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  1. Re: Is this intended.. or did you guys just give me all the champions?!

    Wow that's awesome! Very cool of you guys. I really appreciate it, thanks a bunch :)
  2. Is this intended.. or did you guys just give me all the champions?!

    So yes, I have put down a bit of money into the game. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this has somehow counted towards the total champion unlock, and I now have everyone including krypto. If...
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    Re: about 5v5 Custom games

    This is how it has always been. In custom games it's possible to do things like make teams of 5 level 50s against 5 level 10s. Obviously the 50s would win and could farm the merit/xp. For the past...
  4. Re: Logged in, daily reward notice popped up, skipping the Android Gaslight Batman sk

    Given that the skin doesn't even show up for GasBat, it almost appears that they haven't added it in properly. Which would explain why the rewards would skip over it, you can't give out something...
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    Re: Team comp rewards

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooow. I was not expecting that at all. That is very interesting indeed. At a glance it looks "stupid" and "game breaking", but if you think about it it really just adds...
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    An Easter Egg in the Update?

    So I was reading through the patch notes when I found this interesting line:

    "Something interesting might happen if you build certain teams..."

    Hmm! How interesting. My first guess would be...
  7. Re: The IC Top Secret List of Coming Champions

    This list makes me very, very sad. 3 alternate champs? Ideally alternate champs should be releasing with primes ones at a 1:1 ratio. I personally don't care if I ever play as Krypto or Dex Star. I...
  8. Re: Stargirl: About her, Reasons and Questions.

    Oh goodie I was going to make a topic about this. Nice to see someone else is curious about her.

    So my question may be a bit loaded bit I am really racking my brain to try and figure it out. ...
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    Re: So which champ is next?

    Wow talk about something totally out of left field. I was thinking you'd keep the ball rolling with the crowd pleasing champs (after finally releasing AtJoker and NightRobin) by doing someone like...
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    Re: Connecting to server...

    Well I just tried it and now it is fine 0_o. Odd.
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    Re: Connecting to server...

    This is what is happening to me. It was working fine literally 2 hours ago. Last time I had this issue I had to reinstall the game... and I really don't want to have to do that again =/

  12. Re: Get a preview of Nightmare Robin and Atomic Joker from IGN!

    I am so impressed right now. I said I would buy the next 3 alternate champs to support their release. To be honest I'd love to buy the costumes for both on Wednesday. Really awesome job :)
  13. Re: New sort of different super hero needed!

    Yes! I agree 100%. Tbh what this game really needs is 1. More Alternate Universe Characters and 2. More Villains. I really don't think some of the lesser known primes should be put in before we have...
  14. Re: I Would Really Like to See this Game Get Back to it's Roots

    Oh right forgot about the 2 Mecha champs. And GL Aquaman/Hawkgirl? That sounds awesome! Must have missed that one haha
  15. Re: I Would Really Like to See this Game Get Back to it's Roots

    Yep and I think that is really awesome :) I am hoping for Arcane SG myself.
  16. I Would Really Like to See this Game Get Back to it's Roots

    ***Just a heads up, I will be talking about some of the characters who have shown up in some recent issues of Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse. If you are behind a few weeks and would like...
  17. Re: SuperGirl looks GGGGREAT ! Thanks Turbine !

    Yeah hopefully :) Turbine is really great at listening to their community. They did too many Batman characters, they cut back on Batman. They did "too many' alternate characters, they cut back. I...
  18. Re: SuperGirl looks GGGGREAT ! Thanks Turbine !

    Oh I agree 100%! Unfortunately a bunch of topics came up saying "omg y u no make ppl i liek stap makin the saem persun 1843 tiems!!!1!!" and then they started making all primes :(
  19. Re: SuperGirl looks GGGGREAT ! Thanks Turbine !

    Is anyone else *really* dissapointed she is a bruiser? I actually missed the stream (-.-) so maybe when I see her kit I will change my mind. But I really feel like an opportunity was missed here. She...
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    Re: 12 free champs? Yes please!

    Yeah same here lol. Where are you hearing this news?
  21. Re: Does attack speed affect all champions?

    Furthermore, this would be ineffective on a Power Damage champ such as Star Sapphire. If you are an Attack Damage champion then Attack Speed is your friend. It will help you deal more damage faster :)
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    Re: Lag with explosions and destruction?

    Yep, same here! And now that you guys mention it it's the second tower for me also.
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    Re: "Campaign mode" idea

    Lol Kuz if you are talking about the upcoming IC comic why not just tell them :P There is indeed a comic coming soon that will go into the back story or the IC universe.
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    Re: Character Level Reward Suggestions

    Wow those are some really good ideas! It would be really awesome if this is what they do :)
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    Re: I thought AO Joker was limited edition !

    I personally would not mind it considering I actually got the code, but by the time I found out I had it the email it was sent to was deleted! (I guess that's Comcast for you). So I have the code but...
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