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    Re: Ranked Matchmaking...?

    learn to read

    If I had known how things would play out I would have focused on raising my normal MMR by spamming my strongest champs rather than experimenting and learning new champs

    NORMAL is...
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    Re: Ranked Matchmaking...?

    not all the time in many games it comes down to what the "good" player can do to carry.

    A "good" adc vs a "good" controller or enforcer will likely win. as in many matches it breaks down to who...
  3. Re: Can someone explain this "Ranked Boosted" to me?

    That's the problem the higher you get the longer the wait but the lower your rank the more window lickers you tend to get matched with.

    Ranked needs 2 things.

    1: Some form of rewards like reach...
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    Re: Penalty for dodging a match

    thing is they NEED to address the insane pick times and the silent lobbies.

    Imo they need to keep the bans timer but reduce the pick timers as within 2-3 minutes used for the bans and player...
  5. Re: We want answers? DEVS Celestra, IC_Frelorn, IC_Afista

    Theres a simple answer to all of the questions.

    Blame MrLucho .....Job done! :p
  6. Re: 30 minute lockout for dodging normal at champ select is ridiculous...

    Yet some of us dislike playing with certain people , yourself for example I see you on my team i Dodge So forget the Electrical outage should i be forced to play with someone who i dislike and feel...
  7. Re: an idea to help with lobby issues (for the devs)

    However its more sane to SEE someone is intentionally randoming rather than waiting around for a minute to see that "random" is in fact an afk.
  8. Re: an idea to help with lobby issues (for the devs)

    thats why some of us have been begging for the option to random. as its kinda a handicap AND would make me learn outside of my enforce/bruiser/controller comfort zone.

    But being able to select...
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    Re: Update 2.0: Champion Balance Changes Preview

    personally i would halve the lifesteal on nbp 2-4-7-10 as 16% is as op as it was before it was removed.
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    Re: Please devs,make Russia server dedicated

    End of the day the russians on the EU server are why many of us EU players left for the NA servers.

    A minority of russian players are great people , fun to play with even if their english is bad...
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    Re: The Real Meta for CC

    Please go back to L O L , You clearly lack ability to adapt and Learn, As many of your statement put you low on the map and you statements are stupidly funny, Go play some classic moba's on wc3 you...
  12. Re: Ranked is returning, and we’ll be pre-seeding you into higher ranks!

    we were all stuck playing with the (insert expletives here) due to the Poor MMR system that turbine implemented when IC went live (the one pre-march was bad but was 10,00000000x better than the...
  13. Re: an idea to help with lobby issues (for the devs)

    thats why many of us have been begging for a random selection option for ages , but as usual Turbine ignores simple but accurate community requests.

    The simple problem is man of the "randoms"...
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    Re: Lex Luthor Feedback

    Far from it.

    Lex is generally banned in ranked because he's a huge risk.

    If your lex player massively outskills his opponent lex is deadly even more so if the jungles are suicidal.

    If you...
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    Re: Does Lex Luthor needs will item ?

    Pretty much spot on.

    Will regen (speaks for itself) , The PD + The CDR which impacts both the skill cooldown and the turrets infinitely stupid "stack" time
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    Re: Autumn Queen Poison Ivy?

    Classic poison ivy was from liking the IC facebook page.

    Fanboy Shazam was a Convention code + some streams

    Autum Ivy , Steams , some giveaway sites etc and STILL is seen in site giveaways from...
  17. Re: Pre-seeding undermined the integrity of your "competitive ladder"

    yeah cos people like you are soooooo positive, And enjoy playings with people who cannot tie their own laces untill you finally get away from them and get slapped in the face with huge queue...
  18. Re: Ranked is returning, and we’ll be pre-seeding you into higher ranks!

    if i see you can i dodge :p
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    Re: Surrender 3/2 please

    thing is IF turbine actually took some time to code a system dealing with the "inbase" afk's or just made a non-vote be a yes it would really remove the need.

    The simple issue is that 2 people can...
  20. Re: So when are the dodge timers being reverted?

    However they should be in place BEFORE upping the punishments.

    At the moment is seems like the players are being punished for dodging bad matchups because of turbines refusal to invest time in a...
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    Re: ranked requirements WAY too low

    You are in a minority.

    Please oh god of mobas point out to me the Mobas that have weak Ranked requirements.

    LOL? Nope you need level 30 (based on levelling speed/game approx level 25 here)
  22. Thread: Flash Spell

    by Dannin

    Re: Flash Spell

    And even thats taking a nerf because of how powerful the "flash" part of it is with many bruisers/erasers.

    Flash doesn't work in every Moba , 2 Prime examples of how op it is are Supergirl and...
  23. Re: Update to Dodge Penalty Lockouts and Ranked Achievement

    I know lets commit a change/test weekend when we have ZERO or minimal staff on site. You would think a preview/test weekend would hae a higher presence to deal with all the issues such as afk's being...
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    Re: Ranked penalty a joke!

    You have to confirm you are at your pc to start the match.

    Some (Not all for certain mentally challenged people) are the ones selected to pick the bans ...... so yeah bad time to afk esp when that...
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    Re: ranked requirements WAY too low

    they did , or were the ranked weekend gh's etc all in my imagination?

    first ranked preview weekend.

    ANd its gone horrifically...
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