March Update: Release Notes

Hail Protectors, and welcome to the Release Notes for the March Update -- Open Beta!

For those of you seeking changes to Champions and the game's Artifacts, check out the pages below:

System Alerts: High Importance Changes

Trial Computation Systems Modified: Practice Sector Now Available

By community request, we've added a brand new practice mode to the game! Now you and up to 4 other champions can visit a practice version of Coast City Marina! In this brand new practice map, you'll be able to try out character abilities and push lanes without having to worry about another team attempting to wreck your face. The practice version of Coast City Marina works just like the normal version in every way, except there will be no enemy Champions. To access the practice version of Coast City, simply choose "Practice Mode: Coast City Marina" from the map selection screen.

Aggression Mechanics Revised: Drone Programming Updated

By community request, we've revised the aggression rules on drones. We have re-enabled drone aggression on all maps. If you use a basic attack on an enemy champion nearby enemy drones will attack you for a short time. Though we liked what removing drone aggro did to overall aggression, we found that it enabled snowballing more than we had intended. With drone aggro back, the weaker champion in a matchup will be relatively safer from constant harass. Drones will not attack Champions who use skills upon another Champion, however. We expect that this will have a major impact on lane balance for Champions, and we will be looking closely at how this influences the current state of balance once the changes are live.

Trial Reward Incentives Revised: Merit Increased

By community request, we've increased the amount of merit that is awarded to you per match by approximately 50%. The new merit formulas are as follows:

  • First Win of the Day now rewards 150 extra merit (up from 100.)
  • Account Level is taken into consideration during your play. Accounts between Protector Level 1 and 5 get a 2X multiplier on their merit. Accounts between 6 and 10 get a 1.5X multiplier on their merit.
  • A winning match generates the following amount of merit: Account Level Boost * [ (20 + 2.25 * match minutes) max of 125 ] + [ 5 * Completed Match Streak (max 5 streak) ] + 150 (if First Win of the Day.) (The 2.25 is up from the former 1.5.)
  • A losing match generates the following amount of merit: Account Level Boost * [ (15 + 1.75 * match minutes) max of 70 ] + [ 5 * streak (max 5 streak) ] (The 1.75 is up from the former .75.)
  • The maximum amount of merit that a match can generate is 180 for a win and 140 for a loss. This maximum is applied before any account level bonuses or playing streaks.

Trial Matchmaking Revised: Protector Level Now Applies In Matchmaking

We now restrict who will be matched with who primarily based on Protector Level. Above Protector Level 20, all level based restrictions are removed and only your hidden MMR and group size will be considered when you enter the matchmaking queue. This should result in reducing the difficulty curve that newer players may experience upon entering Infinite Crisis for the first time. For those of you who queue as groups, your group will use an average account level based on all of the members present. Because time is always an issue, there is a limit for when a player in queue will no longer be subject to the account level restrictions. As of this patch, that time will be set to 8 minutes in queue.

Vocabulary Systems Updated: Supports = Controllers

We as a team have decided that the time of the "Supports" being known as "Supports" is over. It has always been the team's intention that there be a role on the battlefield that does damage and offer crowd control in a way to assist their team. We now recognize this role as a "Controller" class, as it both better describes what they are intended to do on the battlefield and is familiar to members of the superhero genre.

Translation Functions Operational: French and German Clients Now Available!

Great news for our European friends! You can now switch your client to French and German language modes! To flip your client to French or German, click the small gear icon on the Infinite Crisis launcher.

