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  1. Re: There is something wrong with low % crits in Infinite Crisis

    Crit chance can completely change lane. I really don't think augs should have crits.
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    Re: Little help for a newbie

    Id also suggest maybe watching the MLG winter inv. You can see what the best players in the game are doing for item builds, jungle paths and so on.
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    Re: Lucho's "next champ" thread

    There was already a sighting of Aquaman in a video that Complexity was in. I would prob bet on him. In all honesty I'd just rather have a new character, not a nightmare joker or mechasupes.
  4. Re: Getting really disheartened and frustrated.

    honestly brotha just don't worry about what people say.. who cares? Everyone thinks they are the best in the game but there is always someone better. Just have fun and find a group of friends to play...
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    Re: Champion Announcement: Superman

    He is so fun!!!! Good job Turbine
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