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    Change ranked requirements

    It's really blowing me away that a lvl 9 with 20 wins and bought a pack can get into ranked. Some people dont even know how the jungle works. It's really unbelievable. How is there not a lvl 30...
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    Want to get back into DC comics

    So, its been around two years since I have gotten into DC comics (except Harley Quinn), so I checked up what to read and... I guess they are resetting the universe again? I am so lost, can some one...
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    Re: New Costume: 'Oni's Wrath' Katana

    AHHHH!!! New costume for my main sword lady! :D
  4. Re: Nightmare Superman Feedback - Needs love? or Just hella difficult to play.

    My bad, I was just trying to show why he was not played atm, the only way supports like night sups can see alot play is that the high sustain supports get an overall nerf (dont focus on one please!)
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    Re: Stolen Powers for Ranked

    I have not seen anyone run x-ray in a long, long time. Remember when it was on a 20 second cooldown? I dont think they are that viable atm due to the high cooldown, maybe if they brought it back down...
  6. Re: Nightmare Superman Feedback - Needs love? or Just hella difficult to play.

    Right now, the bottom lane is ruled by high sustain supports (I mean the fact you can buy at turrets, why would you not want to pick a support that can keep you in lane a long time then your...
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    Re: I just met myself in lobby

    6.9 For balancing issues, name is strong but assassins too strong
  8. Re: Deathstroke, Dex-starr, Nightmare Catwoman, Solomon Grundy, and Zod - Discussion

    That Nightmare Cat tho!!! I love the design so much! I am so excited for her! AHHHHH
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    Re: Decrease on active players number

    If you make a Hatsune Miku costume... they will come
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    Re: Forum Avatars

    I am all for new things! Yeah new things!
  11. Infinite Crisis running in the background

    So i just downloaded IC again for steam, and when I run the game the launcher appears, but when i press play, the game never opens. When I open the task manager, it says the game is ruining in the...
  12. Re: Thoughts on new Batman Skin: Desert Armor

    I think it is Coast City. And I think bats looks like the Gold Ranger, which I am kinda a fan of. Pretty sick skin.
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    The Soultaker and lifesteal

    So, it has been awhile since I have been in the formus so I have been out of the loop. Has the issue of how weak lifesteal is in the game? The Soultaker was once one of the must popular items in the...
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    Re: Steam Trading Cards drops?

    I have probably spent well over $80 on CC but before the steam integration, am i not eligible to get cards?
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    Re: Founder refund of cc?

    Honestly Celestrata, this is absolutely ridicules. As you know I have fully supported must of what IC has done, but this is just bullsh*t. We helped get this game off the ground, and to reward us to...
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    Re: You may think it's exclusive!

    This makes me kinda butthurt. I mean they did say it was only for founders. Can we get a dev response on why they are just handing this skin out?
  17. I like my Champions how I like my music....


    Ok, besides that lame intro, I think IC should really look into the mecha universe for some of the upcoming champions. As of now, Mecha is my favorite universe that IC has in...
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    Re: Do you still enjoy the game?

    I really, really still want to enjoy this game, but I feel there is a lack of quality when it comes to IC compared to bigger Mobas. Recently I have been playing Heroes of the Storm, and the amount of...
  19. Costume Concept: Angel of Death Hawkgirl

    Hey fellas

    I had the idea of a Halloween costume for Hawkgirl being the Angel of Death. Being that she rushes into team fights to deal mass damage, I feel the theme would be quite fitting.
  20. Re: Accidental showing of the dev build character select screen

    I think I found out who the third champion is. 0:16
  21. Re: #SaveCrimeAlley - Sign the petition. Save IC

    Don't really think crime alley should be a priority, quite some bigger fish to take care of first
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    Re: 2015 Letter from the Creative Director

    Came running back as soon as I saw CC was the main map. Great choice guys, I'm excited to see what 2015 brings to this game.
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    Re: Upcoming Map-specific Events!

    Remember kids, if you don't listen to Krashy, you're an idiot.
  24. Re: Ok, need the devs to go ahead and disable gd and put cc queue back up

    I am all for playing more CC, sure I sucked at the map, but still had loads of fun
  25. Re: Dawngate's death... and now I am terrified

    Still it saddens me to see this game go. I was feeling a little better about EA... then this just shattered it.
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