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  1. Casuals, Fan Boys, Roleplayers- What would you like to change or see in IC?

    I'm curious what the casual players, fan boys, and roleplayers opinions are since this group most likely makes up the majority of the population.

    What would you like to change or see in IC?
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    Re: Surrender 3/2 please

    If I am duo qued, and both of us are doing well while the randoms are feeding their faces off, I don't want to have to be forced to surrender a winnable match because bads want to surrender because...
  3. Re: Question for someone who follow the scene


    Offer decent cash prize for top team and you will get teams to sign up. NA/EU or both. If both, make sure it's an acceptable time between the two time zones.
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    Re: Coast City Double Elimination Tournament

    IGN: Sharktooth
    Voice Client Available (Curse, Raidcall, Teamspeak etc.): All
    Top 3 Roles in order of best to worse (Jungle, Support, ADC, Top): Blaster, Adc, Jungle (can play others)
  5. Re: Coming from League, new player here [quick question!]

    Hi there, welcome to Infinite Crisis.

    Star Saphire is the champion that is mostly like Oriana, very strong blaster (power dmg = ability power) champion. She has a crystal to move around instead of...
  6. Bug/Intentional? Arc Supergirls Q reveals from stealth

    ^ Title.

    If you (and or your team) are standing on a stealth pad, Arcane Supergirls Q charging up visual animation will reveal your position while on a stealth pad by showing the fireball. This...
  7. Poll: Do you think group que should be disabled for Coast City starting march update?

    Vote Here:

    I am asking if you think Coast City should have group que *temporarily* disabled for the start of march update due to the new players coming to...
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    Re: New Costume - Star Sapphire

    OmgImSue is now officially an ingame skin.
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    Changes To Friends List, Chat Box, UI

    If you could improve on the Friends List, Chat Box and UI, what would you do?

    Example: I would allow you to move groups up and down in the friends list, I don't like having "General" as the tab at...
  10. Re: The Gotham Heights ''premade bullies groups''

    I'd wait till spring patch before you jump ship, more people on one unified map for coast city.
  11. Re: What is your forecast for the Coast City main map decision?

    I am a Divided player. I completly agree with closing heights being a mistake because that's where most people who are casuals go to have fun with their favorite champion and just have a few minutes...
  12. What is your forecast for the Coast City main map decision?

    ^ Title says it all.

    Also interested in hearing the community opinion on the new Accolade achievement and merit reward system.
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    Re: I have a code for the Christmas skins

    You're /r/funny/not
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    Re: I have a code for the Christmas skins

    A science joke:

    Why can't you trust atoms?

    Because they make up everything.
  15. Thread: Manifest?

    by Sharktooth

    Re: Manifest?

    try to disable your firewall, then install the game, re-enable firewall after you launch it.
    try add exception to the download for infinite crisis to firewall rules.
  16. Re: Two things IC and Dawngate have in common.

    1. Seems like you're suggesting a LFG style matchmaking similar to wow dungeon matching system.

    I can answer on what the devs most likely will reply to you:
    "It's something we will put on our...
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    Re: Can you remove the silence from Hawkgirl?

    Lol'd irl, wish I could upvote your comment.
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    Re: Can you remove the silence from Hawkgirl?

    TL;DR - Got owned, rage quit.
  19. Re: What ABILITIES/MECHANICS would you like to see in IC?

    Ability Name:
    Server Technician

    Summons a Server Technician to fix the lag/server instability that their "state of the art" server farm is producing because everyone is complaining.
  20. Re: What are the biggest issues that this game faces?

    Feed then AFKers literally every other match. Game is fun aside from that.
  21. Re: I have a $50 Infinite Crisis code i'm looking to trade!

    How about a starling city green arrow code?
  22. Can we get the artifact items on home screen please?

    I think this would favorable for alot of players. We have the champs on home screen, why not the items?
  23. Re: Cele Tell us, what is it?!?!!?!? (spoilers if cele tell me xD)

    +2 cuz 1 is not enough. lol'd irl
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    Re: I apologize for my threads :(

    I'm more upset at the amount of emoticons used in that sentence of yours.
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    Re: Remember to vote for IC

    Well looks like we're 4th place and ahead of hots.
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