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  1. Re: [CRIME ALLEY] Visual appearance - September 2014 update

    So I did some looking into this, and I think that your Overall Graphics Quality is actually set to High (it says custom for you). Since you are already running everything maxed out, could you try...
  2. Re: The most devastating thing about the September update

    Unfortunately, that probably won't happen :( We removed the destruction value because we moved all of the destruction to the client rather than on the server. What this means is that you should no...
  3. Re: [CRIME ALLEY] Visual appearance - September 2014 update

    My work has been primarily on the tutorials for the majority of this year. I'll forward the other feedback to the artists who worked on GH.
  4. Re: [CRIME ALLEY] Visual appearance - September 2014 update

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I'm going to submit a bug on the car to see if we can get it more damaged. We have limited amounts of mesh deformation that we can do with them because they still need to...
  5. Thread: please

    by Laika

    Re: please

    It's unlikely, to be honest. We develop all of our art assets for the current game camera angle. Meshes, textures, animations. Everything. It would be a huge undertaking to get the game in a state...
  6. Thread: Report players

    by Laika

    Re: Report players

    You can also report players or bugs through our support website should you be unable to do it at the end of a match.

    Go to and click on "Ask for Help". Then enter...
  7. Replies

    Re: Meteors and GH points.

    Assuming that you're talking about when it's used on a capture point, I agree that it can be hard to see. I submitted a bug for this.

    In the future, you can also submit issues like this by going...
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