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    Re: Users passing by Turbine crew members

    It seems like Dooodle may have thought he meant the in-game item store and not the costume/champion store. It is an honest mistake, and telling him to restart the client is understandable since...
  2. Re: What does it mean when it says "SYSTEM: You have been demoted" ?

    Well that could explain it. Your buddy left the group which defaulted the leadership to you, then you left and lost the leadership.
    Or you had privileges (like to invite friends) and lost them
  3. Re: What does it mean when it says "SYSTEM: You have been demoted" ?

    You can send a support ticket. Not communicating during a bot match shouldn't be something that leads to a "demotion" when players who are toxic the whole game get away free. I think maybe the system...
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    Re: About time we got a Flash skin!

    That art is pretty great

    but I do miss the three in-game screenshots they used to include with the skin.
  5. Re: Hello everyone I'm new to this game and community!

    I typically don't sell an item until all my slots are full and I have to replace something with a better item. So if it's nearing the end of the game and I still have Nil Weapon I'll sell it to make...
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    Re: No good incentives to play after Level 50

    That's correct, friend. At level 50 I had a majority of the characters, 5 amplifier sets, lots of mods and augments, and.. and I guess that's really all there is to buy.

    I would like to add that...
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    Re: Early Look: The Box of Unloved Toys

    It's a shame to see Huntress' Crossbow go, but at least it will make builds more interesting

    Wow. Materioptikon is back and bringing the heat. That has to be one of the most consistently...
  8. Re: What time does the Free Champion Rotation switch

    I believe it is noon in Turbine time (eastern) but it isn't always exact due to there being secret updates, server downtime, etc.
    I think it was last week someone was saying that free champs didn't...
  9. Re: Has anyone else received any steam cards yet?

    Send some cards my way. I made it to the Nightmare badge before I blew my MOBA budget for the month

    Edit: I meant "trade" some cards my way wink wink
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    Re: Surrender 3/2 please

    I think surrendering is a bit overused as is in Coast City. People will give up at 10 minutes when you could turn the game around at 15. The only time I've hit yes to a surrender in the past few...
  11. Re: [H] Elite pack [W] A kiss on the lips from a frog prince

    Hey friendo, you may want to rethink 1. Trading the code on the forums (not allowed) and 2. The value you believe it has

    As of now you should expect to get 1/4th the face value of the code (if...
  12. Re: New player looking for information on Gotham Divided.

    During the beta the majority of folk voted for Coast City to be the primary competitive map and not Gotham Divided. They felt that Divided was too much like other MOBA maps and lacked the...
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    Re: The META is a lie

    It is very odd how the meta changes throughout the day.
    I play in the mornings and people tell me they've almost never seen a double jungle. I play at night and people talk about how the double...
  14. Re: How did the flash go from how he was in beta to how he is now?

    That actually isn't a bad mechanic idea. Diana's Bracers, additional damage reduction to ranged basic attacks.
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    Re: Lex was suppose to release 15th...

    Right. Sometimes people forget that the twitch streams are more like sneak peeks. It's always 3 weeks from when IC posts the profile on Facebook
  16. Re: How did the flash go from how he was in beta to how he is now?

    He's decent. I'm thinking he should be turned into an energy-based champion.
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    Re: Does this annoy you?

    Yeah, Coda IS a dynamite buy early game. It's tough to argue against it at all
    So in this case Id say to the OP you just gotta let them know that you aware of the item differences but are trying...
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    Re: Glass cannon bruisers vs assassins jungle

    When I'm jungling and the other jungler has chosen an assassin I go with one of the glass cannon bruisers (Supergirl, Katana, etc)
    I find them to be really fun and also effective, but if I was...
  19. Re: Please welcome our new community team member, Afista!

    Cool! I was running out of pairings for my IC/Turbine fanfiction.
    Yes yes... Afistugar. Perfect.

    Just kidding, I know Korugar is probably gone. No pairings for him!
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    Re: Does this annoy you?

    The best way to overcome the coaching "annoyance" is to be comfortable with your build and know WHY it works and WHY it's better than other builds. Same applies to tactics and strategy coaching.
  21. Thread: Display name

    by Kuzon

    Re: Display name

    Did you try your email address?
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    Re: The game in terms of League of Legends

    I wouldn't say that a LoL Support champion is equivalent to an IC Controller.

    Is there a specific champion you're looking for the equivalent of? It might be easier to do that rather than break a...
  23. Thread: Beta Rewards?

    by Kuzon

    Re: Beta Rewards?

    Reunited and it feels so good
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    Re: Your thoughts on Arcade Supergirl.

    I love Arcane Supergirl too.
    The key to being successful with her is timing and predicting. Always use your fire wall at the last second so your opponent doesn't know exactly where the fireball is...
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    Re: Lex Luthors voice actor

    Well Dawnbase has the audio of Lex up now... you can post your thoughts.
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