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  1. Re: What Infinite Crisis needs to be the best game of his category

    What I think would increase the popularity of this game is if the crowd control was reduced to split second stuns and slows only.

    and better champ balance that would make all champs viable & fun...
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    Re: Rewards.....

    What the OP is saying is the time to find a game as a low level player is too long. Try creating a new account to play and you'll understand what he's talking about.

    Games for GH during CB/OB went...
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    Re: This game is dead

    So true.

    IMO, the best thing this game has going for it is that you can play as DC heroes & villains but that's not being used to its full potential.

    Right now you have to gamble with too many...
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    Re: Ranked? Serious? Open other map before!

    Ranked play doesn't mean anything if people are bored with the 1 open map and don't even bother to log in.
    Please see Dawngate for a good example of that.
  5. Re: When are they going to open the other maps?


    The playerbase isn't big enough yet
  6. SELL the PvP queues for the other maps

    While leaving the custom games option open for free and have Coast City as the free pvp map.

    Let your customer's decide with their wallet which map they want to play.

    I've spent lots of CC on...
  7. Another request to open the 2v2 Crime Alley solo queue

    And have it be like AI mode not like the kill "X" drones mode.
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    Re: Crime Alley 1v1

    I'd like to see it set up like the AI mode as well with the 2v2 solo match queue opened.

    As it is right now unless you pick a blaster or marksman it's game over.

    If it was 2v2 we might see some...
  9. Can you please open 2vs2 Crime Alley solo queue for 1 night like you did GH

    Monday or Friday would work for me but not Sunday b/c Game of Thrones is coming back soon. <--Added to meet 10 letter post requirement.

  10. Re: Enable 2v2 Crime Alley solo queue for faster games.

    It's not easy for me either and if it's not easy for the both of us then it must not be easy for others as well.

    Crime Alley by design is closer to a traditional moba map than CC and I feel would...
  11. Re: Update the MMR, this is a bloody joke already.....

    CC is a multitask map. There is a lot going on and I feel at times too much for people who are used to the traditional moba style maps.
    You don't know how many times I've missed objectives because I...
  12. Re: Enable 2v2 Crime Alley solo queue for faster games.

    There's a golden opportunity being missed right now by not having this pvp queue open.

    Not everyone enjoys long duration objective heavy maps.
    Dawngate's only map was a 2 lane, long duration...
  13. Request for a Gaslight Joker Ult change.

    2 Click Ult.

    Click 1 - Ult
    Click 2 - Either yourself(then it acts like it does now) or click target location.
    If you click a location a trail of rats runs from GLJ to the target location slowing...
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    Re: Gold Superman

    I think the cheapest pack 9.99usd gives you the gold Superman unless I'm mistaken.
  15. Enable 2v2 Crime Alley solo queue for faster games.

    And for those who just want to play champs they like for fun w/o CC meta requirements.

    That is all, Thanks
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    Re: So going live with crit?

    There's nothing fun about OP 2-3 shotting and the people who disagree are those who are taking advantage of this broken feature.
    Turbine needs to disable this asap like Joker's Crowbar, Crime Bible,...
  17. Re: Please enable solo queue for 2v2 Crime Alley

    Yes, I have read every single post related to anything and everything IC for the past year on this site and other sites.

    To complete a game of CC it takes anywhere from 20-50ish minutes and that...
  18. Please enable solo queue for 2v2 Crime Alley

    You guys did a great job with promotions at PAX East. There are so many new players and that's great.

    I do feel that there is some missed opportunity though right now by not having 2v2 Crime Alley...
  19. Re: How about a little less negativity? What do you enjoy about the update?

    What I like about the update? Everythang
  20. Please create option to turn off in-game chat in settings.

    As the title says.

    Tired of seeing the flame wars erupt and being the target of harassment in a game where players can't get banned.

    If you know what you have to do and where you have to be...
  21. Sos w/ 10 move speed causing GL Joker shield to not trigger run buff

    Had this happen earlier today and figured out it was b/c I added the 10 move speed mod.
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    Re: Do you still enjoy the game?

    Pretty much this. I'll say it again that they should add some type of AARPG style PVE mode b/c Turbine does PVE well and to not capitalize on it while they have Batman,Superman, WW in their stables...
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    Re: Why I feel CC will fail

    Dang dudes chill out a bit. We got like 20 ppl in this entire community and everytime someone makes a thread like this we get at each other's throats like animals.
    The guy said "Why I FEEL CC will...
  24. Re: The Gotham Heights ''premade bullies groups''

    Posting on an alt account to praise yourself and the guys you form premades with is a classy move but sadly only proves the OP's point.

    Instead of understanding the fact that stomp groups drive...
  25. Re: The Gotham Heights ''premade bullies groups''

    I don't understand why they don't disable grouping temporarily because this is a very real reason for players to write this game off completely. If you truly like this game you'll have no problem...
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