Pledge of the Protector

Pledge of the Protector

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Support, support, support

We back our team, through victory and defeat, to give even the most frustrating match a silver lining. There’s always a next fight, a next opportunity. Protectors who demoralize instead of support only forfeit the respect of their peers.

Earning respect

We all love to win. It feels great, and reveling in victory is part of the fun. But shoving that in another person’s face gets ugly fast.

And we hate losing, but it’s only made worse by throwing around blame. Sore losers gain zero respect. If we’re feeling upset or angry, a simple “Good Game” is enough, and if there’s more to say it’s because we’re playing with friends or looking to make new ones. We strive to show grace and modesty because it creates respect, and we understand respect is hard-won and easily lost.

Help the Newbies

We give constructive advice with patience and poise. New players in the process of learning are more likely to listen, to say thanks, and to become skilled Protectors.

Not every newbie takes the most gracefully-given advice or shows gratitude, and that’s okay. We focus on those who do. They are the bridge-builders, the allies waiting in the wings. With them, we can rise through the ranks and have a blast while doing it.

Forge new friendships

Friends always make for more fun, and Infinite Crisis is a team game won by cooperation.

Making friends in-game is easy, and inviting friends to join the fight has its own perks. However we make them, friends can give feedback that we might be less inclined to take from strangers, and join-in when playing solo random matches is an unappealing prospect.

Lead by example

Protectors who provide moral support, help the newbies, earn respect, and make new friends are the likeliest to emerge as beloved leaders.

In our journey to leadership mistakes may happen, and that’s okay. It’s how we handle those mistakes and whether or not we learn from them that defines us. It’s a long road to esteemed leadership, but many heroes (and yes, even villains) will tell you it’s well worth the effort.

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