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    Re: Decrease on active players number

    If you make a Hatsune Miku costume... they will come
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    Re: Forum Avatars

    I am all for new things! Yeah new things!
  3. Infinite Crisis running in the background

    So i just downloaded IC again for steam, and when I run the game the launcher appears, but when i press play, the game never opens. When I open the task manager, it says the game is ruining in the...
  4. Re: Thoughts on new Batman Skin: Desert Armor

    I think it is Coast City. And I think bats looks like the Gold Ranger, which I am kinda a fan of. Pretty sick skin.
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    The Soultaker and lifesteal

    So, it has been awhile since I have been in the formus so I have been out of the loop. Has the issue of how weak lifesteal is in the game? The Soultaker was once one of the must popular items in the...
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    Re: Steam Trading Cards drops?

    I have probably spent well over $80 on CC but before the steam integration, am i not eligible to get cards?
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    Re: Founder refund of cc?

    Honestly Celestrata, this is absolutely ridicules. As you know I have fully supported must of what IC has done, but this is just bullsh*t. We helped get this game off the ground, and to reward us to...
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    Re: You may think it's exclusive!

    This makes me kinda butthurt. I mean they did say it was only for founders. Can we get a dev response on why they are just handing this skin out?
  9. I like my Champions how I like my music....


    Ok, besides that lame intro, I think IC should really look into the mecha universe for some of the upcoming champions. As of now, Mecha is my favorite universe that IC has in...
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    Re: Do you still enjoy the game?

    I really, really still want to enjoy this game, but I feel there is a lack of quality when it comes to IC compared to bigger Mobas. Recently I have been playing Heroes of the Storm, and the amount of...
  11. Costume Concept: Angel of Death Hawkgirl

    Hey fellas

    I had the idea of a Halloween costume for Hawkgirl being the Angel of Death. Being that she rushes into team fights to deal mass damage, I feel the theme would be quite fitting.
  12. Re: Accidental showing of the dev build character select screen

    I think I found out who the third champion is. 0:16
  13. Re: #SaveCrimeAlley - Sign the petition. Save IC

    Don't really think crime alley should be a priority, quite some bigger fish to take care of first
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    Re: 2015 Letter from the Creative Director

    Came running back as soon as I saw CC was the main map. Great choice guys, I'm excited to see what 2015 brings to this game.
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    Re: Upcoming Map-specific Events!

    Remember kids, if you don't listen to Krashy, you're an idiot.
  16. Re: Ok, need the devs to go ahead and disable gd and put cc queue back up

    I am all for playing more CC, sure I sucked at the map, but still had loads of fun
  17. Re: Dawngate's death... and now I am terrified

    Still it saddens me to see this game go. I was feeling a little better about EA... then this just shattered it.
  18. Dawngate's death... and now I am terrified

    So have have been jumping around moba's for awhile getting a feel and one to get super committed to, and it has always been between Infinite Crisis and Dawngate, the moba from Waystone. Today I was...
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    Re: I hope turbine realizes

    I am all for Mankini Gaslight Joker
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    Looking to try out for a team

    So I still don't understand how the competitive scene works, but I was trying to try out for a team. I have been with this game for awhile and I am sure that I have played with most of the higher...
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    Re: Loving my new icon

    I'm different
  22. Re: Characters that will probably be in soon

    Well, after catching up with the comic, I will main Arcane Zatanna because of how amazing she is in the comics.
    Now to play the waiting game.
  23. Re: Get a preview of Nightmare Robin and Atomic Joker from IGN!

    That Billy and Mandy reference in the Atomic Joker costume!

    Edit: just gonna put this here
    and this... for the hype...
  24. Re: September Update: Stolen Power & Free Champion Refunds

    I'm so hyped! I was worried I was not going to be able to get the new Champions/Costumes, and that fear has been eradicated! Thanks Turbine :D
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    Kaiju Costumes

    So, after watching Godzilla, Pacific Rim and being a huge anime fan, I have come to the conclusion that Kaiju Costumes would be incredibly cool in IC. Being that we already have "Mechas" it be...
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