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  1. Sticky: Re: Infinite Crisis Closes: August 14th, 2015

    Is this because everyone kept asking for deathstroke you decided to postpone him indefinitely?
  2. Re: Please devs,make Russia server dedicated

    every french and german player ive met has spoken english, or at least tried.
  3. Re: Ranked is returning, and we’ll be pre-seeding you into higher ranks!

    Since hangun is so bad and his mmr so low will he be put back in rank 20 where he belongs?
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    So when is Ranked coming back?

    Thread title, everyone was playing when it was up and now its down again and my friends list is empty once more.
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    Re: Is Stargirl OP?

    No, shes bad
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    Re: Change ranked requirements

    Definitely agree needs a level requirement, 20 matches is nothing, you get absolute idiots who dont even understand whats going on who just lose you the game on their own, and then go afk half way...
  7. Re: Update to Dodge Penalty Lockouts and Ranked Achievement

    your letting more people in? after most of the people playing have no clue what they are doing at all? and then you wonder why people are dodging when people insta lock cancer picks?

    you need to...
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    Re: My views on locking out GD

    I dont understand this mentality of "its always been 3 lanes so 3 lanes must be best"
    how can someone be "used" to 3 lanes, like suddenly removing a lane makes it that much harder to understand. If...
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    Re: Early Look: The Box of Unloved Toys

    I dont like this change, when have you known an enforcer to ever build this item over one with much tankier stats? you get more than enough will for enforcers by getting amulet of isis which gives...
  10. Re: Enforcer / controller mods and amps

    I dont find the +50 health on the olympus relevent since the switch to CC, as laning phase is much shorter you dont notice the increase as much, so i mod it for better aura for team fights
    I dont...
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    Re: Coast City EU Tourney interest?

    I agree with taavi It is hard to exclude ESL teams because there are so many, but you could consider excluding the top 3-4 (though it might be early to shake out exactly who those are), or set up a...
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    Re: Request for SUPPORT Guides

    Agree with hangun, you need isis quickly, as it is important in team fights so that the adc can kite more efficiently.
    Other items you could build are a lot about personal preference, i like to get...
  13. Re: Infinite Crisis Adds a South American Server!

    Can we please move the russians to their own server too now?
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    Re: Early Look: The Box of Unloved Toys

    Also on second look i am disappointed with the change to steels breastplate as the inability to choose when it activates will be a huge nerf to the item, as 35% is far too high a threshold, and will...
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    Re: Early Look: The Box of Unloved Toys

    yeah of course its enough, soultakers will be awesome now, but thats not the point lol, proper balance doesnt revolve around having 1 awesome item and 1 garbage item. and claw is still garbage by...
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    Re: Early Look: The Box of Unloved Toys

    yeah you gotta mod it for the 7.5 % so thats not relevant, and 1% extra is not worth 30 ad
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    Re: Early Look: The Box of Unloved Toys

    Wow that huntress crossbow nerf, a bit over the top dont you think? removing 30 attack damage and 10% attack speed? giving nothing back for it? full tank meta inc

    the reason that item is built so...
  18. Re: Problems Connecting to game (post here if you have any)

    Error 99 when trying to launch the game, if i launch the game through the main application rather than the updator, i cannot login, I get the error message "Login server unavailable. please try again...
  19. Re: A current meta observation: Controllers just aren't up to snuff

    From scrims ive definitely noticed that enforcers have the ability to be brutal in the laning phase, but the problem is that it just doesnt carry forward into the late game. As a controller I find...
  20. Sticky: Re: Our eSports plan for the next few months

    This would at least be better than teams finding themselves screwed for the whole season, so theres that. Though to be honest I dont know why weeklys are seeded at all, it could be completely random...
  21. Sticky: Re: Our eSports plan for the next few months

    I dont know who has the final say on the format of Go4's if its turbine or ESL but you REALLY need to change the way seeding works. I dont know whats its like for NA but in EU when a new team is...
  22. Re: March Update Early Look: Coast City Changes

    thats actually higher than i thought it would be, hadnt bothered to do the maths, so thats basically 2 full items more. thats means both teams are going to get full builds much quicker, which is...
  23. Re: March Update Early Look: Coast City Changes

    admittedly i misworded, the actual numerical difference stays the same, but the value is lessened.
    its almost like inflation, there are more credits available, so each one is devalued, the numerical...
  24. Re: March Update Early Look: Coast City Changes

    so by slightly higher you mean 3 times higher...

    the problem with passive gold gain isnt the number of items that it gives, its the fact that it devalues gold gained from last hitting and...
  25. Re: March Update Early Look: Champion Balance Changes

    Zatanna nerf is dumb she was already bad

    Shazam buff completely misses the point on why he is such a bad enforcer - his lack of reliable CC compared to other enforcers

    change to hot potato will...
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