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    Re: Reason for you to stay/leave this game.

    People still play single-player, story-based games? I thought that ended back in 2005?
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    Re: Ranked Matchmaking...?

    As much as this statement should be true, it simply isn't. My final game last night saw me losing what would have been an easy win if not for our AFK who quite simply told us point blank that another...
  3. Re: Update to Dodge Penalty Lockouts and Ranked Achievement

    I know that this thread is a bit old now, but I've been busy at work.

    I felt the need to point out that Bunny clearly queue dodged, since he got the 20 minute queue dodge penalty. Had he AFK'ed by...
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    Re: Ranked Matchmaking...?

    I'm going to have to agree with you on this point. I constantly find myself getting paired with players on my team who do nothing but feed and solo wander right into a 3v1 and die. I've had several...
  5. Re: Caution: Don't Play Ranked on the weekend.

    I couldn't have said it better myself. I lost a game last night where I was basically forced to tank because I was the "last pick," despite me asking politely to jung with an Assassin or Bruiser (or...
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    Re: Unlocking champions

    Beta testers who spent at least $28-$29 were given were given Krypto as well. Lex is the only Champion that those players were not given.
  7. Re: Caution: Don't Play Ranked on the weekend.

    In the game that I played with you, you were last to pick. You kept talking about someone picking a tank, but yet you never stepped up to play a tank. You chose Katana instead. You went in to bad...
  8. Re: Caution: Don't Play Ranked on the weekend.

    I played a game with you this weekend. You just kept telling everyone what to pick. You told us to pick a tank after everyone had already called roles. Then you continued to complain about no one...
  9. Re: Match making down for Ranked and Normal......

    Maintenance. It even let's you know right there in the launcher before you even get into the game.
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    Re: What are you playing at the moment?

    I HATE that game. I am always bested by the boss monster at the end of the dungeon. No amount of leveling makes him any easier. It's honestly kind of cheap.
  11. Re: People complaining about reports being worthless

    I can promise you that the reporting works. I had concerns myself, so one day I decided to use one of my alt accounts to test it out. It took almost a week of me being toxic on that account, trolling...
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    Re: Coast City problems I am seeing.

    Seriously, bring back Relay neutralization. That was a great option to have, and it gave more of a reason to fight for the DDD.
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    Re: Change ranked requirements

    I've been pretty busy lately, so my playtime has dropped a bit. As such, I've only been able to get in seven games thus far since last night. Here is a brief summary of my experience with Ranked:
  14. Re: Get rid of leaving lobby penalties. POST FOR DEVS

    I left a lobby last night because it was late, and I was a lot more exhausted than I realized. So I wake up this morning to find out that I can't progress in Ranked for a DAY? That's really about the...
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    Re: Idea for Flash Buff!

    I read to the fourth post and I see the perfect solution. I've been saying for a while now that his ultimate isn't this unbearable, unescapable death trap. There are so many Champions that have...
  16. Thread: AFK

    by Xoulrath

    Re: AFK

    Well, this isn't entirely accurate. Sure they can make another account, but if the point is to get free XP, getting banned on a regular basis does limit the XP earned. And I would imagine that given...
  17. Re: Here's the problem I have with this great terrible game...

    As I and BrianFantana have already pointed out, a GTX 460 (the recommended card) is by no means a "high-end" graphics card. It is a five to six year old card that can be found extremely cheap online....
  18. Re: Here's the problem I have with this great terrible game...

    I upgraded to a GTX 770 shortly after I started playing this game. I didn't upgrade because of this game; I was simply ready to have a more powerful video card for other games that I play. Before I...
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    Re: About time we got a Flash skin!

    This skin is hideous. Glad that I waited so long for a new Flash costume to be given this trash. Just put "Power Ranger" Flash on sale again so that I can buy it.
  20. Re: Fare thee well North America: Some words to my NA friends.

    At least we will still see you here on the forums, lucho.
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    Re: Surrender 3/2 please

    Like Chaif said, a lot of players give up way too soon. And it is usually newer players or players who just care about K/D and aren't really helping their team to turn the game around.

    Coast City...
  22. Thread: Ranked System

    by Xoulrath

    Re: Ranked System

    If your MMR is high enough, then it won't really matter once Ranked does open up, because any decent players will know that you are more than contributing. I know that as someone who mains...
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    Re: Do the Devs even care?

    In addition to what Chaiftan already said, I will say that the devs have done an admirable job of trying to make as many players happy as they possibly can.

    Have they met every request from every...
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    Re: to fast gameplay, to small map, hate it!

    I wouldn't call it luck. I hate it. I much prefer a faster paced game, and 25-35 minutes is about as much time as I want to spend on one match.
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    Re: to fast gameplay, to small map, hate it!

    I'm not sure what you are going on about here, but CC games with players who know what they are doing actually take far too long in my opinion. I've had way too many 45-60 minute games where both...
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