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  1. Re: Hammer's Dialogue and Base Stat Database UNVEILED!!!

    What a sad existence you lead. You should probably follow your own advice before you decide to give any.
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    Re: I'm so sorry to the GH players

    Hence the change to Coast City. We could all say the same thing about League's Dominion too. Why leave League to play Gotham Heights when they poured all their money/time/energy into one game to get...
  3. Thread: Refund?

    by legendstatus93

    Re: Refund?

    To add on to this, they shut down the game just 2 and half months after release. Why? To cut their losses. They knew beta supporters weren't gonna get refunds since they "launched" the game. The only...
  4. Re: KICKSTARTER INFINITE CRISIS- Time to open our pockets

    I've already spent too much money on this game and you expect me to throw even more money at it? I like that your trying to do something about the game shutting down but kickstarters and petitions...
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    Sticky: Re: Infinite Crisis Closes: August 14th, 2015

    Not only that but were probably not getting another DC MOBA for a very long time.
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    Sticky: Re: Infinite Crisis Closes: August 14th, 2015

    Thank you all at Turbine for all your effort on Infinite Crisis. It's sad to see the game go and I can only imagine how disappointed you guys are (I know I am). I've joined this game a year ago today...
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    Re: Keep ranked but move unranked to GH

    That could work, but opening GH would also introduce a whole new set of problems or at least people would need to understand that balance changes are probably not intended for GH and changes to the...
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    Re: Keep ranked but move unranked to GH

    I like the idea but the only way it'll work is if they remove CC normal queue entirely and only have CC vs AI and CC ranked. It just seems odd having no normal queue for their main map, but I...
  9. The triumphant return of the forum spam bot...

    Here we go's back and it's not giving out passports this time.
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    Re: Update to Forums, Please.

    Yeah, I can agree to this to a certain extent. The forums needs an overhaul in terms of functionality, but I feel like the dark color palette makes things easier to read, especially at night. They...
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    Re: Surrender 3/2 please

    I wonder if any of our community members are willing to make a guide on how to play from behind? I feel like surrenders (besides 4 v 5 matches), are due to the losing team forcing the issue and not...
  12. Re: I just uninstalled Infinite Crisis...

    Here's a copy and paste from Celestrata's post about Trading Cards in Infinite Crisis:

    How do I get the cards?
    It’s simple really: Play Infinite Crisis. As you’re logged in and playing, Steam...
  13. Re: I just uninstalled Infinite Crisis...

    It's not gonna be too much of a different but there are a few advantages to using Steam:

    - Trading Cards
    - Import Steam Friends list
    - Keep track of how many hours you play
    - Steam will auto...
  14. I just uninstalled Infinite Crisis...

    To get ready for the Steam release of Infinite Crisis! We're finally outta beta! Probably gonna play a lot of jungle or feed really badly with Krypto (I'm bad with controllers). Either way I'm...
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    Re: Batman's completely reworked ult

    Just tried Batman's new ultimate out and I have to say i'm happy with the change. Batman is definitely more fun to play now.
  16. Re: Scheduled Update: Tuesday, March 24th

    NOOOOOOOO It's been extended :..(
  17. Re: Is Krypto an early April Fools joke ? (I hope not)

    A melee controller sounds interesting but wouldn't you need to build him on the tanky side? Krypto seems almost like an Enforcer with better utility and mobility but not as durable.

    He seems like...
  18. Re: We're launching AND we're coming to Steam!

    Now I can log into Steam and it'll keep track of all the hours I'm gonna spend on Infinite Crisis.
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    Re: IC coming to Steam, march 26th

    This is great news! This game does indeed need more polishing but the overall experience of the game is in a good state in my opinion. Our player base just got bigger with this move. Great job...
  20. Re: Add role call into the champion select screen.

    I'd have to imagine adding a system that would penalize people for not playing the role selected would be difficult to implement so I doubt this system would prevent *******s from playing your...
  21. Add role call into the champion select screen.

    I think i'd be cool if Turbine added a feature where people would check off which role they wanted to play when on the champion select screen. They could add check boxes off to the side that says:
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    Re: About the next announcement

    I'm fairly certain the next major update to the game will also be the end of the Infinite Crisis beta period. Interesting to see what they announce at Pax East.
  23. Re: March Update: Known Issues

    They removed the recycle mod from all Nil items and instead integrated it into every champions basic attacks.

    This a quote from IC_DangerDan on the the Nil changes.
  24. Re: March Update: Known Issues

    I believe they are now matching you based on how many wins you have on said map. More wins = tougher matches.

    Here's an excerpt from the patch notes:
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    Re: Gamebreaking bug

    Yeah Celestrata is on bug patrol today, she has you covered!
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