the skill, and introducing additional counterplay options.

  • Basic Attack: Range reduced from 545 to 535.

Implacable Judgment

  • Reduced base damage from 20/35/50/65 to 15/30/45/60.
  • Change damage type from Power to Attack.
  • Changed damage scaling from 100% Power to 60% Attack and 40% Power.

Glaive Storm

  • The number of missiles fired by Glaive Storm has been reduced from 5 to 3.


  • Increased mana cost from 50 to 50/55/60/65.


  • Base Damage reduced from 150/225/300/375 per second to 120/185/250/315 per second.
  • Damage scaling ratios changed from +100% Power and +100 Attack per second to +80% Power and +70% Attack per second.
  • Angle of cone narrowed from 60 degrees to 45 degrees.
  • Increased the start animation time from 0.2s to 0.5s.

Nightmare Batman

We’re looking to decrease the ease of his jungle ganks and chase, and reduce his early jungle clear time slightly.

Silver Batarang

  • Range Reduced from 900 to 750.

Bat Swarm

  • Base Damage changed from 45/75/105/135 to 40/65/90/115.

Feral Embrace

  • Base Damage changed from 120/180/240/300 to 100/160/220/280.

Poison Ivy

We’re looking to reduce some of Poison Ivy’s healing/shield power. Much like Zatanna’s changes we felt her shield simply stayed up too long.

Healthy Glow

  • Activates every 5th cast instead of every 4th cast.
  • Will Ratio reduced from .035 to .03.

Thorn Shield

  • Duration reduced from 5s to 3s.
  • Base Shield Amount reduced from 70/120/170/220 to 60/105/150/195.
  • Will Ratio reduced from .175 to .15.
  • Cooldown reduced from 18/16/14/12 to 16/14/12/10.
  • Will Cost reduced from 75 to 65.


The Superman changes for this update are focused on reducing his ability to easily win trades through damage reduction and strong burst. While we still expect Superman to build into a dominant late-game bruiser, Man of Steel’s damage reduction and his ability to quickly unload all of his damage put him at too great of an advantage at the onset of a fight. So we have reduced his swing potential by lowering the amount of damage Man of Steel negates, reducing Kryptonian Might’s damage ratios, and limiting how rapidly he can unload both charges on Kryptonian Might by no longer allowing cooldown reduction to affect it. At the same time, we want Superman to remain active so we are allowing him to regain charges faster via Cooldown Reduction.

Additionally, we felt his ability to stick and disable multiple opponents was slightly too strong, so we have reduced the duration of Frost Breath’s root and slow.

Man of Steel

  • Shield reduced from 30/55/80/105 to 25/45/65/85.
  • Duration reduced from 8s to 6s.

Kryptonian Might

  • Attack Damage ratio reduced from .5 to .35.
  • Skill Cooldown is no longer reduced by Cooldown Reduction.
  • Recharge time is now reduced by Cooldown Reduction.
  • Will Cost increased from 15/20/25/30 to 20/30/40/50.

Heat Vision

  • After knocking a target back with Heat Vision Superman has a status icon applied to him that displays how long he has to dash to his target.
  • Dash Attack Damage ratio reduced from .7 to .6

Frost Breath

  • Root duration reduced from 1s to .7s.
  • Slow duration reduced from 3s to 2s.
  • Will Cost change from 30/45/60/75 to 40/50/60/70.

Star Sapphire

  • Manifest’s Predator Health Will Ratio reduced from 2.0 to 1.0

Wonder Woman

With this update, we wanted to make Wonder Woman feel more active by allowing for more dynamic plays with Protection and more frequent use of Amazonian Prowess.

  • When Lasso Grab is interrupted mid dash, FX will no longer be stuck on wonder Woman.


  • This is now usable on allied cameras.
  • While Rooted, Wonder Woman can still use Protection on herself.

Amazonian Prowess

  • Cooldown reduced from 22/20/18/16 to 14/13/12/11
  • Will cost reduced from 60/70/80/90 to 40/50/60/70


We’ve been taking a very close look at Zatanna and what makes her so frustrating to play against. What we identified is her Skewer/Punish combo is a threat for an extended period of time with Zatanna getting at least two opportunities to detonate the ability. We’ve reduced the duration on Punish/Protect effects to limit her to a single attempt to get her detonate combo, and we feel this get her into a much better place. For usability we also allow Skewer to now detonate Protect early for when you really want to get that team heal off.


  • Reduced Protect/Punish time from 4s to 2.5s.
  • We are now allowing Skewer to detonate Protect early.
  • Range reduced to 550.


  • Dash/Dazzle now decay over their duration.