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  1. Re: Update 2.0: Champion Balance Changes Preview

    kind of disappointed to not see any Lex tweaks. When he can easily 1v3 a tank and TWO assassins despite being 2-7 somethings gotta give. Not too mention his turrets practically guarantee relay...
  2. Re: Early Look: Artifact Balance Changes in the next Major Update

    i think they were refering to nerfing crits cuz as of now it's an obscene amount of damage and is so powerful everyone is building crit. it is very aggravating cuz it makes the game turn into "who...
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    Re: Super Power Sets

    clayface for earth based champ
  4. Re: Early Look: Artifact Balance Changes in the next Major Update

    this makes me happy. something is seriously wrong when as a NmBat I'm losing health against a SoS with a fully stacked passive and an item with lifesteal, that is wrong on so many levels
  5. Re: Hammerreborn's Quiz Show Giveaway Weekends

    seeing this thread makes me sad that twitch refuses to work for me anymore :(
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    Re: Sort by champion not owned.

    I'd rather see owned items just not appear in the shop period. Would clean it up a bit AND have the benefit of seeing what heroes/costumes have yet to be bought
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    Re: Is AD Catwoman ever coming back?

    with Turbine's (incredibly bad and stupid) aversion to hybrids and unique character kits I doubt it. They want to streamline every role to be a specific damage type. So unless she gets reworked into...
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    JAVASCRIPT error spam

    For about the past month or so every time I go to launch the game I get spammed with 100+ javascript errors and basically have to mash the enter key until I get a window asking if I want to close the...
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    Re: What's with the gambits?

    yeah there's something a bit messed up about a support being 0-2 and having more gold than a 1-0-1/2-0-0 opponent. but better get those matches in before the inevitable nerfs
  10. [Feature Request] Ping and FPS tracker

    It would be nice to have these somewhere in the HUD during matches as well as maybe a ping tracker on the homepage of the client so that we can know whether or not it would be a good idea to join a...
  11. Re: If Superman were Power, he'd be fine

    My vote is for the HP/Will scaling. Maybe have a small hp scale on his q and r while his w and e get will scaling so that deadshots helps all his abilities and so the will becomes more than just a...
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    Re: So... Flash...

    he is so desperately in need of a nerf it's sickening. if you don't get a stun on him before he ults it's a lost teamfight. i've seen him 100-0 people with his F=MA its absurd. and thanks to F=MA his...
  13. Re: New bug as of April patch (AWW Ultimate)

    i noticed a weird bug when smartcasting her jump where you have to basically double click the area you want her to jump after pressing q. and with her ult i noticed that if you are out of range and...
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    Re: Problem with movespeed

    as stated in the OP i was WW, running her default mods/augs and had a tier 3 kryptonian war armor. the chaser was superman prime who basically only had a tier 4 deadshot and a tier 3 katana or...
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    Problem with movespeed

    I'm hoping I'm not the only one bugged by this or has even noticed it but it seems like there's no real difference in movespeeds regardless of items. I just got out of a match where at one point I...
  16. Re: Whats the point of regular powers except for punishing new players even more?

    because those are the baseline powers, you have to earn the modified versions. if we didn't have the base powers anyone who doesn't have at least 2 champs at 5 would get no powers whatsoever
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    Re: Refund on Gaslight Batman

    if you really think it's that big of a deal just write a support ticket and they may help you out
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    Re: Next Stolen Power?

    yes but you can't use it to get out of a fight since it has the Cannot Be Used For 10 Seconds After Taking Damage deal and no one really buys it anymore since it was changed from 3 sec to 10 sec and...
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    Re: champion skin at lvl 20

    I doubt the devs would implement this but what I would like to see is maybe a small merit/CC grant at 10 (200m/100cc), skin at 15 or 19, then finally when you max out at 20 you get like a 10% boost...
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    Event Makeup Weekend?

    I feel there should be a makeup weekend or something for the fact that so many people are having issues today. I myself haven't but I have had plenty of 1v4s/2v4s/etc and I can't help but feel bad...
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    Re: Issue with Velocity 9 and Lobo

    he wasn't using any of his cooldowns
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    Issue with Velocity 9 and Lobo

    Idk if this is the right sub-forum for this but there seems to me to be an issue. I was playing gas bat and had max rank lobo and implants (with the speed mod) and was chasing down a DD who wasn't...
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    Re: Next Stolen Power?

    I will be furious and disappointed if they ever add a mobility spell like LoL's Flash, that spell ruins everything and is a bane to any MOBA
  24. Re: Stolen powers supposed to unlock on level champ level 5?

    or even reset the client. i had gas bat up to 5 before i upgraded my founders pack and after he was unlocked his power unlocked right as i logged back in
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    Re: Atomic Wonder Woman

    don't forget the occasions where it fires backwards, I can't count the number of times that has happened to me when I'm trying to chase someone down.
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