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  1. Re: We want answers? DEVS Celestra, IC_Frelorn, IC_Afista

    That's an answer that will take a while, just fair warning on that.
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    Re: All skins and champs free?

    Yep, we're unlocking all champions and costumes this weekend to celebrate US Memorial Day! That's exactly the reason we're doing it. :)
  3. Re: We want answers? DEVS Celestra, IC_Frelorn, IC_Afista

    Answers in order:

    1. We have no plans to translate the South American client at this time.

    2. We have no plans to translate the voices into Portuguese and SPanish.

    3. That's a bug that we...
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    Re: generally im sickened by this...

    Closing this thread as the OP has been trolling and harassing other users, which is a violation of the community guidelines.
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    Re: Unlocking champions

    To be very clear about this again guys as there is some misinformation in this thread, it's not just all beta testers got an unlock. Those who were with us who spent over $28 USD had all of the...
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    Re: Oldest registred player.

    So the truest answer to this question is Exes (if people remember him.) Exes was our first active community member (outside of the test accounts and friends of Turbine) and he most certainly stuck...
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    Re: "Return of Superman" Skin

    So here's the official article for the costume:

    And trust me, all of that mullety-goodness is...
  8. Thread: Today....

    by Celestrata

    Re: Today....

    That screenshot is from, like, 2 years ago. We've done massive overhauls to the map since then, which is why it doesn't look like that anymore.

    Additionally, yesterday's downtime was due to...
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    Re: Oldest registred player.

    Now I totally gotta go back in the registration files and find the answer to this...
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    Re: Art question

    Paging Floon.
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    Re: DryCry crying as always nothing big...

    Closing this thread, as offending user is now temporarily banned. Please do not use the forums to insult others OR to post profanity! Thank you!
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    Re: The Real Meta for CC

    And as this thread is filled with trolling, thread closed. Sorry guys!
  13. Geplante WBPlay-Wartungsarbeiten: Montag, den 18. Mai

    Seid gegrüßt, Protektoren!

    Am Montag, den 18. Mai wird Infinite Crisis zwischen 08:00 und 18:00 Uhr (MESZ) nicht erreichbar sein, während wir routinemäßige Wartungsarbeiten an unseren...
  14. „Ranked“ kehrt zurück und „Pre-Seeding“

    Seid gegrüßt, Protektoren!

    Wir freuen uns, eine neue Runde „Ranked“ ankündigen zu können, die am Freitag, den 15. Mai um 17:00 Uhr (MESZ) startet. Macht auch diesmal wieder mit, wenn es darum...
  15. Рейтинговые игры возвращаются, и мы хотим посеять вас в более высокий ранг!

    Приветствуем, защитники!

    Мы рады сообщить вам, что рейтинговые игры будут снова доступны начиная с пятницы, 15 мая, 18:00 по московскому времени. Приготовьтесь вернуться в игру и сразиться за...
  16. Les matchs classés sont réactivés et le rang de départ est ajusté !

    Salutations, Protecteurs !

    C'est avec plaisir que nous annonçons la réactivation des matchs classés à partir du vendredi 15 mai à 17 h 00 (heure française, GMT+2). Préparez-vous à des batailles...
  17. Re: Pre-seeding undermined the integrity of your "competitive ladder"

    Going to close this thread down, as I see it going in a poor direction.

    Just to be very clear, we wanted this seeding process to be as fair as possible. This is less about favoritism, and more...
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    Re: Wilson krypto

    The "for real" video of us doing the dog's voice was none other than our video producer, BuddyTheHand, lip syncing to the actual in-game sounds. Heck, he wasn't even in the voice actor's studio -- he...
  19. Maintenance programmée WBPlay : lundi 18 mai

    Salutations, Protecteurs !

    Infinite Crisis sera indisponible le lundi 18 mai entre 8 h et 18 h, heure française (GMT+2), en raison d'une opération de maintenance de nos services WBPlay. Durant...
  20. Scheduled WBPlay Maintenance: Monday, May 18th

    Hail Protectors!

    On Monday, May 18th, Infinite Crisis will be unavailable between 2:00 AM and 12:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT) as we perform maintenance to our WBPlay services. During this time you will...
  21. Re: Ranked is returning, and we’ll be pre-seeding you into higher ranks!

    Unranked games don't affect ranked win streaks.
  22. Re: Ranked is returning, and we’ll be pre-seeding you into higher ranks!

    Good question! From this point forward, ranked will permanently be available.
  23. Re: Ranked is returning, and we’ll be pre-seeding you into higher ranks!

    Yes, Friday, the 15th.
  24. Ranked is returning, and we’ll be pre-seeding you into higher ranks!

    Hail Protectors!

    We’re excited to let you know that we’re going to be re-enabling Ranked on Friday, May 15th, at 11:00 Eastern (-5 GMT). Get ready to get back in there and fight to move up the...
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    Update zum Infinite Crisis-Shop

    Mit dem Update vom 18. Mai öffnet sich euer Steam-Guthaben, wann immer ihr im Infinite Crisis-Shop Crisis-Punkte kaufen wollt.

    Wenn ihr nach dem 18. Mai Steam nicht benutzt und Crisis-Punkte...
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