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  1. Problems Connecting to game (post here if you have any)

    For anyone experiencing issues connecting to the game, please post your constructive comments here, screenshots would also help a lot.

    I'd like to ask for people to refrain causing a big fuss,...
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    Re: Input Delay

    This issue has already been addressed in previous patches and is being improved, although not completely fixed, the developers are working on completely fixing this issue.
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to the New Player Forums!

    Hey guys! very happy about this system being released to be honest, hopefully we can help nurture the the community in the right way :)
  4. Re: Coming to STEAM and still NO Latin American server?

    Riot took about 5 years to get Latin America server. so please lol cut the whining, u say this stuff as if a server costs as much money and time as a laptop from a local pc store.
  5. Re: WARNING!! Drop Hacks are in this game!

    imo, ppl r making a huge fuss over something someone randomly said, I highly doubt its a drop hack, from what we know the full team drop was a bug in game, it happened either early on or at 74min, a...
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    Re: Game is for pros only.

    Just some pointers, I haven't read the whole post since there were too many essays, however I agree about ranked being needed, people r focusing too much on the current community and not thinking...
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    Re: IC, where it stands.

    Thanks for taking your time to drop by Seraphina, and hopefully more of the competitive players can start getting involved in setting an example for people.

    Until people realise that what they're...
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    IC, where it stands.

    I think by this weekend a lot of people found out that oh, the competitive scene is actually a serious thing.

    Have to say it was a blast to meet all the teams in cologne and fight it out to find...
  9. Re: I personally do not like what Turbine is doing with their champion roles

    Ok...I've read a fair share of sad and impulsive comments, as well as over-reactions.

    to everyone just plainly saying oh this is bad, terrible what the hell are they doing, don't judge something...
  10. Re: Seperate russians from European servers 2014

    As usual, I don't want to sound negative or anything, but for one, what Animatron posted. And second, 90% of the people complaining about russians being bad or whatever, are normally average players...
  11. Re: Double Penetration on Mecha Wonder Woman

    Well at least I know I'm not the only one who had to read the title like 5 times before thinking of actual damage penetration.
  12. Re: What happens when my Champion becomes lv 5 or more ?

    when you play games there are 2 skills you choose at the start of the match, these are called stolen powers, and if you look at it you'll notice theres variants to some powers with respect to...
  13. Thread: Leo

    by H2k_tSpark•


    So i Just found out IC_ElectricLeo is into One Direction.....

    Really man?! but why?!
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    Re: Who are the hottest pro players

    problem with streaming right now is the promotion of it, most pro players get 30-50 viewers tops on Infinite Crisis, and thats the good ones, for most thats just not worth the toll it has on your pc...
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    Re: I'm at my limits

    Ha! someone actually said it.

    So here's the thing, when you lose in this game it's either cos you gave up or you literally weren't good enough to stomp you lane.

    In the last 2 weeks, I lost...
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    Re: "Pros" are super toxic

    In my case (in EU)

    I was in the same scenario on the advising end...
    and all i said was..

    "Left click where u want to throw"

    response was:

    "I know already ******** you're not better...
  17. Re: The thin line between the player the champ or the build

    The Player decides what champ he will play, and the player will then decide what build path to take, it is the player's choice to make this an effective buildpath or a troll like one, it is the...
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    Re: The new Queue System

    so.....what paradigm says...this is like politics...u tell them to reduce income taxes...they do it but they have to introduce new taxes to not make the country go broke...then u start whining about...
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    Re: The September Update lands on 9/24!

    Gimme Nightmare Robin plz, i want a robin thats more op than the current :D
  20. Re: Champions which work better by leveling up their Passive first

    I'll List the most efficient way of leveling skills on the champions you mentioned.

    Poison Ivy Prime -
    If played in Blaster role, your Q followed by your W followed by your passive (then ult and...
  21. Re: Suggestion for mod and augment kits- please!!!!!

    You're saying it isn't working fine, the same way you said that the current situation against mine.

    The fact that you're saying it isn't working fine, it is your word vs that of everyone else who...
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    Re: Batmen Changes

    #SuchChanges #MuchHype #SepPatch #WaitForIt #DuffyStillRobins #ItsNicheNotNitch DEVS PLZ
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    Re: AFKs almost every game

    this is something that got touched on multiple times.

    You cannot expect one report on one person to get that person banned.

    Punishments are scaled on offensiveness severity, repeated...
  24. Re: Suggestion for mod and augment kits- please!!!!!

    I think the issue here is you're mentioning something that effectively is a personal niche, (not nitch) and that it has to do with something that works perfectly fine.

    Right now for the...
  25. Re: This game is amazing, thank you devs!

    Right now Leo is just rolling on the floor in pleasure. lel
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