General Changes

  • Fixed some issues with how animation speed was calculated for many Champions. All Champion basic attacks animations should now play faster when Attack Speed increases above 1 Basic Attack per second.
  • Base Movement Speed has been changed to scale by 2 per champion level for all Champions. We’ve been playing with this change for a while now, and generally liked what it did to the tempo of the game as the matches progressed. Helping drive maps to completion as it allows players to more quickly take advantage of annhiliations and other such events. We will be watching this change closely moving forward.
  • For the first time, we'll have a map queue in our rotation that will feature draft mode without rankings. If you're interested in trying out Gotham Divided with draft, select Gotham Divided: Draft from the sector menu!
  • Players can now unlock 5 Protector Icons (1 every 10 Protector levels) for leveling up to level 50!
  • We've fixed a bug where certain combat situations resulted in a character becoming stuck.
  • The following champions have had their Recommended Artifacts updated: Poison Ivy, Zatanna, Harley Quinn, Shazam, Gaslight Joker, Wonder Woman, Atomic Poison Ivy, Doomsday, Atomic Green Lantern, Arcane Green Lantern.
  • The map order has been changed in the Watchtower lobby. The new order is: Practice Mode: Coast City Marina, Gotham Heights, Gotham Divided, Gotham Divided: Draft. Coast City Marina has been temporarily retired as we test the draft mode of Gotham Divided.
  • The recommendations panel will now always recommend a skill, instead of sometimes forgetting to recommend a skill.
  • We fixed a bug where the "floaty" currency values were sometimes not appearing when last hitting minions.
  • We now handle the end of match cinematic differently from the other cinematics. You can now chat while the end of match cinematic plays!
  • Fixed a bug that caused your character to get stuck temporarily if your character used two emotes in a row.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause drones to become stuck if they were knocked up.
  • Draft Mode: If you click on a Champion to preview it while waiting for your turn in the draft, it will now be selected automatically when it becomes your turn to pick.
  • Draft Mode: Ban timer has been extended to 45 seconds.
  • We fixed a typo in the the Resonant Oa Gambit mod where it stated it would remove 20 Power Armor from nearby enemies. This has been corrected to 15.
  • The UI now defaults to Friend/Foe coloring turned on. If you want to go back to the old "color is dependant on team" format, you can switch it in the Options menu.
  • Basic Attack empower skills that reset basic attack cooldown (like Gaslight Joker’s Fetid Cleaver or Atomic Wonder Woman’s Smite) have been changed to interrupt the currently executing basic attack and immediately execute an empowered basic attack. This increases the importance of timing your Empower uses, and it also fixes some intermittent issues where the empowered animation and VFX sometimes didn’t play correctly.
  • Basic Attack empower skills that reset basic attack cooldown (like Gaslight Joker’s Fetid Cleaver or Atomic Wonder Woman’s Smite) now increase the range of the next basic attack by 50.
  • Aura effects will no longer appear on dead Champions.
  • There is a new 'Auto-Detect' button on the Graphics Options page.
  • Custom Matches will no longer count towards your profile stats.
  • Our login page now features an animated version of Superman! There is also a new option on the login screen and in the option panel that allows you to turn the login screen movie into a still image.
  • Clicking the "Shop" button will now always take you to the home page of the IC Store.
  • Groups no longer disband if the leader leaves. Leadership is handed off to the next person in the group list.
  • Fixed a bug where Entropy Aegis would play a hit reaction animation when it’s cooldown finished.
  • Fixed the double-playing of error sounds when a target was not found for some skills with smartcasting disabled.
  • "Precise" will now be the default team indicator style. ("Cosmetic" is still an option that is available in our options menu.)
  • We fixed a potential crash bug that would occur when forming a group.
  • When you have Smartcast On Release enabled, we fixed a problem that could cause targeting indicators to appear for a skill after you had released the button, if it was blocked by another action you had already been doing.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause skill-targeting indicators to appear during the End of Match Cinematic.
  • Draft Mode: We now alternate the music stings in draft mode as team selection changes, rather than changing the music as players lock in Champions.
  • Chat: Sounds are now squelched for any chat tab that is not currently visible.
  • Chat: General Chat is now hidden by default in the Watchtower lobby. The chat window will pop up if you receive a tell in the lobby, however.
  • Chat: Player names are now highlighted, to let usernames pop out from the actual chat text.
  • Chat: You can now see which Protectors have left the end of match scorecard.

All Maps

  • Turret Hardening -- Now, when there are no enemy drones in the vicinity of a turret (within the circular ground cracks), the turret enters a state called "Hardened." In this state it gains increased attack damage, attack penetration, and attack armor. Should an enemy drone enter the vicinity, the turret will switch out of Hardened Mode immediately and lose all of its buffs.
  • Turrets now skip their attack cooldown if their target leaves their perception radius. This results in it firing more quickly as players go in and out of its radius.
  • We’ve made some slight adjustments to our last hitting mechanics to make it easier to land last hits. There is now a .2s window after you’ve damaged a drone where you will receive credit for the kill if the drone dies in the window.
  • The Speed Pad buff will no longer stay on champions indefinitely if they die to Zatanna's Protect/Punish.
  • We've made adjustments to the targeting systems of all turrets, as it retargeted too fast previously. This resulted in older targets being shot, instead of the currently targeted champion.
  • We've made changes to the lane and power core Turret shields. The shields removed now correctly show how much damage the tower has taken.
  • We fixed a bug that sometimes caused drones to walk past and ignore a turret.
  • All dropped skills (such as the Doomsday Device's Firing Trigger on Coast City and Leviathan's Skills in Gotham Divided) will now be hidden in the fog of war.
  • Killing Champions below level 6 now grants reduced credits. At level 1 and 2, Champions are worth 60% of their normal value, ramping up to 100% at level 6. Additionally, the maximum value a of a Champion on a kill streak is now 900 (up from 700), although it now takes 7 kills to reach that value.

