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    Re: Ranked Matchmaking...?

    I think the mentality is that with all the good people moved from their range they are forced to play with bad players who end up throwing the game.
  2. Thread: Ranked community

    by Kuzon

    Re: Ranked community

    Haha, yeah I get this. People regularly dump on me for being a poor player but I don't think it matters if they do it to your face or in private among their friends.
    The thing that matters is that...
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    Re: Is Aquaman viable in lane?

    I used to main Aqua GD top lane as well but unfortunately he does not work very well in any Coast City lane.
  4. Thread: Art question

    by Kuzon

    Re: Art question

    Ah yes, gorrem and the legendary catbutt.
    Looking through the artwork I can't help but feel like I'm spoiling the feeling i get when I see the actual splash art.
  5. Re: What are the 2 most OP champions and 2 worst champions in each category?

    Works, but I've never actually seen it work work. Maybe I'll pick up Shazam and try it myself.
    SoS -> MMP -> Atlantean right?
  6. Re: What are the 2 most OP champions and 2 worst champions in each category?

    In the current ranked meta (not sure if it's the same for normal) I would say Nightmare Batman is definitely one of the worst champions. Robin would be tolerable in a match where Supergirl and Katana...
  7. Re: Ranked is returning, and we’ll be pre-seeding you into higher ranks!

    Ah so it was based off CC/GD/GH. I thought I got a promotion for winning most of my ranked matches.
    I wonder which map carried me...
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    Re: Does Lex Luthor needs will item ?

    Green Lantern is the only Blaster who needs a dedicated will item.
    Psi-Scimitar's regen and Nil Ring is good enough for Lex and the others.
  9. Re: This is what Gameplay Magazine (Belgium/The Netherlands) had to say about IC

    I would not mind a poster of that WW image. And if anyone is wondering there is already an official IC poster out there.
  10. Re: So what is IC's policy on trolls and streamers who troll consistently?

    Can't really knock him for that build. In theory it should work since Deadshot's Visor's Intensity does buff single-target skills (which SG only has). It's not an optimal build, but it does have...
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    Re: Update 2.0: Champion Balance Changes Preview

    AAAAHHHH I have to get SS to 20 before she's no longer good!

    Let's get going Violet Light,
    Get me to lvl 20 tonight!
  12. Re: So what is IC's policy on trolls and streamers who troll consistently?

    Right. Some people enjoy watching streamers do joke builds. Some people enjoy defending those joke builds because they are friends with the streamer. Some people also enjoy defending/watching the...
  13. Re: What are your speculations on Grundy? OP, Balanced, or UP?

    All enforcers start out "OP" and a pain in the butt. It's an important class so when someone new shows up people don't know how to play against them and the new enforcer seems overpowered. Enforcers...
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    Re: Question about Blink Jump 2

    To be honest I'd be more worried about IGP than the Sick premade. I'm sure it was a great match assuming no one quit.
  15. Re: The triumphant return of the forum spam bot...

    Yep, you have to remember that Turbine is EST
    Which is too bad because I think the spam started at... uh... 730 my time? Can't recall when it was I checked the forums.
    Edit: Wow, it started around...
  16. Re: The triumphant return of the forum spam bot...

    At least this bot is advertising to multiple different cultures
  17. Thread: Smurfs?

    by Kuzon

    Re: Smurfs?

    I recall Celestrata once saying you'll get scolded if you create multiple accounts to cause havoc on the forums (covert trolling isn't as covert as people think) but I don't believe they've issued a...
  18. Re: The return of an item with PD conversion to auto-attack damage please?

    Yep I too would like this effect back.
    A few weeks ago some guy was running a modded Shade's Cane and I saw the floaty power damage numbers and I thought "Oh my God hybrid items still exist! That's...
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    Re: Joker skin - Make it happen!

    It is definitely a more modernized look for the Joker.
    I'm not sure I like it though. You can piece together his story just by looking at him which is something I think goes against the Joker...
  20. Re: Outdated information giving false impressions.

    Some guy once argued with me over Batman because apparently somewhere it still says Batman is a bruiser and Nightbat is an Assassin. "You have to build health on him for all his skills to work!"
  21. Re: Why does Green Arrow have 2 different classin portraits?

    I think the actors just fit the character's established look.
    ...kinda why I prefer using classic Arrow over Amell Arrow. Amell just doesn't have that look.
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    Re: Will Regen Augments?

    Also for attack damage users they have Deadshots visor. I never noticed the updated "intensity" keyword but wow that is beautiful for Will regen.
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    Re: Secret Chat Commands?

    Right, I just remembered someone told me that ArcGL has his oath on his /taunt and his taunt on his /oath. Very curious to see what his taunt is.

    By the end of GL Prime's oath he goes full...
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    Re: New NM Bats skin.

    If I could choose one skin to have new voice acting, it would be this one.
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    Re: Secret Chat Commands?

    The Prime Lanterns all have their oath.
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