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    Re: List of items in game???

    i left the game because of this
    no item list in game i cant choose fast my items so i get frustrated and leave the game
  2. Re: Infinite Crisis Player Guideline: Help Create a Positive Play Environment!

    i just cant get it i played with a mech supreman and we was winning easily then he decide that gaslight catwoman is noob so he got afk and we lose i report him and ignore him then the next game i...
  3. Re: [End of Match Summary] Do not cover up protector champion image with exited marke

    devs plz remove this ugly red mark sometimes i need to report players but i am afraid to report the wrong
  4. Re: More Stats on the champion Pages please.

    this is very important information i dont know how until now they didnt show us our champion stats
    i just dont get it this moba and moba mean champion which is the most important feature which...
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    Re: No way to plan ahead

    +1 plz we need it very much dev like smite and dota2 u have a list so u can prepare many builds .
    hell i get afk to see wat item i will choose next and downbase dont have any filter so i must check...
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    Re: Why this game gonna die 2

    well i played a lot of moba games like smite dota2 and i like this game very much
    yes it has a lot of stuff to be done b4 release but its only beta
    keep going turboooooo
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