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  1. Re: [Bug or Feature?] Shade's Cane does not stacks against towers

    Going to close this thread up due to issue being resolved. But, I just want to note that you guys don't need the salt or insults to get a point across to one another. Jesse, you've been pretty aggro...
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    Re: What's your favorite skin 'theme's?

    I am, of course, in love with our Ame-Comi costumes. :)
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    Re: INgrooves copyright?

    As IC_Infrasonic composed literally all of our music, I can 100% say that InGrooves does not own our music in the slightest. It's a false flag.
  4. Sticky: Scheduled Maintenance: Wednesday, April 15th [DELAYED]

    EDIT: Protectors, tomorrow's downtime has been delayed. In order to give you the best possible experience, we will be doing additional work on the South American server before it is made available....
  5. Re: Has anyone else received any steam cards yet?

    Yep, MechaLemon is correct. For some reason, Steam doesn't count DLC packs as part of the money you spend towards trading cards. It's like this on every free-to-play game that offers DLC packs on the...
  6. Thread: Delay?

    by Celestrata

    Re: Delay?

    What you're seeing is how we handle our connections differently from other MOBAs. Basically, with other games, they mask your movement. When you send a command to the server, your client starts...
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    Re: Forum Avatars

    Actually, you'd be blaming me.
  8. Re: This person deserves IMMEDIATE action...

    I see that this has been taken care of. Thanks guys!
  9. Please welcome our new community team member, Afista!

    Protectors, exciting news!

    With launch we needed some additional help around the Lost Sectors, and I'm happy to announce that we have a new person joining the Community Team. Please welcome a name...
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    Re: Attack Move doesn't work?

    I think what IC_Proxy is looking for is for a description of -how- it's currently breaking, so he can look into creating a bug to get it fixed. :)
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    Re: AI Games Different Difficulty Levels ?

    It's something we've kicked around a bit, but we don't have a timeline for when we'll be able to add more AI difficulty modes.
  12. Re: Last Match Played doesnt show the true last match played

    It's a bug, and it will be fixed in an upcoming update. :)
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    Re: Gamebraking problem for EU (no racism)

    Closing this thread early, as we've had many, many of these threads in recent days, and they can sometimes divert into racism.
  14. Login Rewards: How They Work, Rewards, & More!

    Hail Protectors!

    With the release of our login rewards system, you will now get a new reward each and every time you log into Infinite Crisis! Here's how it works:

    Login to Infinite Crisis
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    Re: Game unavailable on Steam

    This is correct. Unfortunately, the play experience from the Oceanic region is very poor right now, so we've removed the game from being distributed in that area. If we add an Oceanic server in the...
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    Re: What stuff can people never get again?

    To correct, Flashpoint Doomsday is a gift to our beta testers, and will not be placed into the store in the future.
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    Re: Wednesday Nights on Heights is here!

    We're looking into possibly having a messaging spot in the game again. Right now, people are very frequently ignoring the red alert messaging at the bottom of the launcher or, in most cases, the...
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    Re: Unusual Champions in Infinite Crisis

    So the team just took all of our base characters and put them into the box with a system we call "The Hex" or "Hexx's Hex," where our six roles each specialize in something specific and unique. It's...
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    Re: Unusual Champions in Infinite Crisis

    To be clear, I said he's something unusual, not usual, lol. I think you may have misheard me there.

    But to follow up, there are champions in IC that are unique to us. Swamp Thing placing his husks...
  20. Sticky: Ganz neu: „Wednesday Nights on Heights“!

    Gotham Heights kehrt zurück und übernimmt den Mittwochabend!

    Sind eure Mittwochabende nichts Besonderes? Braucht ihr mehr Explosionen in eurem Leben? Spürt ihr den inneren Drang, riesige...
  21. Les "Nights on Heights" du mercredi : le retour de Gotham Heights !

    Gotham Heights est de retour et s'apprête à consumer vos soirées du mercredi !

    Trouvez-vous que vos mercredis soirs sont un peu trop ordinaires ? Aimeriez-vous vivre une vie plus... tempétueuse ?...
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    Wednesday Nights on Heights is here!

    Are your Wednesday nights too mundane? Do you need more explosions in your life? Do you feel the need to cause massive meteors to drop from space and ruin your enemies? Well do we have the map for...
  23. Sticky: Запланированное обновление: Среда, 1 Апреля

    Приветствуем, защитники! У вас не будет доступа к Infinite Crisis с 10:00 до 11:00 Среда, 1 Апреля, (по московскому времени).
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    Re: What are the thematic team bonuses?

    Yeah, the Easter Egg system only applies a very cosmetic buff. It's more of a nod to the fact that you're playing with a specific group of champions than a usable buff.
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    Re: Doomsday Device

    Yep, that's the only case where the DDD will hurt anyone, and that's if the DDD trigger is lying on the ground when the auto-fire timer expires. In that specific case, the laser will be yellow...
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