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  1. Suggestion: Add player counters for each type of map in match making

    Please add so we can see the number of players that are qued for the mode we want to play, or, add so we can que for multiple maps at the same time.

    I want to play Gotham Divided or Gotham...
  2. STREAM WITH THE WIN. TODAY. Until 18:00 CET. WIN Ingame items and much more!

    Join the stream,, join the game with him, BEAT him (penta_Kaymak), u can :) and win! Lose, and u still win ! Easy =) don't forget to !raffle :P

    Have fun ! Gamers...
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    Re: Razer MAYhem!

    Do any map matches count towards entry, like playing gotham heights for 20 mins rather than 50 mins of divided?
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