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  1. Re: Some comments about recent patch + events

    I have carried 3v5's as Sinestro. I'm not being snarky when i say he needs some very specific attention to realize why(as it's more obvious when you look at his numbers) he could be problematic. I'm...
  2. Re: getting the most deaths cause you're the focus.

    If you are the focus of the enemy team, and you are dying a lot, there are many things you can do to minimize your number of deaths.

    - kite/orb walk/scoot and shoot : I know it can be tedious due...
  3. Re: Total Biscuit agrees! Enough with the "its beta" excuse!

    Because you don't have good taste.

    - This is literally what you've been trying to use as an argument this entire time.

    It's subjective.

    They aren't done making skins.

    Stop acting so...
  4. Re: Even if you don't like her, you have to admit she has the best ultimate in the ga

    Build Scarab(x2mod), psi-scimitar(x2 mod), and star heart, into BOE.

    I got my first penta with PD MWW Ult :)
  5. Re: Total Biscuit agrees! Enough with the "its beta" excuse!

    I'm not trolling you.

    Let me give you a recap of our current events.

    - You brought up Left 4 dead as an example of things that happen to games if you let the community take control of the...
  6. Re: Total Biscuit agrees! Enough with the "its beta" excuse!

    All of those things are far beyond a cosmetic change(skins).

    So the entire thing you just posted above isn't an argument about skins.

    It's you bitching about left for dead.

    Good job.
  7. Re: Total Biscuit agrees! Enough with the "its beta" excuse!

    Then I've won.

    - Tom saves the mayor Gaslight Joker.

    You probably won't fully get this reference.
  8. Re: Total Biscuit agrees! Enough with the "its beta" excuse!

    The batman in a tutu strawman is getting pretty old.

    If anyone plays with this guy, please, troll the living hell out of him with first date doomsday.

    Edit : He keeps using "silliness" as an...
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    Re: Superman Builds

    Crime bible(45 second mod)

    Psi scimitar(double damage mod) - procs off of his reset, and makes his kit overall stronger.

    Kryptonian armor

    Suit of sorrows(40% damage)

    - two situational...
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    Re: Batman isn't intimidating at all?

    Tank batman with a joe chills is a hell of a lot scarier than DD with a joe chills.

    His ult, while easy enough to run away from, is a beating if people actually have to(or choose to) fight in it...
  11. Re: Total Biscuit agrees! Enough with the "its beta" excuse!

    Manofkillsteal needs to be less of a Kent.
  12. The amount of afks in this game are too damn high

    I'm not talking about people not joining the game(a la Disconnect), but people sitting in base and not moving once the entire game.
    I played 8 games without incident tonight, and than ran 4 games in...
  13. Re: Champion Concept: Krypto: The Superdog

    The only thing I know about Krypto, is Bibbo bibbowski named Krypto, and would be the most heart wrenching champ in the game.

    "He's my fav'rit."
  14. Re: Total Biscuit agrees! Enough with the "its beta" excuse!

    You say things like, "dumb", and, "bad taste", as if they are universal.

    They aren't. Good job.

    Your entire argument is based off of your opinion, and assumes your opinion is correct.

  15. Re: Total Biscuit agrees! Enough with the "its beta" excuse!

    I will lambast purists if necessary.

    He made it necessary.

    Purism + gaming do not go hand in hand, otherwise Doomsday and Superman would start the game with 4000 armor and Parmor, and the flash...
  16. Re: Total Biscuit agrees! Enough with the "its beta" excuse!

    I would hate to see what your thoughts on the LEGO universe are.


    If Turbine chose to make "Lil Wayne" Batman I wouldn't care, so stop trying to appeal...
  17. Re: Total Biscuit agrees! Enough with the "its beta" excuse!

    As someone who doesn't care about comics, DC, or the canon involves with this here MOBA (<-THE PART THAT MATTERS):

    All of you, shut up. If aesthetics ruin a game experience for you, than you never...
  18. Re: Why coL.IC quit, to sate the curiousity

    People loved TT, than they reworked the entire map, removed the top jungle, added control nodes, changed the xp/difficulty of the jungle, AND added an hp pack.

    So yeah, people lost interest after...
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    Re: Sinestro Feedback Thread.

    After having played a good number of Sin games I've come to these conclusions:

    - q should have a flat number of hp% damage, like you said above.

    - W's animation or hitbox should be normalized...
  20. Re: Can someone explain to me how attack/power penetration works?

    Thanks for clearing that up Double D!

    A few questions in this ballpark : How do you feel Koda/axe scale comparatively?

    I feel like rushing axe is still quite beneficial for dealing high...
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    Re: The Flash Overpowered?

    I've been running psychic assault on my joker prime, and build a pandora's with a d3.

    Red skull+ PA = YOU STOP! BAD FLASH! NO!

    Still doesn't stop him from wrecking your team potentially but dat...
  22. Re: Atomic Green Lantern - Add lifesteal to Radiation Sickness?

    Prior to this patch I would build an abinsur on him to take care of his mana issues, but after this patch I think I may end up buying medusa's mask for the will regen and additional damage output at...
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