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    Re: Deathstroke costume poll

    New 52, it looks decent and is what I assume devs would go with.

    The costume in Arrow looks better than the pic you have up, since the lighting makes it looks more brownish instead of grey/black....
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    Re: Solution for AFKs

    Or or or... the game could just not award experience/merit to players that took and dealt 0 damage? I think people who do this obnoxious afk-all-match thing are trying to get champs to level 5 for...
  3. Re: [Champion Suggestion] Teen Titan Beast Boy - Moveset

    Love the concept! I just think instead of ankylosaurus and lion forms, maybe he should have some of his more iconic, frequently used forms, like a rhino or some sort of bird form that raises move...
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    Do aura artifacts stack?

    If I have for instance, Atlantis Aura [atlantis gambit tier 4] and a teammate next to me does as well, would the benefits stack?

    I recently played a match to check this out and both myself and a...
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    Re: Please change superman's walk animation.

    Ha, I heard about this. I was actually a fan of this walk as opposed to Shazam's floating movement (maybe in the minority here though). Looks like I'll be buying the Clark Kent costume :p
  6. Re: Zatanna's Will Force 2 and Shrapnel 4 don't work together?

    Only 1 mod per item works? I didn't know this!

    Thank you for confirming how it works! Hopefully they'll change Zatanna's defaults sometime soon!
  7. Zatanna's Will Force 2 and Shrapnel 4 don't work together?

    In Katanna's default amplifier set she has shrapnel 4 and WIllforce 2 but at tier 4 for Eye of Ekron but in game only the keyword "Will Force 2" actually works and is shown.

    I think having...
  8. Re: Change Supergirl's invulnerable? Make it better?

    They scale? I didn't know that. Is there any document showing how exactly stolen powers scale if at all? Also, maybe it can give a small defensive boost while on cooldown? Although, that may seem...
  9. Change Supergirl's invulnerable? Make it better?

    Hey everyone, just got Supergirl and her kit aside, I really think her stolen power should be better somehow. In more cases, 10 attack damage for 2 whole seconds makes very little difference. I've...
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    Re: Needs more Deathstroke...

    YES! I second this! He needs to looks like Slade Wilson from Arrow (hope this isn't asking too much). I think he'd make a great attack, marksmen basic attack, blaster. Guns, swords and healing...
  11. Re: So, gaslight batman is one of this week's "free" champs?

    Thanks for the good news!
  12. So, gaslight batman is one of this week's "free" champs?

    I just find this funny. In an odd way. Not that I'm asking Turbine to change it, just thought maybe it'd be better to have someone like Robin or Blue Beetle to test out.


    (Note: if the...
  13. Re: Costume ideas - Green Arrow from Arrow, JL War WW?

    I think the new 52 comics dropped the "pants" for the most part and kept her most iconic look.
  14. Re: Costume ideas - Green Arrow from Arrow, JL War WW?

    I think this would make perfect sense if Turbine has the rights to put the costume in the game. Considering that Superman's "Man of Steel" default costume looks like his likeness from the movie, what...
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    Re: Wonder Woman needs change !

    I use wonder woman pretty frequently--she's my most played champion so far. I think ult is perfect as is. I usually leave it on cool down. Also, i build her for health and power and not just power so...
  16. Costume ideas - Green Arrow from Arrow, JL War WW?

    Hey everyone,

    I've noticed that Green Arrow's artwork and in-game model do not match in infinite crisis. What's with Green Arrow's artwork looking all subtly/clean shaven while his in-game model...
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