Coast City

  • The Raider jungle boss in Coast City now animates more smoothly when it begins moving or comes to a stop.
  • The raider now spawns at 8:30 minutes, up from 7 minutes.
  • We've adjusted the turret strike power/resistance on the map to make them hit Champions harder and clear waves slightly faster than before.

Gotham Divided

  • Leviathan Lockdown -- Fixed a bug that was causing champions who were locked down while knocked down to not return to the standing position when the effect wore off.
  • Mauler drones on Gotham Divided no longer execute critical strikes (down from 33%). Their base attack damage has been increased by 20% to compensate.
  • Enemy Beacons will no longer be revealed under fog of war.
  • We've reduced the base attack damage of Health and Speed Destroyers from 35 to 28 and increased the damage per level of the Health and Speed Destroyers from 4.5 to 5.5. The net result is that the Destroyers will do less damage early game, but more damage in late game.
  • The heal over time provided by the Tier 2 Health Emitter will now properly heal 3% Health per second to nearby allied champions.
  • Deployables can no longer be placed outside of the map.
  • Dampeners now respawn all the time with 2,100 health. Their health reduction will now only occur once after they're disabled for the first time. They will no longer lose more health the more they are disabled.
  • Dampener respawn time has been increased to 7 minutes, up from 5 minutes.
  • We fixed an issue where if a surveillance camera was placed in a certain way in a stealth pad, it wouldn't reveal the map.
  • Retrieving a camera from the camera beacon now takes .5 seconds (down from 1s.)
  • We've completed our first pass on Gotham Divided's music! Some, but not all of, GD's music will play while you're in a match now. More will be added in future updates!

Stolen Powers

Super Strength

  • Throwing an object from within the fog of war will no longer reveal you to your opponents.
  • Champions are now revealed from stealth if they do damage to another Champion with Super Strength.


  • We now play the appropriate effect animation when Detonate is used on any meteorite.

Character Bug Fixes

  • Wonder Woman's lasso, if interrupted, will no longer have the VFX for the skill stuck on the screen.
  • Activating Arcane Green Lantern's Shackles will no longer break his rubble carrying animation.
  • We fixed issues with Atomic Green Lantern's Scorched Earth and Knockback.
  • We've fixed an error that was causing Catwoman's Acrobat bonus not to apply to Whip Strike.
  • We fixed an issue where Superman would sometimes lock down enemies who were dashing/knocked back.
  • Star Sapphire's manifested Predator will no longer be summoned to Star Sapphire mid-dash. Additionally, if Star Sapphire moves out of range, the Predator will blink to her, rather than dash back.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause Superman to repeat his Kryptonian Might animation and over and over again when attacking a surveillance camera.
  • Atomic Green Lantern's Meltdown animation now plays the shard explosion where the shard is, rather exploding in his hand.
  • Star Sapphire's Bonds of Love now appropriately reveals targets under its effect.
  • Star Sapphire's Bonds of Love can no longer be used if she is under the effect of Blood Bargain and Lazarus Effect.
  • Atomic Wonder Woman's Savage Sweep now causes damage in the direction that she's moving, rather than the direction towards the cursor.
  • Flash's Flash Attack tooltip now appropriate states that the distance he chooses affects cooldown reduction, not how far he actually travels. (I.E., if he gets interrupted halfway in a dash, it won't trigger a cooldown reduction if the player chose the full distance of the dash.)
  • Flash's F=MA will now quarter it's damage output on turrets.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Atomic Green Lantern to get stuck if Harley Quinn hit him with Back Off! right as he used Scorched Earth.
  • We fixed tooltip text issues on both Star Sapphire and Superman.
  • Fixed an issue where Flash's joke wouldn't stop.
  • Gaslight Catwoman will no longer do two pips of damage to deployables, like surveillance cameras and other devices.
  • Atomic Green Lantern's Grab will now appropriately deal damage to creatures that are immune to crowd control.
  • Superman's Speeding Bullet ultimate will now take Superman to his target's last known location if the targeted Champion dies or teleports back to base.
  • Atomic Poison Ivy's Toxic Growth shield will now appropriately reset its cooldown if she takes damage over time.
  • Poison Ivy's Root Strike will no longer get stuck in it's animation around turrets.
  • Gaslight Catwoman's Steampowered Claws will now correctly apply the Disintegration effect of Cosmic Staff.
  • Superman now has a status icon on his screen that denotes how long he has to dash to his target after using Heat Vision.