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  1. Sticky: Re: The Infinite Crisis Forums are Closing on June 12th, 2015

    All i want is my title to be the GOAT
  2. Re: Ranked is returning, and we’ll be pre-seeding you into higher ranks!

    This will immediately help queue times for players as high as Rank 7. (Sorry Dakinjor, you’re still going to have to wait a bit.)

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    Re: Dawngate's death... and now I am terrified

    Cause that worked out great for dawngate :cool: I mean dont get me wrong i enjoy CC as much as the next person, but i mean if dawngate didnt survive of that model why would turbine commit to the...
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    Sticky: Re: Interested in casting Infinite Crisis?

    krashy's time has come
  5. Re: can you bring back the Icons in the side where it showed the stolen powers and ul

    my only complaint about the new view client is when people are watching via stream, i personally like being able to see the scores and gold count of the people in the match but that got removed so.
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    Re: To the "pros" of GD

    While i can see your concerns about your map not being balanced Turbine is going to focus on the more proven map (league dota smite dawngate all run 3 lane maps) to promote their game that might i...
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    Re: [Suggestion] Shorter round times?

    Im just going to go ahead and assume you probably only play GH and played 1-3 games on GD as your technically going 1 step forward and two steps backwards, While nobody disagree's with the size of...
  8. Re: The Top 30 Protectors in Gotham Heights Ranked

    thx bby :p
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    Re: go4 IC tournament series

    I'm almost 100% certain that monthly cups do not add points, also the finals are on the 2nd of August.
  10. Re: The top teams clash in the July Go4InfiniteCrisis Finals

    Excited to see Axeltoss casting some IC, will be neat to see how fast he adjusts to the change.
  11. Re: Live Q&A Dev Chat: eSports Wednesday July 16th!

    Pax Prime, Is it happening or no. We haven't heard anything about it and would really like to know either way.
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    Re: Letter From The Creative Director: July 7th

    Sad to see the path thats being taken here but im pretty certain that the reason most of the people are leaving is because there is no reason to play. One of the things that brought me and many other...
  13. Re: Your thoughts on Gotham Heights in Kings of the Crisis?

    I don't really mind playing it but i assume its probably the most boring thing in the world to watch, And i really doubt the map as a competitive map the only thing i find good about GH is teaching...
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    Re: Scheduled Patch: Wednesday, June 25th

    As Brutal as it sounds, i think this is the one patch where no huge outroar to the changes will be heard and it will be concieved with general approval, Yay turbino. (you got your poop together)
  15. Re: Streaming some Infinite Crisis? Announce it here!

    Hey everyone, Im Currently the Marksman(ADC) for Kelevra Gaming Syndicate and and starting to stream on a constant basis, Feel free to hop on and ask some questions ill answer them between games.
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